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8 Best Dehumidifier for Closet and Wardrobe: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Humidity is not always good! If it is too much, you will experience so many problems. In a confined area, you will be unable to control the situation due to increased humidity. If you notice much humidity in the closet or wardrobe, take necessary steps soon, otherwise, many important documents and your cloths will be damaged.

So, how to stop excessive humidity and mildew growth? One thing we can suggest for your closet to balance humidity level is the best dehumidifier for closet. This type of small and compact dehumidifiers will effectively work in a small area like closet and wardrobe.

To ensure safety of your vital documents and clothing, you have to make sure that the humidity level is less than 50%. Though you can ensure air circulation in your targeted area but that is not much effective to decrease humidity. You will need to use efficient dehumidifier to control the humidity level.

However, the following guide will help you enough as we have come up with top quality dehumidifiers for your closet and any other place like that. The detailed reviews will be supportive to make up your mind to choose the right dehumidifier.


8 Best Dehumidifiers for Closet 2021 Reviews

Though dehumidifiers are limitless, we have picked only those that will really work for your closet and wardrobe. Let’s have a look on the following reviews from where you can pick your preferred one.

1. Honati Small Dehumidifier – Our Top Pick of Best Dehumidifier for Closet

This dehumidifier is our top pick because of its extremely-efficient features and easy to use operating system. It works great in a small space about 100-160 sq. ft. It has 600 ml water tank capacity. Every day, it can remove about 300 ml moisture from the environment.

The dehumidifier is designed to keep your house healthy and comfortable. You will enjoy the peaceful moment all day because it doesn’t make noise. No compressor is used, so, it is almost quiet. Overall, it never disturbs you when sleeping or rest.

This dehumidifier has a good construction that makes it easy to move around. It is portable and lightweight. Its small size makes it perfect for small space like closet, locker, and wardrobe. It can efficiently remove moisture from clothes and wet floor.

Auto shut off is an amazing feature that enhances the quality of this small appliance. When water reservoir is full, the appliance will stop working automatically. Thus, it prevents water overflow. There is also an LED light that shows the water tank condition. When you notice the red LED light, empty the water reservoir and put it back.

Things we liked:

  • Ideal water tank capacity for a small space.
  • Create a healthy space quickly by dehumidifying.
  • Compact and portable design.
  • Energy-saver with less power consumption.

Things we didn’t like:

  • It can make the air a little too dry if you run it continuously.

2. LONOVE Mini Dehumidifier – Best Small Dehumidifier for Closet

LONOVE is quite a popular name in the small dehumidifiers industry. This LONOVE dehumidifier can work to dehumidify an area up to 210 sq. ft. But better use it for 165 sq. ft. area to obtain the best result. When using this appliance, you can be sure that the relative humidity will be below 50%.

With high efficient dehumidification, this device can remove moisture of 350ml/ day from the air. It comes with 2 air inlets, one at front and another at back, works really great to adjust humidity level. It offers significant effect when working at RH80% circumstance.

As humidity above 50% is harmful for health, you need to keep the relative humidity below 50%. This dehumidifier does it properly. When an area has much humidity, more than 50%, it starts work and collects water. Ultimately, it creates a comfortable and healthy environment around you.

This closet dehumidifier is not only good for your closet or locker, but you can also use it in your bedroom because it has a super quiet construction. Without disturbing your free time and sleep, it works to clean the air and make the environment healthier.

Things we liked:

  • Multi-purpose but it works silently.
  • Easy to use with one power button and LED light.
  • Portable, compact, and lightweight design.
  • Energy-saver with smart auto shut-off feature.

Things we didn’t like:

  • You may face trouble when cleaning it.

3. Eva Dry Wireless Mini Dehumidifier – Best Mini Dehumidifier for Closet

If you’re looking for a complete cordless dehumidifier, pick this Eva Dry wireless dehumidifier. It is a powerful moisture absorber and excellent dehumidifier for small spaces like closet, wardrobe, locker, car, RV, gun safes, and even small bedroom. Its absorbing capacity is about 6oz. It can work 20-30 days continuously and after that, you will need to recharge the silica gel beads.

