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10 Best Mechanics Tool Boxes in 2023

Whenever I plan to find out ‘the best’ in a particular product category, I first consider what makes a product best among other products. With the best mechanic tool box, the answer seems easy. Here the best indicates something that let you keep your tools safely, allow you to transfer easily, and that lasts longer.

There are plenty of tool boxes designs available on the market. This is a good opportunity to find out the best one and together, that makes your selection just boring. Alright, we have a selection of best tool boxes reviews below. Sit back and check which one meets your needs.

5 Best Mechanic Tool Box Reviews

Choosing the right tool belt for any carpenter is no easy job. It may be hectic, tiresome and time-consuming. However, we have made that easy for you. Here, we shall review the best tool belts you can go for.

Let’s now look comprehensively on what options you should decide to shop for a professional carpenter belt.

1. Craftsman 6 Drawer Heavy Duty Top Tool Chest

Why Craftsman tool box is our best pick? There are several reasons that make this best among other tools. Even the price seems cheap than the Original Pink Box, though many other affordable tool boxes are also listed on this page.

Craftsman 6 Drawer tool chest is designed to store all your necessary tools without hassle. Extra drawer space, easily transportable structure meets your precise needs. Additionally, the key locking mechanism keeps all the tools secure in the box.

You can moreover add extra tool storage or expand the existing bottom case. Along with 6 drawers, three full-sized and three split drawers, the tool box offers a top storage option for big-sized equipment.

2. Homak Industrial 22-Inch Cantilever Steel Toolbox

Comparing the quality and efficiency, this professional mechanic tool box comes to the next of Craftsman tool chest. We call it the best professional mechanic tool box within an affordable price. You can buy it with half of the first tool chest’s price, simply amazing!

The Homak Industrial tool box has two main parts; four shelves and a large bottom storage space. You can store all your small tools in the shelves and other bulky tools on the bottom storage.

This steel toolbox features triple-clasp and pad-lockable design. It is equipped with .8mm metal thickness and drawer liners that ensure the professional-grade quality. The durable and compact design allows you to use this for a longer time without losing the original quality.

3. WORKPRO W009044A Tool Set with 3-Drawer Heavy Duty Metal Box

In your workplace, a good set of tools in the tool box is always expected. You don’t need to use multiple organizers and you can reach to your necessary tools when needs. The WORKPRO W009044A comes with a perfect organizer. Moreover, it offers a complete set of necessary tools.

It features ratchet handles, quick released operation, and reverse-switch mechanism to make it a user-friendly tool chest. Chrome vanadium body gives it a longer lifespan while ensuring competence, strength, and durability.

This tool box comes with such a good collection of tools that you possibly don’t need to buy extra items. With a perfect tool box, all the quality hand tools meet ANSI standards with professional-grade aptness.

4. DeWalt DWST20800 Mobile Work Center

Old and popular DeWalt, but this is one of the best mechanic tool boxes under $100. This is not an ordinary tool chest to store various tools. Yes, it can keep the tools safely but the robust space, compact look, and durable design make it unique.

DeWalt DWST20800 is an ideal mobile work station that is sufficient in work site. It helps mechanics not to use multiple tool boxes as it is enough to store and carry components.

The DWST20800 mobile work center is not only a tool chest, but it can also replace the Performance Tool W54032 tool tray. It is equipped with telescopic handle and side handles to make the maneuvering and holding easy.

5. The Original Pink Box 4-Drawer Steel Rolling Tool/Salon Cart

If you’re looking for a professional mechanic tool box, then this could be a great choice for you. This is no doubt expensive, but the quality features will never make you disappointed.

The Original Pink Box comes with bulk storage facility, but the slim-compact design is almost suitable for anywhere, your home to workplace. The exclusive look and sturdy design remains same after years of use. Quality materials make this salon cart corrosion and wear resistant. Its strong keyed locking mechanism is a unique innovation to prevent theft.

Each drawer easily bears 100 lbs of weight. Moreover, it features hold-in detents, faster release ball bearing slides, matching non-slip liner, and stain-resistant pulls. It is actually a tool box that contains everything that a mechanic requires.

