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10 Best Door Knob Locks Reviews in 2022

Peaceful living depends on various factors which include a nice home, alluring furniture, a comfortable environment, and so on. Another concern that makes your life more enjoyable is safety. If your home is penetrable, your day will be hectic. The proper safety of your home can be gained only by any of the best door knobs.

It is an overwhelming process to choose a door knob from a large variety of selections. Depending on your choice, security issues, and the installed doors the knobs can be varied. Also, a good knob will be easy to maintain and simple to comfortable using. Giving importance on common home safety requirements, we’ve reviewed some of the highly efficient door knobs that can assist in making up your mind.

10 Best Door Knobs

1. Advanced Security TurboLock Keyless Smart Lock Keypad


Being one of the innovative and keyless locks it delivers utmost security and convenience together. It has replaced most of the conventional door locks and is ideal for inner, outer, left, or right hinged doors. Simple installation required that can be done by you. The lock allows you to assign up to 8 codes for your most trusted persons. You can change and manage codes anytime when you need.


  • Programmable user-specific codes with a master code and an entry code.
  • Automatic lock after 3 seconds of unlocking ensures the highest security.
  • Equipped with a battery backup to provide secure power flow every time you need it.
  • Weatherproofed steel-made lock offers durability with the best services.


  • Users may experience a lower battery life of the lock.
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2. Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

Schlage has brought advanced technology to door locks. All the security features are available in this Z-Wave Connect. You will enjoy the highest convenience with its glossy and modern touch screen. The fingerprint-resistant, advanced remote control system, and compatibility make this one of the best door locks on the market. No matter, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, pet lover, or homeowner, this lock will be an excellent companion for top-notch security and durability.


  • Z-wave technology enables you to control the lock via the Smartphone or web.
  • Activity, tamper, and forced entry modes offer you secure control of the home.
  • Create up to 30 customized codes for the user at a time.
  • A durable touch screen with a matte finish prevents smudges and fingerprints.


  • Installation requires more attention, maybe from a professional.
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3. National Hardware N187-034 V1020 Privacy Hook

This is an excellent hardware piece that will add privacy to any interior door, cupboard, chest, or cabinet. It works well on wooden doors and interior sliding door kits. It comes with a classy design that looks great on the door. Heavy-duty materials turn this into a long-lasting hook. This is easy to operate and you can install it with a few common tools. Use this small hook for added privacy and boost your peace of mind in your bedroom.


  • Privacy hooks affix a privacy option to your bedroom or any interior rooms.
  • Enhance the extra functionality to the sliding doors.
  • Ideal for multipurpose uses on wooden door and slider door kits.
  • The hook comes with fasteners.


  • It is simply privacy equipment, don’t use it for security.
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4. Copper Creek BK2030SS Ball Privacy Door Knob

Copper Creek BK2030SS Ball Privacy Door Knob

This is another best door knob that will provide an incredible balance between superior quality and security. It comes with a quite stylish look and is perfect for your room’s privacy. Stainless steel made satin finish is catchy and lasts longer without losing primary features. The Copper Creek knob is designed with adjustable and round corner latches, nickel plated body and bolts. It fits most of the interior doors while adding a glossy look. The manufacturing process is strictly controlled by the Builders Hardware Association.


  • An ideal choice for bedroom and bathroom with complete privacy option.
  • Security can be obtained ANSI grade-3, privacy ball door knob.
  • Durable bolts and adjustable latch for longer convenience.
  • Enjoy a 5-year finish warranty and lifetime product warranty.


  • This is not a suitable option for drive-in use.
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5. Kwikset 991 Juno Entry Knob and Single Cylinder Deadbolt Combo Pack

Kwikset 991 Juno Entry Knob and Single Cylinder Deadbolt Combo Pack

If you’re looking for a door handle knob with a deadbolt, then this knob is a recommendation for you. The lockset has a higher security rating due to quality re-key technology. It stands out because of the utmost durability and convenient security features. Its SmartKey security system prevents common break-ins to ensure the safety of your family. The combo is a bump proof, kick-in resistant, drill and saw resistant.


  • Kwikset Signature series locks offer the expected security that you want.
  • Re-key feature; apply 3-easy steps to lock yourself within a few moments.
  • Universal handling fits left-handed and right-handed doors as well.
  • Adjustable latch allows fitting any types of door preparations.


  • A bit costly than some other options.
  • It requires the professional to install properly on the door face.
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6. Defender Security E 2537 Mortise Style Fluted Glass Door Knobs

Defender Security E 2537 Mortise Style Fluted Glass Door Knobs

These are among the best door handles and perfect for replacement of broken antique interior door locks. If you want to fix your vintage doors, it can meet your requirements with bronze finish fluted glass. The E 2537 set comes with a 2” outside diameter and easily accommodates various door thicknesses. It is mostly used in interior rooms for privacy purposes. This is a knob which actually reflects your gorgeous choice.


  • Beautiful and classic design adds delicacy to the interior.
  • It is manufactured with glass, steel, and diecast components for durability.
  • Easy installation process, you can operate it smoothly.
  • This incredible piece is available within an affordable rate.