This best closet dehumidifier will fit in any small space as it has a small but gorgeous design. You do not need to think about power cables or external batteries. Simply recharge it after a certain period and it will work again like original.

People mostly like it for closet because it is really hassle-free and with that, satisfaction is guaranteed. It can dehumidify an area approximately 333 cubic ft. Simply place it in the closet and leave to see the result. It starts working fast and your all clothes and documents will be safe there. Moreover, this excellent dehumidifier is non-toxic and safe for everyone, even for children.

However, it is not recommended to keep your children and pets near this device. It is silent; carrying and placing it anywhere is effortless. We really love this durable and powerful dehumidifier to put in the closet and wardrobe.

Things we liked:

  • 100% cordless rechargeable dehumidifier.
  • Hassle-free use, odor-free air.
  • Durable design, small, and compact.
  • Lasts up to 10 years and you get 5-year warranty.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Temperature can increase in the unit.

4. Vacplus Moisture Absorber Packets – Best Dry Out Dehumidifier

Vacplus moisture absorber is one of the best budget dehumidifiers for closet, locker, and wardrobe. These packets are effective and can be used in any small spaces where you want to remove the excessive humidity.

These absorbers absorb water from the air with the help of Spherical calcium chloride. For high efficiency, a single-way moisture permeable paper is used in the bag. Each bag comes with 500 ml/ bag absorption power. So, the result will be awesome when you want an effective and fast relative humidity balance.

The absorber packets are safe for environment. These dehumidifiers provide the highest protection to protect your valuable items from much moisture in the closet. The packets can be placed easily, simply hang them and ensure balanced humidity for all the items in a small space. As you can hang them with mini premium hook, they take little space, and they are great for tiny space also.

The water is collected in a plastic bag which is visible, so you can view the collected water and know how the dehumidifier is working. Depending on your closet size, five or ten absorber packets are ideal to adjust relative humidity.

Things we liked:

  • Best for dehumidifying small spaces.
  • Easily hang absorber packets with the hooks.
  • Made of eco-friendly green materials.
  • Purchase absorber bags according to your needs.

Things we didn’t like:

  • You may need to replace the dehumidifier bags frequently.

5. DEERMA Small Dehumidifier Moisture Absorber – Best Wardrobe Dehumidifier

Deerma is not an old company, it is relatively a newcomer to the dehumidifier industry, came into existence in the year of 2011. However, it has gained popularity for manufacturing innovative electrical appliances. Deerma dehumidifier has been hugely recognized and liked by customers.

This Deerma dehumidifier uses silica gel beads to absorb moisture and damp from the air. It is non-toxic, spill-free, and safe for the environment. The renewable silica crystals work efficiently for small spaces and give you fresh and dry air quickly.

The most significant feature of this dehumidifier is renewability and reusability. You will need to charge the silica gel beads for 12 to 15 hours, and then you can use it for up to 2 to 3 weeks. Depending on the condition of the air, the lifespan of the dehumidifier can be changed.

It is very easy to use. When it collects maximum water, the orange crystal beads will be dark green. This dehumidifier serves well in an area of 5㎡. You can use it in closet, locker, wardrobe, gym bag, jewelry box, and cabinet.

Things we liked:

  • An ideal mini dehumidifier.
  • Cylinder design, highly-efficient absorber.
  • Can be charged quickly for next use.
  • Non-toxic, spill-free, and completely safe.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The dehumidifier produces heat.

6. Everzen Rechargeable Mini Dehumidifier – Best Moisture Absorber for Small Spaces

The Everzen rechargeable dehumidifier is an ideal moisture absorber for small spaces such as closet and cabinet. It successfully reduces damp and moisture and assists to prevent any mold growth. For RV, gun safes, small bedroom, closet, locker, and all other tiny spaces, this mini dehumidifier is absolutely perfect choice.

It is safe, mess and spill-free, and also non-toxic. So, using it will not harm to the environment. Your children and furry pets will be safe even if they unexpectedly come in contact to this dehumidifier. It turns the wet air into dry air soon and makes the air fresh and odor free. Use it for maximum of 333 cubic feet area for better result.

