Best Jigsaws for cutting curves

Best jigsaw saws reviews

A jigsaw is actually the most flexible cutting tool that you could possess for cutting curves of various materials from wood to metals. It can cut for different purposes, straight lines, curves or at specific angles. Selecting the best jigsaw can be an overwhelming task because of the large variation of saws in the market.

The following guide is prepared for assisting you to make a perfect buying decision on the best jigsaws for cutting curves . Before anything deeper, let’s consider the reviews on jigsaws we find based on our analysis. The list of reviews will narrow down your options and help to pick the ideal one.

Reviews on Best Jigsaws for cutting Curves

Choosing the right tool belt for any carpenter is no easy job. It may be hectic, tiresome and time-consuming. However, we have made that easy for you. Here, we shall review the best tool belts you can go for.

Let’s now look comprehensively on what options you should decide to shop for a professional carpenter belt.

1. DEWALT DCS334B Jig Saw- Top Brushless Saw

DEWALT DCS334B 20V Max Brushless Jig Saw

The DEWALT DCS334B features a competent brushless motor to deliver the optimal performance for a long time. Depending on your cutting, the blade speed can be controlled up to 3, 200 SPD by the different dial and speed trigger. The 4-point orbital setting allows you to adjust the machine for the finest cutting of a range of materials.

The jigsaw is designed with quality metals; lever-action blade clamp is improved for faster and effortless blade changes. Keyless shoe bevel is painless to adjust according to your need. The machine comes with a protective shoe cover that prevents materials from claw and scratches. A dust blower is integrated to remove dust and remains from your side as you use.

The overall features and a decent look make this the best brushless jigsaw in the market. Its compact size lets you easily grip the machine and control securely. Only 4.2 pounds make this simple to carry and use for any general purposes.

2. Bosch Power Tools Jigsaw Kit JS572EK

Bosch Power Tools Jigsaw Kit - JS572EK - 7.2 Amp Top-Handle Jig Saw Kit For Woodworkers, Kitchen, Bathroom Installers, Contractors

We have listed Bosch JS572EK Jigsaw as the best corded jigsaw due to amazing capacity of cutting curves on any surfaces. It runs with 7.2 Amp and offers optimal cut precision. Notably, it can easily cut 5.5-inch of soft wood, 0.875-inch of aluminum, and 0.375-inch of mild steel.

II double-roller mechanism enhances its performance. The innovative design reduces blade deflection for accurate cuts and finishing in together with variable speed control system. The JS572EK is constructed with insulated cover and a secure aluminum gearbox that ensure little vibration and steady speed under materials.

This jigsaw features a lock-on button for comfort and steadiness. It is lightweight, good looking, and a compact design. It has a large footplate with easy adjustment. For scallop and curve cutting, it is one of the ideal jigsaws in the market.

3. Makita 4329K 3.9 Amp Variable Speed Top Handle Jig Saw

Makita 4329K 3.9 Amp Variable Speed Top Handle Jig Saw

Makita 4329K is an affordable jigsaw that is best suited for any general home use. It is just an instance of Makita’s commitment to the best engineering and innovative technology. This jigsaw is featured with a 3.9 Amp motor that runs to 500-3,100 SPM, ideal for optimal performance on different materials.

The strong die-cast aluminum bevel ensures solid cuts by cutting 45° left or right with a stop at 90° positively. The machine has a non-slip rubberized grip that provides secure control and enhanced comfort. Ergonomically designed jigsaw has 3 orbital setting for straight cutting performance. It has a proper dust management system with a vacuum and a clean dust cover.

The saw comes with a lock-on button for extensive use and a larger trigger switch for trouble-free operation. With a compact 8-7/8 inches dimensions and 4.2 pounds, this jigsaw is perfect for woodworkers and construction workers. Makita provides 30-days replacement and a one-year warranty with any jigsaw of this brand.

4. BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C Smart Select Jig Saw

BLACK n DECKER BDEJS600C Smart Select Jig Saw, 5 Amp

A well-known company, Stanley Black & Decker provides world-leading power tools with the most reliable features. The BDEJS600C is a budget jigsaw that works with a potent 5 Amp motor. The highest cutting power, the machine can provide up to 3,000 SPM which turn it into the best professional jigsaw.

