6 Best Drill Bits for drilling out locks – Loved by locksmiths

Drilling a door lock is a method of gaining access to locked doors that cannot be unlocked by any other methods, although it is often used as a last resort. It can be a really effective tool that prevents you from scratching the door or shattering the window, and it can also save you money if you need to drill out ignition lock cylinders. The advantage of drilling out a lock is that, if performed correctly, the tumblers in the keyway of the lock are drilled out of the way, enabling the keyway to be turned using a straight-slot screwdriver or equivalent method.

Today we will talk about the best drill bits for drilling out locks (that the locksmiths love) you can find on the market!

Top Best Drill Bits for drilling out locks in 2021

1) Drill America – KFD29J-PC 29 Piece Heavy Duty High Speed Steel Drill Bit Set with Black and Gold Finish in Round Case

Cobalt is used to make the drill bits. It is, in particular, a combination of cobalt and high-speed steel. Because of this, it is suitable for drilling products such as cast iron, titanium, and stainless steel. It can dig into abrasive surfaces that other drill sets cannot. The bit head is designed at a 135-degree angle, which eliminates drill walking while drilling rough materials. Before you begin drilling, you do not need to dig a pilot hole. It’s one of the perks of using a 135-degree split point head.


  • Gold Oxide coated circular shape casing for heat and wear resistance


  • It’s challenging to find a particular drill package, and the style isn’t perfect.

2) DEWALT Step Drill Bit Set

DeWALT drill bits have a Hex shank and are impact-ready due to their alignment with rotary drills and impact drivers. When opposed to drill bits from other manufacturers, DeWALT drill bits have five times the durability with rotary drills and two times the longevity with impact motors.

The advanced titanium measures have numbers etched on them for easy identification. DeWALT drill bits weigh just 0.16 ounces and have fragile measurements of 62.881.13 inches and a cutting depth of 1.13 inches.

These strong titanium bits can drill through almost every wall, including thick stainless steel and thinner layer metallic smoker surfaces!

DeWalt bits will inspire you at any step of the way, and you will not want to use any other brand.


  • Weighing just 0.16 oz.
  • Powerful enough to dig into stainless steel
  • Significantly less expensive


  • Just three sizes are available.

3) Bosch Clic-Change 3-Piece Self-Centering Drill Bit Assortment CC2430

This 3-piece kit will surprise us with a universal hex shank that will work in most chuck styles.

Furthermore, the heavy-duty structure is evident at first glance. It is, however, not a clumsily dumb style. The mechanically push and pull-out function enables users to easily adjust the tips.

We think it’s better for locks because it saves time on centering, which is a hassle when setting locks. It is also relatively priced for the majority of customers.


  • Fast bit shift
  • Self-awareness
  • Shanks made of hex


  • This collection is very costly.

4) Klein Tools KTSB15 Stage Drill Bit #15 Double Fluted 7/8 to 1-3/8-Inch

Klein drill bits by Klein Tools Shop may be the best buddy of a building worker or a locksmith.

The bits’ tips are fast-starting and non-walking for a faster drilling experience, and the hex, shanks are 3/8′′ thick for an anti-slip grasp, which is critical to ensure that the drill bits do not spin out throughout the task.

Klein tools are well-known among woodworkers and metalworkers, and the company is known throughout the world for producing high-quality production tools that offer superior efficiency, reliability, and precision. Klein drill bits are an utter must for builders, craftsmen, carpenters, and locksmiths.

Klein drill bits may break through any content, whether it’s thin or dense metal sheets or heavy-duty stainless steel bathroom sinks.


  • Klein drill bits are constructed of M2 steel and have a two-flute exterior for fast cutting.
  • Since it is small and lightweight, it is really compact.
  • Have 3-step cutting technology so that you can cut holes in different sizes.


  • Silver-tipped pieces are vulnerable to cracking.

5) CRAFTSMAN Drill Bit Set

Craftsman drill bits are made of steel and have a hex shank with dimensions of 7.75′′ x0.19′′ x7.75′′, making them one of the most robust drill bit packages on the market today.

The steel used renders the drill bits shock-resistant, and the tips of the bits are CNC-machined for precise cutting.

It comes with a highly compact carrying case—a craftsman’s fantasy come true! Every Craftsman drill bit package contains 14” and 3/8′′ 47 drill bit bits, and each bit is built to fit precisely in the screw recesses, removing any chances of stripping or cam-outs.

The drill bits in the package are as follows: 14 bits between 1-2′′, 2 bits between 14” and 3/8′′, 24 bits between 1′′, and 2 bits between 14” and 5/16′′, as well as plug adapters, magnetic tip bit keeper, control bits, and nut drives. The Craftsman package as a whole weighs just 1.27 lbs.


  • They come in a storage case, so there is no chance of missing them.
  • The steel structure of strong hex-shanks guarantees longevity.
  • The tips are shock-resistant and CNC-machined for greater accuracy.


  • Questionable quality of bits

6) Auger Drill Bit Sets, HandsEase 8Pcs Woodworking High Speed Boring Bits 4 Flute Cut Drilling Tool

The Auger drill bits by Handsease are the perfect drill bits for grinding out locks since they have a steel exterior, a hex shank, and a straight flute. Auger drill bits are available in eight distinct shapes and sizes, allowing you to hack across a broad range of textures and fabrics with unparalleled ease.

The drill bits have four flute tips, which improve the drilling experience by increasing pace and reliability. Even after hours of practice, there would be no mess—the Handsease 4-edged drill bits smash through materials like butter, leaving very little wood chips or debris behind.

These Auger drill bits are also energy effective, taking just 48V to charge electric drills and 800W to drive hand electric drills.


  • Auger drill bits are built with wide-flutes for quicker and cleaner drilling.
  • The screw-points are specifically constructed to hook onto wooden surfaces.
  • The exterior’s 4-blade and 4-slot architecture maximizes performance and can be used on any surface type.


  • The battery is easily exhausted by 800w use.

Buying Guide for Best Drill Bits for Drilling Out Locks


When purchasing drill bits, you should be wary of the surface coating or finishing because it has a huge impact on their longevity.

Look for oxide coating on drill bits if you want them to last longer. It reduces rust and increases lifespan. Titanium-coated drill bits can minimize friction. If you’re searching for drill bits for tile and stonework, aim for ones with carbide points.

The building angle

Angles at the tips of pieces signify whether they are built to break into tougher or softer surfaces. Since locks usually have rugged exteriors, use broader angular tips.

Bits with tips broken at an angle of 135° can quickly break through harder materials and are the perfect drill bits for cutting out locks.

Size of the bit and the chuck

The chuck is the component that secures the drill bit to the drill machine along its shank. Chuck sizes of 3/8′′ are acceptable for household jobs.

Bit shape

Twist drill bits are ideal for domestic tasks since they cut precisely into weaker plastics, wood, and plastic. Installer drill bits with specific twists are common in protection device installations since they quickly break through timber, plaster, and masonry.

Finishing up

Drilling a lock may be the only alternative available in an emergency, such as a fire or a police investigation. You will spare yourself the trouble of contacting a locksmith or a metal worker by keeping a stock of drill bits on hand.

Drill bits consistent with power drills that are twisted or stepped and have broken ends are ideal for drilling through the difficult surfaces of locks.

Hopefully, this guide will help you find the best drill bits for drilling out locks for you.