6. Omega 92450 Black Tool Box Creeper

The Omega 92450 is another best tool box for mechanics available on the market. It can store your most used tools as it is 450 pound rated tool box. It additionally comes with a perfect creeper seat. Self-frame construction gives it a sturdy design which ensures a quality long life.

This tool box features three drawers as well as front and rear tool trays. The full bearing 3-inch casters add easy maneuvering ability in the workplace. And the steel frame design is oil-resistant and very durable.

With this incredible tool box creeper, you can really do more than many tool boxes at the same price. It is an ideal storage solution for various tools for detailing, body work, and brake jobs.

7. WEN 73015 Garage Glider Rolling Tool Chest Seat

Here’s another affordable WEN tool chest, the WEN 73015 will assist you when you need to move around the garage. This is a highly efficient tool box which offers all the advantages of both a tool cabinet and a mechanic stool.

Its four 2-1/2inch revolving casters allow it to move faster and in all directions. An excellent ball-bearing mechanism ensures smooth ride with an enhanced lifespan. Three drawers and sixteen onboard storage slots meet anyone’s necessity to store his tools safely.

You may need to sacrifice the sturdy construction, but the WEN 73015 can ideally protect your tools and swivel with you when working. The one thing we would like to mention, this is a best budget mechanic tool box in our list.

8. Performance Tool W54032 Two shelf Store Tray

It is fine to have a tray in your work zone so that you can keep the frequently used tools on that and carry the tray with you. A heavy-duty tool box is not necessary here but a sturdy and light-weight store tray can be more supportive.

The Performance Tool W54032 is your good companion when you’re busy in a project. It comes with two shelves and a drawer. The whole cart is made of a combination of metal and plastic which lead to a durable cart design.

This is another tool tray under $100. So, you’re spending a little but the result and service are really bigger than many of the conventional shop cart.

9. Goplus 20-Inch Portable 5-Tray Cantilever Metal Tool Box

One of the top mechanic tool boxes on this list, the Goplus metal tool box is made of durable steel and has ideal storage space in its 5 cabinets. You can store your frequently used tools and get easy access to them with trays.

The tool box is equipped with a long steel handle that makes it easy to carry. Before the first use, you need to spend a few minutes to install the organizer. Sturdy powder coat finish prevents chemical and scratches which ultimately lead to an expanded lifespan for years of use.

As with any good item, you think about the price that can be costly, but the Goplus tool box is an extremely low-cost organizer. With an affordable rate, you can use it for home, warehouse, office, and jobsites.

10. DEWALT DWST17806 TSTAK VI Deep Box

If you’re looking for actual cheap mechanic tool box, you should consider the DEWALT DWST17806. DEWALT has a reputation for their quality products, long-lasting, and highly efficient tool box. This cheap, but good deep box doesn’t disappoint.

This is designed to store different types of tools; cordless and corded tools. The compact design let you carry and use it smoothly. A removable tray ensures easy access to most common tools when working. Though this is not bulky storage, it can store tools for your actual needs.

To sum up, user-friendly design enables you to carry it everywhere and utilize for your jobs. This is really difficult to find out an amazing tool box like DWST17806 within this price tag.

Features That to Be Checked Before Buying the Best Mechanic Tool Box

Different factors of a product define if the product is good or bad. When it comes to choosing an ideal tool box for mechanics, you should consider the following factors.

Heavy-Duty Frame

There is no option to ignore the loading capacity than the volume capacity of a tool chest.

Consider, you have 10 adjustable wrenches and each weighs approximately half a pound. If you own 10 wrenches, then you need 5 pounds for this set. No doubt, you have many other tools to keep them in your tool chest.

In some cases, the volume capacity gets more importance as many tools are heavier and one of these is enough for a mechanic. The point is you need a tool box which is durable and designed to survive with a heavy load.

In general, tool chests are built with 18- to 19-gauge steel. Some of them are much thicker, 15-gauge steel. Make sure your tool chest is made with quality materials and is constructed with a double wall.

Capacity of the Tool Box

Possibly most of the mechanics consider the storage capacity first than any other factors. It has an obvious reason because everyone doesn’t own the same amount of tools.