The design it has is quite small and portable. So, you can put it in any small place without destroying extra space and beauty as well. You can hang it or place conveniently in your closet to remove moisture.

You can use this smaller dehumidifier effortlessly and monitor the change when the beads are wet, it will be pink from the blue. The unit is durable and can be used for up to 10-year without any unwanted damage.

Things we liked:

  • Eco-friendly technology, 100% renewable.
  • Safe and sound way to recharge with extension cord.
  • Absorbing power 4oz to 6oz.
  • 1-year warranty and lifetime support.

Things we didn’t like:

  • The recharging time is a bit higher.

7. Acare Mini Dehumidifier for Closet – Best Closet Dehumidifier

This Acare dehumidifier has many good features that you can consider when choosing the best mini dehumidifier for closet. It is very portable but has relatively more water reservoir capacity. It has only 2 pounds of weight while collecting 32 ounce of water without hassle.

You will not like disturbing sound when using a dehumidifier. This dehumidifier utilizes thermoelectric cooling (peltier) which is energy efficient and whisper quiet. It means that it will consume low power and will not bother you with noise. As it is small and lightweight, you can use it in any small space like wardrobe, bathroom, closet, and so on.

This tiny dehumidifier comes with user-friendly design. Though all the reviewed dehumidifiers in this guide are user-friendly but this one has a unique feature. It has an LED light that will continue flashing while the water tank is full. Also, this appliance will stop working automatically at the same time.

Using only 1 button, you can turn on the dehumidifier. No hassle to operate the machine. It is overall an amazing addition to the mini dehumidifier selections for small spaces.

Things we liked:

  • Removes water 11 ounces/ day.
  • Optimal function in 150 sq ft. space.
  • No compressor used and no noise.
  • Lightweight and energy-saver.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Great for confined space, not good for larger open space.

8. MXRJUWM Small Dehumidifier – Best Dehumidifier for Walk-In Closet

Here is another pick for the best dehumidifier for a closet. Though it is the last one on the list, don’t think that it is not good enough. It is small, beautiful-looking, and highly efficient dehumidifier. It will always provide satisfying result when using it in your closet or locker or any small confined space.

MXRJUWM small dehumidifier is engineered with silica gel technology. The unit is non-toxic and safe for the environment. It can absorb 4 to 6 oz damp and humidity from the air. This piece is good for your own use and as gift for marine and boat fanatics.

You will prefer to have this dehumidifier because of its user-friendliness. You can recharge the silica beads within 2 hours and then you can use it for up to 3 weeks depending on the space you are dehumidifying.

Things we liked:

  • Renewable crystallized silica gel.
  • Ideal wardrobe dehumidifier to absorb damp and humidity.
  • Can be recharged quickly.
  • Portable and delicate unit for space up to 5㎡.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Some customers find it as pricey.

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Why Do You Need a Closet or Wardrobe Dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier controls humidity level in a specific area. Due to much humidity, you will experience so many known and unknown problems. Basically in a closed environment such as a small space, closet, or wardrobe, the problem will be destructive.

The wooden furniture can be seriously damaged by excessive moisture. You can notice several symptoms and be confirmed that your closet is affected by excessive humidity. The fusty smells from wardrobe and mold growth in your closet are signs that your precious things are in danger. So, do something quickly to balance humidity level in the specific area.

You can follow some manual procedures but they are not as effective as dehumidifiers. A powerful dehumidifier can keep the humidity level below 50% and ensure safety of your worthy documents and clothing.

Dampness is a severe condition in the closet. It can harm your clothes and other products. The product you can use to solve this is a rechargeable dehumidifier or dehumidifying bags. It can offer you a great solution to prevent dampness.

A small compact dehumidifier can prevent closet from being damaged and it can also prevent rust on belts. To stop musty smell, this type of compact dehumidifier works really great. As a small dehumidifier, you can pick from battery-powered category.

The charcoal bag is another good option. To balance humidity in a closet, charcoal bags are perfect but you need some more bags while one small dehumidifier can do the job.

