Best Hook and Pick Set in 2023

The works that we do with hook and pick is precise. So our tools need to be pinpointed. When buying a hook and pick set, size and grip comfort are also big factors in choosing the best ones. While the strong and pointy tools are useful to have, too much sharp ones can bring catastrophe. So we considered the sets that have the combination of grip comfort, shaft length and also the one that does not empty up your pocket.

We’ve tried plenty, and these are the hook and pick sets that we liked after a thorough research.

Best Hook and Pick Set

We’ve selected a selected a list of hook and pick set here, based on functionality, value on price and user reviews.

1. GearWrench 84000D Hook and Pick Set

GearWrench 84000D Hook and Pick Set

GearWrench is probably the best-known name when it comes to the automotive tool sets of all size and tasks, and this 8400D Hook and Pick set is one of their best product to-date for sure!

After opening the pack, aside from the premium looking blow molded tray, you will get a hook and pick set of seven pieces. A 5-inch Cotter Pin Puller (84001D), 4-inch Hose Pick Puller (84002D), 4-1/2 inch Awl (84003D) and a 3-1/8 inch Mini Full Hook (84004D).

The grip is comfortable and will fit nicely if you have average hands. The tips are pointy enough and will surely get your job done. All in all, at this price range this set packs some nice feature in itself.

2. Ullman CHP8-L Individual Hook and Pick Set

Ullman Devices CHP8-L Individual Hook and Pick

Be It separating wires, removing small fuses, “O” rings, loose parts too small to pick up with your fingers, or even retrieving washers, for all your needs there’s a hook and pick in this set. Made of high carbon polished heat-treated steel, they are shiny (while you’re not using them, of course!). As a technician your wet hand might slip you many things, but not a hook or pick from this set, thanks to the cushion grip you will also get a nice grip.

The hook pick, 90-degree pick, 45-degree pick, double angle pick, complex pick, angle hook pick, combination pick, and the straight pic, all are long and strong enough, with the same length of 9-3/4 inches. If you are a sufferer of getting the length wrong in your last tool set, buy this set, you’ll not suffer anymore!

3. TEKTON 6943 Precision Pick and Hook Set

TEKTON 6943 Precision Pick and Hook Set

They will not beat Snap-On in performance, we agree, but they can do what they are supposed to and some more.The package consists one piece of Full Hook, 145-degree Pick, 90-degree and Pick Straight Pick. The well-made heat treated chrome vanadium steel shafts are too good, while the cushioned, knurled grips provide you both extra control and comfort. You don’t have to look anywhere else for a long time after buying this tool set, such is their build quality.

4. Performance Tool W948

Performance Tool W948 hook and pick set

Available in different sets, Performance Tool W948 is one of the best hook and pick set that we have used. We got the set that boasts a pack of nine pieces of hook and pick.

Apart from the scraper, we practically had 4 pieces of hook and pick and a mini-version for all of them. The straight pick, full hook, 45 hook, 90 hook, all came in two different sizes. If you use them for what they are made to do, they should serve you in the years to come. This handy set, as you might already realized, provides you a great value for money.

5. Milwaukee MLW48-22-9215

Milwaukee MLW48-22-9215 hook and pick

The last one in our list is a rather unfamiliar one. This MLW48-22-9215 tool set from Milwaukee did not get enough attention, from our time of using it, we found it great. A standard set of one straight pick and three hooks of different angles to fill up all your automotive needs.

We found the tips strong and sharp while using it. The grips are somewhere awkward to hold though. Apart from that, the chrome plated all metal-cores will give you a long lasting performance. Milwaukee MLW48-22-9215 hook and pick set is not a bad buy at all.

Our Pick

While choosing the best, we always keep two major things in mind, the quality and the price. After a long and thorough review, the TEKTON 6943 Precision Pick and Hook Set caught our eyes for the same reason. It has a fantastic build quality, sturdy metal build, comfortable grips and a very low price range. If you are cheap buy while not compromising quality, this will get you covered.

Final Thoughts

Hook and Pick sets come in many sizes and angles. You should always be sure of what you’re planning to do with them, before buying one of these. One more advice to finish with, always keep alert not hurting yourself, as the pick and hooks both are very sharp.

Hope we could make your choice easier. Thank you for reading.