If you own some common tools, a normal tool chest could be sufficient for you. But if you want to enlarge your collection, make sure to think of a tool cabinet.

Remember, you shouldn’t buy a tool box which is too bigger or too smaller. Both of them will be hazardous for you. One will not be easy to carry and just waste the space, and another toll box will oppress you to buy a bigger one.

Friction and Ball Slides

Drawer slide designs come in two different types. Kinetic energy is the principle of friction slides. These slides are also known as non-bearing slides which offer some of the excellent advantages with an affordable cost.

Being extremely unsophisticated, they are firm and strong. You need to lubricate them occasionally without any tough disassembling and assembling hassle.

In contrast, ball slides which are also known as roller bearing slides ensure more efficient usage of your tool box. They are faster and let you open and close the drawer quietly.

Before selecting, check the load of the bearings which should be not less than 100 pounds, bigger is better in this case. Your tool boxes also should have drawers that easily slide out and in.

Roomy Drawers

Organizing all your tools perfectly is your first purpose when considering buying a tool box. If the drawers of the box don’t have enough space, you cannot store your components correctly.

So, make sure the drawers provide enough space, which should be roomy to allow stuff to stay safe. Rolled edges add rigidity and make the drawers more efficient.

Many drawers come with a flush design which leads to space-saving. Also, look at the design which should come with a strong and durable structure.

Mobile Workbench

This is another factor that you should consider cautiously. Like tool cabinets, these units work in the same way. But they seem prone to be moderately lighter and simpler to move around the garage.

The above-side is a finished periphery where you can place a stool and do many of your works easily. Mobile workbench option sometimes reduces the actual storage space, so be careful about this.

Secure Lock

So, you have a tool chest and that has no locks. Is it really a tool box design for the purpose you bought it? Sooth to say, it is not reliable at all.

Your chosen tool box should have an ideal locking system. The common lock system is tubular which is good but not as much as padlock eyelet. The padlock eyelet is more convenient. But depending on your needs, you can choose any of the lock types.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What and How Many Tools Can I Store in a Mechanic Tool Box?

Mechanics need wrenches, ratchets, universal screwdriver, sockets, hammers, extension bars, pliers, and so on. With these common tools, there is a wide range of purpose-based tools as well.

No specific answer for how many tools you can store. It depends on what tool chest you will buy. And your plan can save space when arranging the tools.

When you have a good tool box, you’re already half way ahead for organizing your tools.​

Can I Replace the Lock?

Any good mechanic tool box is available with quality construction which means you will need to rarely replace the parts. Many necessary parts don’t require any replacements, but it is common to replace the locks.

You can remove the built-in lock by carrying away the exterior nut, top drawers, and lock bar. Then you can install the new lock and set all the things back. Otherwise, take help from a locksmith which requires a variety of expenses.

What Is the Maximum Product Weight?

The maximum product weight includes the weight of the tool box and the highest loading capacity. For instance, if your tool chest weight is 100 pounds and it can efficiently hold 1,500 pounds components, then the maximum product weight of your tool chest is 1,600 pounds.

Depending on the product weight, you can recognize how strong your tool box is. The larger can store more tools and alternatively, the smaller product weight store less tools.

How Should I Maintain a Tool Box?

Maintaining your tool box is not much troublesome. You can easily clean it and maintain incredible quality for a longer time.

You can lubricate casters and slides when necessary. If there is grease, grime, or oil on the box, you can remove them with degreasing solution. Usual cleaning is also fine for the plane surface.

Does the Tool Set Stay Firmly when Opening or Closing the Case?

Tool boxes are designed to store and organize your components in a place so that you can easily find them and utilize. But they may not stay tightly in the right place because of the shake of the case’s movement.

However, if you are looking for such a thing, you better analyze some customer reviews about the particular tool chest.

Final Thoughts

It is great to have the best mechanic tool box to stay organized every day. But it could be harder finding out the best among many best of products. The reliable information of reviews on this page will help you to making up your mind.

As there are no strict points in choosing the best tool chest, the choice can be varied person to person. And Craftsman 6 Drawer Top Tool Chest is my preferred pick among the ten reviewed above. No problem, you can go for another that meets your needs.