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7 Best Chrome Spray Paint for Rims and Wheels

Car wheels fight daily and they run through an abyss of life. Brake-dust, heat-transfer, and many hazardous barriers keep working to lessen the lifespan of wheels. The worst point is that the rims get a rusty and older look very soon even after the first purchase.

So, what’s the way to transfer the rusty wheel to a new one? Well, to give the rims a brand new look and for ultimate wheel restoration, the best best chrome spray paint for rims and wheels will be your great companion.

Appropriate Paint for Car Rims & Wheels

Did you receive what you expect from regular paint? The answer is a ‘no’ in most cases. If you have any prior experience to paint your car rims, you know the difference between the regular and purpose-based paint.

Regular paints we find on the market are not designed for automobiles. They finally leave a result on the car rims that you don’t like. Lint, swirl marks, globs, and other upshots are not anticipated on car wheels.

If you’re eagerly waiting to renovate your dusty and rusty car rims with a smooth, consistent, and desired finish, then you need a particularly created spray paint. Purpose-based automotive spray paint can help you to get back the newer look of the wheels.

The below section is developed to find the best kind of paint to use on car rims. Keep reading to seek out the best spray paint for your precious car.

7 Best Spray Paint for Rims & Alloy Wheels

Here is our list of top spray paints rims for wheel and rims. You will get to know why these products have been chosen over many other spray paints, from the detailed revierws.


1. USC Spray Max 2k High Gloss Clearcoat Aerosol (2 PACK)

USC Spray Max 2k High Gloss Clearcoat Aerosol 2 PACK

Looking for an incredible finish on the rims, hard finish for rusted parts or curb rash? Not a big deal, Spray Max 2K can deal anything on your vehicle to attain incredible hard finish.

The 2 pack aerosol of this amazing spray paint is manufactured for a high luster finish. Just like a professional-grade coating, 3 coats of the spray offer awesome result within 30 minutes. But keeping it 24 hours unused gives a long-lasting result.

No prior experience required, easy to apply aerosol. Activate and shake, spray properly before allowing the vehicle to wait for drying up. Innovative nozzle design let the paint come restlessly for the expected painting.

How long the paint lasts? – No worries, it lasts longer. Possibly more than your expectation as the Spray Max 2K is chemical and weather resistant.


2. POR-15 Top Coat Gloss Clear Spray Paint – Best Clear coat for wheels

POR-15 45718 Top Coat Gloss Clear Spray Paint

The paint, POR-15 Top Coat Gloss is extremely durable when painted correctly. Its advance direct-to-metal feature leaves an amazing finish on the project surface while resisting chipping, flaking, and cracking.

No undercoat or primer required, POR-15 coat offers incredibly well painting that prevents dust and corrosion. This means your time saving and a good saving on your expense. And you cannot ignore your peace of mind when noticing that coating lasts longer on the car rims.

A variety of colors are available to choose from and so, you are close enough to attain the best paint or restore the primary look. You have options to utilize your creativity and create a completely different look as well.

This paint comes with UV-resistant, robust sheen, and excellent color retention quality. When applying this on car wheels, you’re actually creating an everlasting barrier to rust and corrosion.


3. Chemical Guys AIR_Spray_1 Black On Black Instant Shine Spray Dressing

Chemical Guys AIR_Spray_1 Black On Black Instant Shine Interior & Exterior Spray Dressing

So, you want something to make the black surface black again. No, not only black but shiny too. Alright, you have Chemical Guys black sprays that turn the normal black into the sleek and shiny black.

This air spray stands out among all the paint products listed in this article. It’s more powerful and efficient to shine the black look. It lets you do the dressing into grates, vents, and grilles without exerting any extra machine.

The notable point is that ‘Black on Black’ spray dressing is used in a wide range of projects. Lots of things to mention and some of them are the car wheel wells, engine bay, tire studs, hinges, truck openings, and door frames.

This paint spray is safe for using on plastics, vinyl, rubber, and any exterior surfaces as well. It lessens your hard works and times by drying up the shine within a minute. This is no doubt an easiest and fastest dressing available on the market.

4. SEM M25083 Carver White Marine Vinyl Coat

SEM M25083 Carver White Marine Vinyl Coat - 12 oz

In the time that you’re puzzled of what to apply on plastic and vinyl surface to get the smooth finish, SEM Carver White Marine is an ideal option.

Being an elastomeric aerosol coat, the product is elegantly designed to change, restore, or match the genuine color of most plastic and vinyl surfaces. It prevents rust and corrosion to maintain a long-lasting original look.

Many usual vinyl coatings gives a look like just painted, but here is the big difference made by SEM vinyl coat. Even on the stained and cracked surfaces, it offers new sunshine exposure and a finish that is stable.

And what’s more? This is a product available at a reasonable cost. Generally, 3 coats on the surface give an amazing result. Using this in your DIY project saves more than your imagination. Moreover, it is easy to apply and prior-experience is not obligatory for this.

5. DYC Wheel Kit – Matte – Black

DYC Wheel Kit - Matte - Black

When looking for the best spray paint for rims that offers professional matte black finish, the name DYC Wheel Kit comes first. It is faster to dry up and reduces your tedious efforts.