The most powerful choice is using an electric dehumidifier. If you have electric outlet access, you can use electric dehumidifier. For small or larger space, or bigger wardrobe and closet, this dehumidifier will be the best solution.

In one word, a dehumidifier can help you in several ways. It keeps the environment fresh and healthier for you. It keeps clothes and other products in your closet safely. To maintain original quality of the products in the wardrobe, a dehumidifier is really the best way.

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When Should You Buy the Best Closet Dehumidifier?

Generally, you do not need to buy a dehumidifier. If there is proper air flow in the area, your closet or wardrobe should stay safe. Appropriate air flow ensures the right balance of humidity. But this happens very rarely. So, you will need to buy an efficient dehumidifier to control humidity in the closet or wardrobe.

You should only buy a dehumidifier when you notice the signs that your furniture and important items are going to be damaged by excessive humidity. Bring a hygrometer and measure the humidity level with it in your targeted area. If the humidity condition is good, the hygrometer should show the humidity level under 50%.

If you notice following symptoms, hurry up and buy a dehumidifier for your wardrobe or closet.

1. Check where you have placed your wardrobe or closet. If that is in an area with high moisture or in the basement, do not waste time, pick a dehumidifier.

2. Some products can easily be damaged by excessive moisture. These products are designer or vintage clothes, paper documents, and other items that are wet such as foods. If you store such products, you should consider buying a dehumidifier.

3. Are you getting any smell from the closet or wardrobe? If you notice dampness or musty smell coming from closet, you should pick a dehumidifier fast.

4. Check if there is mold growth in the closet. Mold grows because of high moisture.

5. If the hygrometer shows humidity level more than 50%, it is time to bring a dehumidifier.

How to Select the Best Dehumidifier for Closet or Wardrobe?

Depending on several factors, you should choose a dehumidifier. Each particular place has its own humidity level. You can consider your room or closet environment. The humidity level will not be same for them. For a larger room, you will need a dehumidifier that has larger moisture capacity.

If you want stable humidity and desire to control humidity in a tiny space, a portable small dehumidifier will be simply enough. You can pick from big or low moisture capacity dehumidifiers for your larger or smaller room.

There are currently many dehumidifiers that work based on indoor room temperatures. With minimal temperature controlling system, these dehumidifiers can be adjusted according to the up-to-date temperature condition. In the region with cool temperature, find a dehumidifier that can work in that type of temperature condition.

As this guide will lead you to find the best small portable dehumidifier for small space, we will carefully consider some important features that make a dehumidifier perfect for a small space. Let’s take a look at some vital features that you should keep in mind when selecting your closet dehumidifier.

Moisture Capacity of a Dehumidifier

Each dehumidifier has its own capacity to collect moisture. A small moisture capacity dehumidifier requires you to empty it frequently. As nobody likes to empty the water tank frequently, you should pick a dehumidifier that requires water emptying once a day or less.

Bring a dehumidifier that has a larger water reservoir. You may also find some dehumidifiers that do not have water reservoir system.

User-friendly Construction

People like user-friendly design of any device. Who prefers to spend hours after hours only to understand how to use an appliance? Nobody! This is why you will need a dehumidifier that is easy to control and use. There are many dehumidifiers with simple digital control panel. You can effortlessly control humidity level using this panel.

Some dehumidifiers will be automatically adjusted according to the conditions of a particular place. You can connect some dehumidifiers directly to a tube to empty the water tank. To control a dehumidifier with peace, make sure buying a dehumidifier that is very much user-friendly.

Size of the Space

Depending on the size of your wardrobe or closet, you have to pick a suitable dehumidifier. You should only confirm the purchase when you are sure about the space size where you are going to put a dehumidifier.

For a larger wardrobe, use a medium-sized or larger dehumidifier. Generally, a closet or wardrobe is not too large. In most cases, the small and compact dehumidifier is the best pick.

Energy Efficiency of a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier works non-stop and all day long. It consumes energy and you need to pay bill for electricity consumption. An energy-efficient dehumidifier will save your money.

There are many energy-efficient dehumidifier, they are eco-friendly, and money-saver as well. You will need to spend some more time for research and finally, you will obtain an amazing money-saver dehumidifier.