This jigsaw comes with a curve control system which enables you to change the orbit 1 to 4 customized points. It can also manage 45° bevel cuts and ensure the top-notch cutting on most possible materials.

The BDEJS600C has also newly improved wire guard which allows extra precise cuts. Dust blower prevents dust and debris and keeps the environment clean. Keyless blade clamp helps to change blade easily when required. The compact size is suitable for any type of cutting use.

5. DEWALT DCS331B Jig Saw- Great Cordless Saw

DEWALT DCS331B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Jig Saw

The DCS331B is another amazing product of DEWALT. It is very durable and the construction is metal made. Its T-shank blades improve the overall holding power and turn cutting into the professional level.

Like DEWALT DCS334B, this jigsaw has also an efficient 4-point orbital setting. This setting makes the cutting task more easy and enjoyable. Depending on the materials, speed and position can be customized. The shoe bevel (0°, 15°, 30°, and 45°) has been improvised for accurate cutting.

The DCS331B has designed for comfort, its anti-slip grip allows you to hold and use the machine more efficiently. With this compact jigsaw, the customer can enjoy 3-year limited warranty.

6. Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2645-20 18-Volt M18 Jig Saw

Bare-Tool Milwaukee 2645-20 18-Volt M18 Jig Saw

Another jigsaw that fulfills your needs, we have actually counted it based on some credible jig saws reviews! It is Milwaukee’s foremost lithium-ion powered jigsaw and one of the durable jigsaws available in the market. Li-ion batteries are lightweight, compact and contain more energy than other batteries. The machine runs with the environment-friendly energy source for longer times. It provides incredible performance in intense weather and lasts up to 1000 cycles.

This cordless jigsaw delivers versatility, accuracy, and convenience. 5-point orbital setting ensures enhanced cutting performance. This feature lets you adjust the different cuts and speed for a variety of application. The shoe bevel is designed for faster and exact shoe adjustments. On the other hand, the quick-lock clamp allows you to change the blade quickly.

The Milwaukee 2645 has an over-molded grip which provides the best possible control on the jigsaw when using. Its non-marring shoe prevents work facade from hurt and damage. Only 1 pound weight, no doubt, confirms ease of use.

7. TACKLIFE Advanced 6.7 Amp 3000 SPM Jigsaw

TACKLIFE Advanced 6.7 Amp 3000 SPM Jigsaw with Laser & LED, 6 Blades, 10feet (3M) Cord Length, Pure Copper Motor, Max Bevel Cutting Angle

TACKLIFE is a popular name in the power tools world. The PJS02A is a new offering with lots of enhanced features from TACKLIFE. Powered by a strong 6.7 Amp copper motor that rotates persistently at 3,000 SPM. The machine produces less heat for the best cuts and longer product life.

The PJS02A has LED light and built-in 4-gears laser guide to light up the cutting line for the highest accuracy. Speed control dials range from 1 to 6 allow you to adjust the speed depending on the materials you cut. Flexible bevel angle (0°-45°) helps to cut more difficult materials. Variable shoe enhances cutting stability.

This jigsaw is designed for comfortable use. Anti-skip handle prevents you from any unwanted accident and lets you work with reduced fatigue. Dust exhaust pipe and guard help keep the working environment clean. This modest looking monster is strong enough for almost any type of cutting.

Buyer Guide on Jigsaw- Choose your perfect saw

Jigsaw is one of the most well-known tools that can perform both straight and bend cuts, crosscuts, tearing, sloping, dive cuts and other custom shapes. Reviews on jigsaws prove that it is a tool that you must need at your home. It makes your life easy by performing the task of other tools like a band saw, circular saw, router, scroll saw etc. When you are going to buy the best jigsaw, you can consider the following issues that impact on a jigsaw to be the best.

Power of Jigsaw

Generally, the power of jigsaw is measured in Amps, sometimes in volts. Power matters and it is the thing which controls how the machine can cut. A more powerful jigsaw can cut much harder materials. Less powered saw means it can cut soft woods only.The power ranges from 18 to 20 volts and 4 to 7 Amps in general. At least 18 volts or 4 Amps will do the job ideally on plastic and wood items. However, power is not the only thing that indicates the efficiency of a jigsaw.

