6 Best Sounding Muffler for V8 Truck

Do you want your V8 truck to make sound suiting your harmonic preference? Soft, moderate, aggressive, or quiet, whatever the desire is, you need the best sounding muffler for V8 truck that will not only personalize the sound but also raise the functionality. 

Employing mufflers is a legitimate necessity in many countries. They are the most straightforward change you can try with the exhaust system. It will also minimize noise, create a tone pleasing to the ears, and increase performance. While considering the V8 truck, it is unparalleled with its functionality and sound, even with the factory muffler. So, nothing can be more desirable to complement the unique sound quality of a V8 than an exemplary muffler. 

To keep the engine pitch-perfect, you would find many sounding mufflers selective for various functionalities. It is pretty tricky to choose a fit sounding muffler for a V8 vehicle. We have performed the analysis and listed here the best quality aftermarket mufflers so that they can match the distinct sound property of your V8 truck and take it to a new level!

1. Flowmaster 953047 Super 40 Muffler- Best Sounding Flowmaster Muffler

If you want a superior quality muffler for your V8 truck with aggressive exterior sound having minimal interior noise, Flowmaster 953047 Super 40 Muffler is ideal for you. The intense and aggressive rumble it produces makes your freeways voyages more pleasant. 

Like the other 40 series, this muffler also incorporates the trademarked Delta Flow technology. It utilizes a two-chamber design with delta-shaped baffles that significantly decrease interior vibration by separating the undesired frequencies. The baffles also create a scavenging impact to boost engine functionality by accelerating the exhaust gas. 

Flowmaster 953047 sounds quiet while idle, but at ‘wide-open’ throttle, it is intense, yet gentle. The sound is aggressive but smooth. Specially designed to work excellently with powerful engines, this superior quality Flowmaster muffler is composed of 16 gauge aluminized mild steel and welded with MIG. The construction has made this muffler degradation-free and heat-resistive. Though the aluminized steel doesn’t meet the supremacy of stainless steel, the 100% MIG welding has given it durability and sturdiness. 


  • Intense aggressive sound
  • Incorporate Delta Flow technology
  • Enhanced throttle response
  • Excellent for V8 engines


  • Doesn’t serve well for fewer horsepower engines
  • Compatible only with 3″ exhaust pipe

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2. B2 Fabrication Dodge Ram 1500 Accessories Exhaust System with 14″ Magnaflow Muffler 2009-2018 Hemi- Best Muffler for V8

Manufactured by the Michigan-based renowned company B2 Fabrication, this Dodge Ram 1500 Accessories Exhaust System with 14″ Magnaflow Muffler 2009-2018 Hemi is an uncomplicated yet sophisticated change to the truck exhaust. It is manageable and simple to fit, that will leave a long-lasting impact. You don’t need to form or fuse anything while installing this best muffler for V8. All you have to do is to exclude the OEM muffler and clamp the Boesch Built exhaust in that place. The manufacturers have fitted each unit so that the tailpipes remain straight after installation. 

Let your V8 truck sound iconic with this exhaust system. It is not expensive and doesn’t require expert expertise to get installed. 

This exhaust system for Dodge Ram is a complete alternation for 2009-2018 Dodge Ram 1500 1/2 ton 2wd-4wd pickup trucks having a 5.7L Hemi engine, incorporating all wheelbases. 

Now getting an impressive throaty growl has become so simple with this complete replacement system. 

The 409 stainless steel tubing with MIG hand welding has given this exhaust system the supremacy it exhibits. The B2 Fabrication exhaust system is built and supervised by professionals who have made it stand out among other mufflers to fit your truck better. 


  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Requires no cutting or welding 
  • No bent of the tailpipes once installed  
  • 409 stainless steel composition


  • May have exhaust drone

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3. Cherry Bomb 7426 extreme Muffler- Best Straight Pipe Sounding Muffler

If you need the sound and execution of your V8 truck to reach a whole new level, this Cherry Bomb 7426 extreme Muffler is the absolute choice for you. 

The Cherry Bomb 7426 is an extreme muffler, an outcome of an experienced company that takes pride in manufacturing quality exhaust products. It is sleek and compact, composed of tiny wings and structure with no inner baffles. The configuration is compact purposely so that it can boost the sound level and air-flow it promotes. This extreme exhaust is oval-shaped, 12″ in total length, and crafted of welded aluminized steel weighing 10 pounds. The compactness of its structure makes it perfect for installing in limited spaces. 

Besides enhancing the sound quality, this extreme exhaust will boost the truck’s performance. The structure of the Cherry Bomb 7426 enables more air to get flowed. When air can flow more efficiently, it can burn more fuels. In return, more power is generated with less gas consumption. 

The installation has become easy going with the 2.5 inch opening of the connection ports and the marked flow direction. 

The Cherry Bomb 7426 is superior because of the aggressive roar that makes it perfect for off-road and race applications. So if you prefer the deeper sound, it should be your pick surely. 


  • Sleek and bright red colored 
  • 100% welded construction
  • Excellent for the aggressive growl
  • Enhancement in functionality by maximizing airflow


  • The paint may fade over time
  • Creates drone sounds at higher RPMs 

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4. Dynomax 39510 Axle-Back System- Best Stainless Steel Sounding Muffler 

Dynomax 39510 Axle-Back System is the best stainless steel composed sounding muffler on our list. If you are seeking a high-quality dual-outlet exhaust system for your V8 truck, you don’t need to search anymore. Dyno 39510 is effortless to fix, exhibits lifetime sturdiness, and appears incredible. It highlights long internal flow tubes that enhance exhaust discharge and decrease backpressure. The patented flow director scheme directs the exhaust flow and discounts turbulent sounds. The fiberglass matting technology incorporating both mufflers consumes the undesired interior frequencies for a resonant pitch. The blend of these both cancels turbulence and delivers a delicate sound during the ride.  

