Best Concrete (Masonry) Drill Bits in 2023

best concrete masonry drill bits

Best concrete drill bits set or masonry drill bits set are those that are specially made for drilling into brick or concrete surfaces. And you already know it well that making a hole in a concrete, stone or mortar surface is kind of an impossible task without a proper concrete drill.

Good news is – it is possible to find out the best concrete drill. But you will notice a lot of variety of good concrete drills in the market or on the websites. Hence you have to carefully check the specs to find out the best one.

Many of my readers search for the best concrete drill bit. I always advise not to go for the cheapest versions. And the reason behind that is – either you will fail to make accurate holes in the surface or the drill will become useless just after one or two jobs. On the contrary, a good drill bit will make good drill holes in a shorter period, and will actually save money as it will last longer.

Now we will see the best concrete drill bit or in other words, masonry drill bits that are selected based on user reviews, findings from special surveys and on personal experiences. You can pick out any one of these drill bit sets without being worried about quality and durability.

Best Concrete Drill Bit Set – Dewalt DW5207 is Easy Pick

If you can’t manage your time to read this whole review and push me to spell out the name of the single best masonry or concrete drill bit set, my answer is clear – DEWALT DW5207 drill bit set. This

This set is really special for drilling into brick, concrete, block, pitch and all types of masonry. It contains simple 7-piece of powerful bits to be used with electric or cordless hammer drills. Rock carbide tip of the bits ensures longer bit life. And finally, DEWALT DW5207 drill bit is very cost effective and suitable for both occasional household use and for nerdy professional use.

Buying Consideration for Concrete or Masionry Drill Bit Set

Choosing the best product (best concrete drill bit set in this case) from a wide range of verities is always a time-consuming and nail-biting experience. Therefore, only a good buying guide can help you to decide your requirements. That’s why I am writing here a buying guide to help you choose a best masonry drill set.

A Single Masonry Drill Bit or best Masonry Drill Bits Set – what to Choose?

Should you buy a single concrete drill bit or a set of bits, completely depends on your needs or purposes. If you require only a number of drilling jobs, then you can go for a couple of single size drills, otherwise, you should choose a set of drill bits.

Single Size Drill bits

Single size masonry drill bits are typical of two sizes- a 1/4” and a 5/16” as people use these sizes most generally. These sizes are perfect for drilling into a wall for wall plugs and various anchor type fixings, and these drill bits aren’t very long.

Drill bit set

Contrary to single size drill bits, a drill bit set comprises of multiple drill bit of different sizes. Usually, a set has six to a dozen drill bits. Larger sets even contain two dozens of drill bits. This writing is actually aimed to help you to select the best drill bit set.

Best Concrete or Masonry drill bits Set

Here we list up some of the best masonry drill bits or set based on our extensive research on hundreds on products available on Amazon.

1. DEWALT DW5207 7-Piece Premium Percussion Masonry Drill Bit Set


One of the best choice from the Masons.


  • Made in Germany
  • Great bits for concrete
  • Rock Carbide tips ensures longer bit life by maximizing carbide surface contact
  • Great for use with electric or cordless hammer drils
  • Very efficient masonry drill bit and works great on concrete, bricks, blocks, walls



2. Bosch 6 Piece SDS-plus Masonry Trade Bit Set


Longest lasting bits with faster performance


  • This one is also manufactured Germany
  • Very precise on materials like tile and hard stone.
  • This set is a versatile choice as it contains 5/32 in. x 4 in. x 6 in., 3/16 in. x 4 in. x 6 in., 1/4 in. x 2 in. x 4 in., 3/8 in. x 4 in. x 6 in., flat chisel, point chisel
  • Bosch’s innovative design made it to run cooler and faster dust removal
  • Creates accurate rounder holes



Make a great drill using best concrete drill bit

Now as you finished off the guide, I can assume that you’ve already selected the best concrete drill bit set. Yet it will not ensure that your drilling jobs will be perfect unless you carefully follow these basic rules for making drills in concrete-

  • When you will use a concrete screw or wall screw, always keep the size of the holes smaller than that of the screw. Say, for example, drill a 3/16” hole for a 1/4” screw and drill a 5/32” hole for a 3/16” screw.
  • When you’re making drills for using wedge or sleeve anchors, make sure that you make the size of the hole same as the size of the anchor.

You may have a great drills in your collection, however if you don’t have the best drill bits to use, it would end up with poor results.

That’s why you should consider buying one from the list above to successfully complete your masonry jobs.