External Look

Everyone likes an appliance that is beautiful and pleasing to eye. A beautiful dehumidifier will increase the beauty of a space. Pick a dehumidifier that is suitable and matching to your closet. Also, make sure the dehumidifier is highly-efficient, compact-sized, and excellent to look.

Dehumidifiers with More Features

As manufacturers are improving the features of dehumidifiers, you will possibly find some incredible dehumidifiers with extraordinary features. Automatic shutdown and timers are very convenient features. You may find some more features and for that, check our reviews section.

Dehumidifiers for Small Spaces: What Are the Types?

All types of dehumidifiers do the same job. But it is important to know the types of them. It will help you to pick the right one that meets your preferences. There are generally three (3) types of dehumidifiers.

1) Rechargeable Dehumidifiers

Rechargeable dehumidifiers are one of the easiest solutions to control humidity in a small space. These are non-electrical and use silica gel or charcoal to balance relative humidity. These dehumidifiers are small and compact, and work silently.

You can easily buy silica gels from your nearest store and put them in different parts of the closet. If you want to use these continuously, make sure to dry them into the oven or under the sunlight. Some dehumidifiers are made of desiccant materials; you can use them for larger wardrobes or closets.

2) Battery-powered Small Dehumidifiers

If you travel frequently and you need to adjust humidity, take a battery-powered dehumidifier. These dehumidifiers are also good for closed environments like wardrobe, closet, bathroom, and of course for car. For continuous using, you will need to change battery. In general, a battery dehumidifier can last up to 30 days or more. It actually depends on the speed of dehumidifying.

3) Electrical Dehumidifiers

Among all the dehumidifiers, an electrical dehumidifier is the best. Electrical dehumidifiers come in a large variety of options. You can choose according to your preferences.

These are easy to operate and very convenient. Dehumidifiers with pump will make it easy to empty the water reservoir. In our reviews, most of the dehumidifiers are electrical and selected to serve well to adjust humidity in your closet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What causes mold growth in the closet?

Moisture is the key reason that promotes mold growth in the closet. The moisture comes from the environment and the products you store in the closet. Make sure to keep everything dry in the closet. Using a dehumidifier is a good way to prevent much humidity.

2. How to check relative humidity in the closet?

A dehumidifier is used to reduce humidity. It helps to remove moisture from the environment. If the moisture level is not much in the air, you do not need to buy a dehumidifier. But if the humidity is high, you will need to purchase one.

So, it is important to check the relative humidity in the space. You can use a hygrometer to measure the humidity level. It is a battery-operated small device that will tell you how much relative humidity is present in the air. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests keeping the humidity level below 50%.

3. How to control humidity in a closet?

We know that we can use moisture-absorbing elements that can absorb the humidity and moisture from the environment of closet. Instead of dehumidifier, the other items you can use are baking soda, washed charcoal, puffed rice, and chalk.

4. How to place a dehumidifier in the closet?

It is important to ensure same humidity in every corner of the closet. To attain this, place the dehumidifier in such a place that it can cover all area equally. If possible, place it in the center of your closet. But the truth is that it is not possible always. So, try your best to keep it in the right place.

If you use silica gel bags or moisture absorber packets, place each packet in a drawer of closet. Place the bags in different area of the closet; it will give you much better result. When using an electrical dehumidifier, place it at the bottom or any centered-position, it will cover all area soon.

5. Can I buy a larger dehumidifier?

If you want to balance the humidity level in the closet or wardrobe only, a small dehumidifier is enough to do that. But when you want to adjust humidity in the basement and all other small parts also, bring a larger dehumidifier. It is good to buy a small dehumidifier for closet and larger dehumidifier for the basement individually.

Final Verdict

I think you have already made up your mind about the best dehumidifier for closet. If you think, the products reviewed above do not meet your preferences, take the help of our buying guide and pick your own.

But if you ask me what should be picked? I will suggest you going for Honati Small Dehumidifier. It is a complete package and can be excellent choice for your closet, wardrobe, and locker as well. Even, it is not pricey. So, overall, you can pick this one without hesitation.