This high-quality double axle-back performance exhaust comes in a dual stainless steel tips configuration so as the clasps incorporated with it. The construction has made this muffler look excellent, more robust, and serve for long. 

This high-performance Super Turbo muffler offers a short lifetime warranty. It also features an exclusive 3-month performance and sound assurance. 

The Dynomax 39510 Axle-Back System is certified to flow up to 700 SCFM, bolt-on for smooth fitting, and enables you to customize the truck’s whole exhaust system conveniently. The best thing is, this emission-legal premium quality exhaust system incorporates all essential clamps and hangers and comes in your budget. 


  • The stainless steel construction improves the endurance and performance
  • Provides a pleasant rumble but not annoying at all 
  • Effortless to install
  • Affordable


  • The combined clamps can’t hold the tips tightly enough
  • Probably not proper for salt belt application

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5. Flowmaster 9430452 Super 44 Muffler- Best Aggressive Sounding Muffler

If you want the v8 vehicle to sound as aggressive, it did nevermore earlier, get this Flowmaster 9430452 Super 44 Muffler. It offers a notably deep sound allowing your truck to sound the way it should. It is a dual outlet muffler that is capable enough to give a compelling rumble but not that deeper to impede the convenience. 

Like the large Super 40 mufflers of the Flowmaster, this Super 44 also incorporates the patented Delta Flow technology offering some definite benefits. The Delta Flow technology makes the sound rich with an upgraded flow path range. The development of the flow paths produces more spin and power. It highlights maximum internal flow and noise restriction construction. The development of the two-chamber design has brought improvement in internal resonance and reduced back pressure significantly. As a result, the Flowmaster 9430452 Super 44 Muffler has become more powerful and exhibits better performance. 

The Flowmaster 9430452 Super 44 Muffler is a superior quality four-inch case street muffler built of 16 gauge aluminum steel. Though aluminum steel cannot meet the sturdiness of stainless steel, to give the construction endurance, the Super 44 muffler highlights MIG welding. These high-quality mufflers pass OEM designations, making them perfect for using them on streetcars, sports cars, and V8 trucks.  

The muffler is compact, yet powerful and excellent when you need deep roaring and advanced power. 


  1. Dynamic exhaust sound
  2. The improved two-chamber design boosts the performance 
  3. No internal packing to blow out
  4. Improvement in internal resonance


  • The color is prone to deterioration 

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6. HK5 Motors Univeral 4″ N1 Burnt Tip Stainless Muffler- Best Affordable Sounding Muffler

HK5 Motors Univeral 4″ N1 Burnt Tip Stainless Muffler is the most suitable choice when you need the best performance muffler for V8 that sounds intense and smooth coming at an affordable price. 

Thanks to HK5 Motors for composing the muffler with super durable T-304 stainless steel. Hence, the muffler is sturdy and serves for an extended period. 

It is a universal fitment muffler. So don’t forget to match the extents of the muffler to the place you want to fit it. Like every sounding muffler, the HK5 Motors Univeral 4″ N1 Burnt Tip Stainless Muffler also incorporates a removable silencer, so that you can change and set the sound of your V8 vehicle according to your preference.

It features a burnt tip design that gives your truck a sporty look. When you shift the gear, it delivers a small popping and crackling impression that may seem interesting to you. 

HK5 Motors Univeral 4″ N1 Burnt Tip Stainless Muffler is not a bolt-on. So it needs welding to get installed. You may also need to seek service from a professional as the fitting may demand additional piping. It is a quality product coming from the USA that offers intense sound, absolutely worth your cash. 


  • Provides deep and smooth sporty sound
  • Made of durable T-304 stainless steel
  • Included detachable silencers 
  • Affordable 


  • Not a bolt-on, requires expert installation
  • Creates drones at higher RPMs

Buying Guide:

Though it seems easy, selecting the best truck muffler demands your utter consciousness and research before buying. To help you out, we have described here some crucial factors you need to consider before you get one for your V8 truck. 

The Sound You Want  

The unwanted frequencies the sounding muffler will eliminate mostly depends on its design. If you want an aggressive sound, you can go for a glass-packed design. To make your V8 run quietly, turbo or chambered arrangements are preferable. The mufflers we have listed here are superior in boosting functionality and sound of your V8 truck, that you can select one easily from here. 

The Material of the Muffler 

Pick a muffler made of super-durable materials like stainless steel or aluminized steel welded with MIG for durability. Here, you have to consider the humidity in the air of your area. A stainless steel sounding muffler is better in a more humid area. If the place is less humid, you can go for an aluminized steel muffler.  


While buying a muffler, you need to consider the dimension also. Smaller sounding mufflers have fewer baffles. So they cannot efficiently reduce unwanted frequencies as bigger ones with more baffles can do. If you need the exhaust system to be quiet, you can go for a larger muffler. 

Money You have to Pay

Cost is another significant determinant you need to keep in mind. An expensive muffler doesn’t necessarily perform the best. But paying for a quality product will serve you for long. The mufflers we listed here are high in quality, and lie within your budget serving you for the long run.

Final Thought

You have to consider a lot of things while buying the best sounding muffler for V8 truck. The exhaust system is a vital part of the vehicle, and to boost its sound and performance, incorporating a quality muffler is a must. A good quality muffler can increase the functionality of the engine, making the sound according to your preference, mild, moderate, or aggressive. We hope that our listed mufflers and buying guide will successfully meet your needs and help you select the best one matching your V8 truck. 

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