Best Dump Pouches Review

5 Best Dump Pouches in 2023

A dump pouch (aka, drop pouch) is quite must-have thing for most of the outdoor adventurers specially for the hunters. Dump pouch was initially a military thing; they used pouches to dump empty magazines. However, in recent trends, people that goes to hunting and other outdoor endeavor also love to carry best dump pouches.

The dump pouch also helps them a lot with great support. Not only as storing the magazine, but also the dump pouch can be used for storing other things too. You can connect additional volume to your pack when you require more and your pack doesn’t have extra space.

Additionally, it’s a fun playing with different designs of dump pouch. So, you can get the best dump pouch for your outdoor activities as it’s very useful and provides you a great support.

Today, we’ll discuss about the dump pouch. If you’re an adventure lover and looking for the best dump pouch, then this guide may help you to pick the best one for your tour. Let’s begin-

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Top 5 Best Dump Pouches Review:

We also included the top 5 best dump pouches review because we believe that this will much easier for you to choose the best dump pouch if we suggest you some top products. This will save your valuable as you don’t need to check a lot of dump pouch at all. You can choose the best one from here and buy it simply because we reviewed some of the best dump pouches. Hope, one of these 5 dump pouches will be suitable for you. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin-

1. CREATRILL Tactical Molle Drawstring Magazine Dump Pouch

The CREATRILL Tactical Molle Drawstring Magazine Dump Pouch is simply a great dump pouch with adjustable military belt utility which is a very useful feature to an ammo bag. The dimension of this compact ammo bag is 7.9×5.9×4.3 inches and the dump pouch is made with the premium material. This bag is made of durable waterproof denier nylon which performs great in outdoor and lasts longer.

This ammo bag has some deputy pockets for secure storage with good flexibility and I’m sure that you’ll find the bag very user-friendly. Additionally, there is an extra small deputy pocket on the other side of the bag for providing you an extra storage. This will really provide you with one of the best supports to you actually need from it. It’s a perfect storage of ammo or other pieces of stuff.

This tactical MOLLE dump pouch comes with the ability of easy attaching. You get adjustable military belt utility which means you can easily attach the ammo bag to your vest or belt. It’s a pretty cool feature for an ammo bag because it’s highly reachable when the bag is attached to the best or belt. This hip holster bag is highly waterproof so you don’t need to worry about. You can use the dump pouch in every season without getting any damage to the bag. This dump pouch is highly suitable for hunting, camping, cycling, running etc. You’ll find this bag very helpful and user-friendly, we can ensure.

What you will Like

  • Adjustable military belt utility;
  • Made of durable & premium waterproof denier nylon;
  • Compatible to be attached with both vest and belt;
  • Additional small deputy pocket for extra storage;
  • Great for hunting, cycling, running, camping etc.

What you may not Like

  • No major noticeable cons found.

2. OneTigris MOLLE Dump Pouch

The OneTigris MOLLE dump pouch is a pretty cool and stylish dump pouch. This is an upgraded version of the previous dump pouch and this version is better enough than the previous one. This bag is made of 500D Cordura nylon that makes the dump pouch very lightweight. The weight of the bag is just 175 gram. The dimensions of the bag are 26.5×10 cm (when folded) and 26.5×28.5 cm (when unfolded) that proves you get a lot of storage space with the dump pouch. In addition, the premium nylon material has made this bag fully water resistant so you don’t need to worry about bad weather and you can use this bag all the seasons without worries! It’s too cool, isn’t it?

This cool dump pouch can be attached to any a MOLLE webbed vest or to any 1.5 inches tactical belt easily. So you can easily mount it to your armor. This ammo bag offers you 3 drainage holes which is for better storing and reduces unwanted elements such as water. The 1 big compartment with drawstring is good enough for a convenient storage space. The snap and the universal “hook and loop” strap allow you for an easier operation.

This OneTigris MOLLE dump pouch is a great solution for the magazine retention and shotgun rounds. This compact and functional dump pouch is simple but convenient and you can use it anywhere for any kind of practical uses. As this dump pouch has just one big compartment, so some people may not like it. But believe me, a big compartment based dump pouch is much easier to use quickly than others during working. We’re pretty sure that you’ll find this cool bag very useful.

What you will Like

  • Made of premium 500D Cordura nylon;
  • Very stylish and lightweight (175 g only);
  • Can be attached very easily with vests or belts;
  • A perfect solution for magazine retention;
  • Offers easily accessible “hook & loop strap” feature;
  • Compact and highly functional dump pouch for all kind of practical uses.

What you may not Like

  • No separate compartment, some people may not find it as user-friendly.

3. ePouch Tactical MOLLE Dump Pouch

The ePouch tactical MOLLE drawstring magazine dump pouch is a stylish and durable dump pouch. This unit is made of 600D durable premium nylon which is able to serve you lifetime. The 6x3x8 inches dimension based compact and water resistant ammo bag is highly portable and easy to carry anywhere. This hip holster bag offers you one main drawstring pocket (open top style), one front pocket and two other mesh pockets in order to provide you additional support for holding extra pieces of staff, small gears or other elements.