Design and Versatility

Jigsaw is designed for versatile purposes. Most of the saws are capable to perform all expected cutting tasks. However, the angle and curved cuts may be varied by different saws. The highly efficient saws require a bit higher price. However, the design is another feature what we seriously consider. Generally, a compact and cordless jigsaw is preferred for home use.

Working Speed

In case of speed, the best jigsaw will perform more than enough for almost any work and it will run at the speed of 3000 SPM. Its speed is measured in SPM (Strokes per Minute). What’s progressively critical here is the number of variable speed settings and existence. Almost all the models will maintain a range of 4 and 7 speed settings which provides the purchaser lots of adaptability and accuracy.

Blade Performance

Most saws enable the saw to be tilted for angle cuts. Regularly, extricating a single screw enables the base to tilt up to 45° in any bearing. The simplicity of extracting or changing blades is a prime factor. To make sharp edge swapping faster and less dreary, the competent perform notably.

Cutting Variations

By sliding the bases in reverse and bolting them, you can see straight up to a surface or other vertical surface. Numerous top-notch models likewise have a smooth plastic spread or addition on the metal base-plate that won’t scratch sensitive surfaces, for example, facade or plastic covers. Jigsaw blade is fixed in it either with a conventional screwed square or with one of the cutting-edge quick cinching affixing frameworks.

Orbital Settings

Based on speed and orbital settings of the saw, it will perform better in cutting diverse elements. In case the speed and orbital settings are not acceptable, the saw might be unreasonably quick for certain materials or unreasonably moderate for other substances.

Usual jigsaws generally move up and down, but by operating in orbital settings it enables the client to successfully control the saw’s forward, back and sideways actions. In most cases, the cutting line can be a problem and a few jigsaws give an implicit LED light to overcome this issue. Likewise, a few models take care of this issue with residue blowers.

Vibration and Handle Issue

An excessive amount of vibration will provoke the jigsaw’s accuracy. Some leading models offer extraordinary vibration-lessening appearance.Barrel grip and top handle, these are the two kinds of handles. Most common of these two is the top handle. It allows the user to control the tool in one hand. If you are using barrel grip then you have to use both of your hands. The ideal rope length for the saw is 120-160 inches. If the electric cord is short it will essentially confine your “opportunity of progress” when utilizing the tool.

Corded Jigsaw vs. Cordless Jigsaw

If we compare between corded and cordless jigsaws, we can consider a few criteria. These may add power execution, uses, weight, versatility, and cost.

With regards to execution, corded jigsaws are prevalent on the grounds that mains power is steady and along these lines fit for giving nonstop, high voltage control for incredible execution. In any case, some battery-controlled models can likewise convey enough strength to coordinate the execution of certain brands of corded jigsaws. For instance, a 36-volt battery can give enough capacity to exceptional execution.

The corded-electric jigsaws are progressively appropriate for broad use as in a commercial purpose. Some cordless jigsaws could be perfect for expert use, yet their downtime because of battery reviving may confine. The battery-controlled ones are the best jigsaws according to their performance. If we consider without battery then cost is a crucial fact to get the ideal jigsaw in the market. As modern technology gives us the cordless version and also the accessibility, we receive from those, the cordless version is costlier in contrast to the best corded jigsaw.

If you are concern about safety, cordless jigsaws are the best jigsaw for contractors as they are short in wire and will give you more space while using than the corded jigsaw. If you are not that much experienced to operate the jigsaw then it is quite tough for you to choose the appropriate one between cordless and corded. For home use both of them are safe. It is also true that advantages and disadvantages are also applicable to both of them.

Final Thoughts

Jigsaw is known as a home master cutting and finishing curves in various materials like wood, metals, plastic, ceramic tiles and more. When you are looking for the best jigsaw you should consider the type of task you are going to do and also your budget. The ultimate verdict is that if you are completely a new user then choosing a casual jigsaw is the best option rather than going for the best professional jigsaw. Hope, this guide will come to your help in particular cases.