4 Ways to Organize Your Yard Tools

Chances are if you are responsible for any yard work at your home, you have yard tools and lots of them. They might even be an out of control, tangled mess that is creating a tripping hazard in your garage. We hear this complaint about 80% of the time we put a garage organization plan together for our clients. I've pulled together four of our favorite options for organizing and storing common yard tools.

1. Interchangeable Wall Systems

There are many different types of wall systems, but my personal favorite is slatwall. Hooks and accessories are so inexpensive, durable, interchangeable, and there are a variety of colors available in the panels. Not to mention, accessories to hang your tools right where you can see them can be easily found at places like Amazon, Home Depot, HandiSolutions, and Menard's. One thing I recommend when shopping for accessories is to make sure there is some type of locking system so your hook doesn't come right off of the wall every time you want to use a tool.

If the look of slatwall isn't for you, Pegboard or Gridwall have similar qualities. Garages Expert, Jeff Beneke wrote a helpful article about choosing a garage wall system that can be found by following this link.

2. Hidden Behind Doors

If you don't like the thought of a bunch of garden tools hanging on your wall, hidden behind closed doors might be the right option for you. A cabinet lined with slatwall or customized shelf insert (as pictured) are two options we add to cabinet plans regularly. The slatwall is a quicker solution and would be an easy DIY project with a saw, a drill, and some screws. The shelf is a little more complex as it would require a few more tools, but it can absolutely be accomplished with a jigsaw, router, a template, and some basic carpentry knowledge. If all else fails, you can always call in a garage pro to build a custom cabinet with a similar insert.

3. Stationary Wall Storage

There are two types of wooden stationary wall storage that we've come across, vertical or horizontal. Both work similarly by dedicating one spot for each tool, both are very inexpensive, quick, and easy DIY projects. Each system is very effective at storing a large amount of tools neatly and definitely stops them from laying in a corner or on the floor in a tangled mess.

Of course you can find similar versions of these in retail stores that attach to the wall and have clips or hooks to hold your tools, but most of those seem only hold a handful of tools, so if you have a lot, you might want to seriously consider the DIY or pro route.

4. Dedicated Tool Rack

The garden tool rack is a great option if you like the convenience of having all of your tools in the yard with you while you work. Storage in the garage and convenience of having your tools at hand while you work, the best of both worlds. There are plenty of DIY instructions online so you can customize it exactly the way you like it...with or without wheels, or you can purchase similar racks from places like Amazon or LeeValley. If you're short on floor space, but like the rack system, corner racks are also a great option.

Determining what system works for you

Everyone has different tastes and space restrictions, so determining what fits your lifestyle is up to you. Some of our clients don't like yard work at all so they only have a shovel or two in case of a snow emergency, in situations like that, dedicating an entire cabinet to their two shovels would be an overkill. Others love to work in their yards and want easy access to their hundreds of tools so they'll want something that can grow and change with their needs so we create a system dedicated specifically to gardening.

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