This dump pouch comes with adjustable military utility belt feature so you can easily attach the bag with any kind of MOLLE webbing vest, backpack, bag, duty belt etc. this dump pouch is highly suitable for hunting, shooting, camping, cycling, hiking, walking or other outdoor activities. In addition, this pouch bag presents you the ability to store your shooting gears quickly when you need into a convenient pouch.

Actually, this little kit is very useful and user-friendly and we’re pretty sure that you’ll also love this bag. Just get one and enjoy its support. I think this dump pouch has the ability to be your perfect companion during the outdoor days.

What you will Like

  • Made of durable 600D premium nylon;
  • Adjustable military utility belt;
  • Allows quick storing of the shooting gears;
  • Easily mountable with belts or vests;
  • Offers two mesh pockets for holding extra pieces of staff;
  • Highly suitable for hunting, shooting, cycling, camping, hiking etc.

What you may not Like

  • No separate compartment for main storage, some people may not like it.

4. US Military GI Woodland Camo MOLLE Dump Pouch

This dump pouch set is issued by the US Government and the US military use this dump pouch in their mission. So, it’s an honor to use this dump pouch set. You get 2 different dump pouch in the unit and the design is as like as the US military uniform. This dump pouch is made by maintaining USA standard and issued by the US Government.

This US military GI Woodland camo MOLLE dump pouch is easy to mount and can be attached with your vest or belt. This woodland canteen pouch fits 1 qt. canteen and GPS pouch or cup. The pouch offers flap operation with quick release buckle. In addition, this pouch is compact too. The dimension of the pouch is 6.5×4.25×3.5 inches. You also get 2 outside pockets for storing extra gears or equipment pieces. The adjustable military belt utility offers easy attaching. This pouch is made of premium material so you don’t need to be worried about the damage. You can simply use the pouch in any weather; and believe me, you’ll just love it! As this is the unit that the national military uses, you’ll feel proud too while using.

What you will Like

  • Made in USA, Issued by US Government;
  • 2 Different units in a set;
  • USA standard, US military uses this;
  • Two extra pockets in the outside;
  • Quick release flap buckle.

What you may not Like

  • No noticeable cons found.

5. QZNINC Tactical Compact MOLLE Dump Pouch

The QZNINC tactical EDC dump pouch is a pretty cool dump pouch in the category. This is a 2 unit pack and these pouches are very compact. The dimension of these bags is 8.7×4.9×2.2 inches. The important fact is, the dump pouch is made of durable and premium 1000D nylon which has made the bag highly workable and long lasting. The additional anti-scraping protection has made this bag more durable and dependable for all kind of people even for the most rugged user. This water-resistant bag can be used in every season. You can practically use this dump pouch to anywhere.

This bag offers you two-way zipper so you can zip the bag very quickly and make the pieces of staff inside the secure. The inside of the bag is lined with the waterproof material so you can easily use this pouch for a longer time, even lifetime. Additionally, the metal drain hole of the bag keeps the moisture from soaking. The dump pouch has two vertical straps and a metal snap which lets you attach this pouch with any kind of tactical backpack, belt or combat vest. In addition, you get an internal pocket which helps to get a bigger storage space from a smaller dump pouch.

The QZNINC dump pouch offers two-way zipper which lets you zip quickly and shut it from both sides in order to secure the inside of the bag real quickly. This bag is an excellent space adding bag to your regular backpack. You can store your cell phone, key, key ring, cash, ID card etc securely inside the pouch. And obviously, you get an easy setup option so that you can easily attach or detach the dump pouch. Basically, this unit can be one of the best choices for your outdoor activities.

What you will Like

  • Made of premium and durable 1000D nylon;
  • Anti-scrapping protection provides lifetime protection;
  • Easy to use, fully functional and convenient;
  • Perfect for storing key, key ring, ID card, cash, cell phones, small items, magazine or other items;
  • Two-way zipper offers you fast zipping;
  • Easy to attach with any kind of tactical belt or combat vest.

What you may not Like

  • No extra pocket, some users may not find it properly useful.

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How to Choose the Best Dump Pouch

Look, there are a lot of dump pouches available on the market with various colors, shapes and designs so it’s a little bit tough to get the best one. That’s why you should know how you can choose the best dump pouch. Here are some tips to choose the best one. Hope these will help you grabbing the suitable one for your outdoor activities-

  • Look at the build material, always choose a long-lasting dump pouch;
  • Pick a bag which offers “Easy to Use” feature;
  • Do not forget about weight, it’s not a good idea to get a heavier unit;
  • Nesting is another important option, go for that one which has easier and secure nesting;
  • Concentrate on the visibility of the dump pouch too;
  • Make sure that your dump pouch has enough strong storage to store USB stick, pen, cutting edge;
  • Never choose a bag which gets damage in the touch of water because the bag is for outdoor activities and you may face rain several times.


Well, finally, we are at the bottom line. You know how useful a dump pouch for your outdoor events is! And you may now know this essential kit can support you in many ways. Though, choosing the best dump pouch isn’t too easy task but we hope you can now make the job easily after reading this entire guide as we discussed about almost all factors of choosing the best dump pouch.

Additionally, we also reviewed the top 5 dump pouches for you so that you can choose the perfect one more easily. You just need to look at your requirements and pick the bag which meets your requirements fully. And I believe that you can do it perfectly. Good luck!