4 cans of Plasti Dip are included in the package so that you don’t need to think much for painting all the 4 wheels. And in general, 4 cans are ideally required to dip all the wheels of your car each measures up to 22”.

Avoiding many of the intricate processes, get a Plasti Dip coat that paints magically your car wheels. It is not loaded with numerous innovative features, but the outcome is awesome and better than many conventional black paints.

The spray paint offers excellent color match that lasts longer without losing shiny appearance. If you find this a bit pricy, look back at the paint pack which includes four cans, not one!


Spray max 1 CASE of 6 CANS USC SPRAYMAX 2K AEROSOL Clear Coat

Let me explain, USC 2K AEROSOL Clear Coat will offer what you really like to bring on your car. SPRAYMAX 1 case of 6 cans allows you to paint the whole car if you want.

This is a high gloss aerosol and designed to use in a user-friendly way. Simply activate the can, shake, and spray directly on the surface. The innovative nozzle delivers paint evenly and it dries up faster to a shiny finish.

One good feature of this product is chemical resistance. Moreover, it resists rust and weather which lead the paintings to last for a longer time. A professional result is achieved at home without a costly expense, simply incredible!

The SPRAYMAX spray paint contains some of the chemical contents that cause reproductive harms and cancer. Make sure to get enough protection when applying paint on your car rims.

7. Plasti Dip Rim Kit

Plasti Dip Rim Kit 4 Aerosol Cans Black

If you’re looking for an affordable paint kit for automobile that offers the utmost quality finish on aluminum or steel rims, then this is the best option. This non-slip coating stands firm on the surface very nicely and evenly.

A complete package of 4 black Plasti Dip aerosols, 2 cans of Glossifier, and 1 Cangun makes your painting job fun. It manages all the components that you require to paint car wheels without trouble.

Versatility allows Plasti Dip to be used in a variety of projects. It’s a rubber based synthetic coating and used for various applications. You can use this for coating wheels, automotive detailing, and painting graphics without damaging the OEM finish.

Get the desired look with this black aerosol. The attached Cangun helps to attain sturdy control on the spray. Black Plasti Dip offers a strong matte finish. Otherwise, get your shimmering gloss finish with the spray Glossifier.

Buying Guide for Spray Paint

Spray paint comes with a variety of qualities. Sometimes, it is baffling to select the best one for your car. But if you consider the following features of spray paint, the process will be easy and efficient.


Car owners mostly prefer silver for wheel paints. Remember that this is not the only alternative. Black, chrome, white, and other shades are also fine for custom paintings. Most spray paints offer numerous colors to choose from.


The modern spray paint selections are rich and they offer various finishes such as a high gloss, satin, or flat. The best finish contrasts with the car and gives a startling look. Make sure your selected spray paint gives a shiny finish which is long-lasting too.


Make your investment more secure by purchasing spray paint that can also paint other car parts. The versatile paint will improve the overall looks by painting different metal accessories and hub caps.

Drying Time

Reduced drying time allows you paint the cars without being bored. Get a spray paint that takes a short drying time. It will save you on the total time taken to paint the rims. You know, you need to dry up each coat before adding the next coat.


Ideal spray paint is rust, corrosion, and weather resistant. All these features make paint durable and ensure the quality color for a long period. A durable paint saves you from the hassle and saves your money as well. Therefore, read some reviews and find out a durable spray paint for your car rims.


It’s good and worth investing in spray paint that is affordable and manufactured by a well-known brand. Paint price can be varied, but do not invest much on a product that is not known.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What Are the Best Practices to Apply Paint Evenly?

The best practices include various techniques to apply spray paint evenly on the surface. Shake the can for 2 minutes before applying. Make sure to hold the can 5 to 9 inches away from the surface. Test on a scrap metal to see if the result is like your expectation. Release the tip after each pass.

Q: How Much Time Does It Require to Paint Rims?

Depending on spray paints and the amount of coats, the time can vary. In general, you will need to ensure 30 minutes gap after every coating. Count how much time you require to apply paint for every coat. Thus, you can calculate the total painting time for the required coats (3, 4, or 5 coats).

Q: Is It Costly to Paint Car Rims at Home?

Painting rims from a service center is really expensive. But if you turn it into a DIY task, then you can save a lot. The total expenses can be below $100 (possibly $400 in service center). And the result will be incredible if you do some research on how to paint car rims at home.

Q: How to Prevent Clog when Applying Spray Paint?

To prevent clog, shift the spray can completely upside down. Now, discharge the gas by pressing the nozzle for 5 to 10 seconds. Doing this on a regular basis can improve the overall paint.

Q: Why Do Air Bubbles Form?

Air bubbles can form on the surface where you are applying paint. Painting in the ideal weather helps you to stop air bubbles. It is better if you can paint at the humidity lower than 85% and between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Also, make sure you are painting in a proper way.

Final Thoughts

That is all you need to know before renovating your old rims. Having a car with high gloss finish wheels is just a pleasure and this can be done by the best spray paint for rims.

All the spray paints above are created particularly and of course, any of them may help you to complete your painting task. Depending on the product’s features and your requirements, you can point out your cardinal item. So, go for what meets your preferences.