  • You may need to purchase some extra equipment separately to install this on an antique or vintage door.
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7. Schlage FE595 CAM 619 GEO Camelot Keypad Entry

Schlage FE595 CAM 619 GEO Camelot Keypad Entry with Flex Lock and Georgian Style Knobs

Not only for door locks, but people look for convenience in every product they need daily. Keyless is unquestionably convenient because you wouldn’t need to carry keys and fear to miss out. Schlage FE595 looks beautiful and fits all the interior doors without trouble. A large variety of styles and electronic finishes can allow you to choose the best one for a walk.


  • An ideal option for any type of rooms including bedrooms and workout rooms.
  • Adjustable bolts ensure professional-grade security.
  • 6-digit programmable codes can be created and deleted with no efforts.
  • Flex-Lock allows you to control automatic re-locking with a button.


  • It is better to take assistance while installing Schlage FE595 keypad entry.
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8. SoHoMiLL Electronic Door Knob

SoHoMiLL Electronic Door KnobSoHoMiLL presents the perfect electronic door knob for your rooms. This is an efficient keyless lock, but very much affordable than other best electronic knobs including Schlage FE595. You can install this easily with the only use of a screwdriver. The keypad has LED light so that you can operate it in any condition. It capably works for interior and exterior entry doors. You are free to manage security codes anytime you need.


  • One master code and controllable passage codes for 8 users.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel made design fits left and right hinged doors.
  • It can effortlessly replace any of the broken door locks.
  • Backup battery jumper and low battery warning.


  • This SoHoMiLL lock has received a few durability complaints.
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9. Schlage Lock Company Single Cylinder Deadbolt

Schlage Lock Company Single Cylinder Deadbolt with Century TrimThe Schlage single cylinder deadbolt comes with all the safety features that add extra security to your home. When you need an extra layer of safeguard, this deadbolt has revealed itself as the perfect addition. The lock is elegant with a slick, curved shape. It is made of durable materials to serve you for a longer time. This is easy to install and simple to re-key.


  • Available in unique style combinations to meet your choice.
  • It fits on standard pre-drilled and existing doors.
  • Durable construction ensures quality services as you expect.
  • Lifetime warranty proves the quality of the product.


  • This is not a commercial-grade lock in most cases.
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10. TurboLock TL-99 Bluetooth Smart Lock for Keyless Entry

TurboLock TL99 Bluetooth Smart Lock for Keyless EntryIf you’re searching for a lock that will boost the security of your family, TurboLock TL-99 will be a great option. It features one administrative code, on-demand e-Keys, and automatic locking. You can easily install it on your existing door without taking help from a professional. The Bluetooth enabled lock lets you unlock by punching e-Keys or swapping of your Smartphone.


  • Real-time notification, access history, and management can be checked on your phone.
  • Create unlimited e-Keys for one time or permanent use with the app.
  • Passive mode option for guests and friends on an occasion.
  • Dust and water resistant lock runs for a long time.


  • It can reveal itself as tough to new users.
  • This is not a complete weather resistant lock.
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Buying Guide of Door Handle Knobs

 When selecting a door knob or handle for interior or exterior doors, you will need to know the vital factors of the best door handle and differences between knobs types. Besides many of the functional features, door knobs come with a number of components, styles, and finishes. Before finalizing your decision, make sure you know well the mortise or cylindrical knob type. Depending on the interior and exterior door, the handle knob can be assorted.

Mortise and Cylindrical Handle Knob

Based on the structures, the best door knobs are classified into two different types, mortise and cylindrical knob. A mortise knob features a large and rectangular body that slips into a mortise (pocket) cut. The rectangular mortise knob includes a latch, lever handle, and a deadbolt. By unlocking the deadbolt, the latch can be opened.

On the other hand, a cylindrical knob is built with a rounded structure that fits into a hole of the door’s face. Deadbolt is not included into this knob and therefore, a second deadbolt should be added for more security.

Interior and Exterior Handle Knob

Interior handle knob is generally cylindrical. It fits the hole which is bored into the face and edge of the door. This is mostly used in bathroom and interior rooms for minimum security. One side push button and minimal safety features make this only a privacy look, not fully security look.

Exterior handle knobs are also called entry knobs. These durable, heavier, and ultimate security lock ensures the highest safety of your home. Generally, exterior knobs can be used from both sides using a button, key, or a latch.

Considerations Before Buying Door Knobs

Before buying a door handle knob, you should take a closer look at some important facts that lead to select the best door handles.

  1. Exterior doors are typically thicker. Doors come in two variety of thickness 13/8 inches and 13/4 Make sure to select the suitable knob to fit the thickness of your door.
  2. Style is a significant factor as it can enhance the beauty of your home. The style of your home and your unique choice can influence you to decide which knobs will suit your home. You can keep similar types of knobs in every room or different types.
  3. The usual knob size is 50mm in diameter for common interior doors. But for the larger doors such as entry doors, the size can be 75mm.
  4. Most people look for knobs that are the best match for their homes. You can find different finishes including brass, chrome, bronze, and others.
  5. For proper operating, you may need to purchase a latch or lock individually. The mortise latch is the best option for optimal security. Most of the latches or locks are available in decorative designs.

Final Words

Replacing door knobs has never been a pleasing task. So, your first door knob choice should be perfect to evade this troublesome process. When selecting knobs, make sure you’re fully careful to choose the one to meet all of your needs as you’ll have a little option to replace that.

Above mentioned door handle knobs come with the desired features that commonly meet home security requirements. Possibly, you can find the best door knob from the list above that you really wished for.