Best Swamp Cooler Pads for Fresh Cooler Air

Summer season is near in the sight. Are you prepared?

So, first step could be checking your home cooling system. If you’re using a home swamp cooler (i.e. evaporative cooler), you must need a prior maintenance before the season start. And this maintenance involves changing the cooling pads.

Actually, you can’t experience optimal performance from your cooler unless you use the best cooler pads.

Before you change or order for a new one, you should at least know few things to make a right choice.

Types of Swamp Cooling Pads

Based on the materials used, the cooling pads may be of 3 different types.

  • Aspen Cooler Pads
  • Cellulose Cooler Pads
  • Rigid Media Cooling Pads

1. Aspen Cooler Pads

Aspen pads are made from the fiber of the shaved aspen trees. For that reason, these pads are also referred as wood pads. Aspen pads are designed for standard swamp coolers. These pads absorb water well and offer good cooling capacity. But they have some drawbacks as well.

Positive Sides:

  • These pads are natural and cost effective.
  • Wood cooler pad perform great with its good cooling capacity.
  • These pads absorb water well and spreads clean air with pleasant wood odor.


  • Deteriorate easily and flakes off when deteriorate.

Things to consider:

Replacement time: These pads need to be replaced each year.

Aspen pads lose their effectiveness over time as they absorb water and mineral buildup. Gives off an Aspen woodsy odor through its vent.

2. Cellulose Cooler Pads

This spongy cooler pads are made from cellulose paper and contains synthetic fiber.

This variety is pricier than Aspen pads. As it holds much water inside than wood pads, these pads are preferable for extremely dry weather.

What you will Like

  • These pads don’t deteriorate as easily as aspen pads do.
  • Synthetic pads are easy to size any cooler.
  • These cooler pads are odorless.


  • Because they are synthetic they do not hold or absorb water as aspen pads do.
  • These pads cause rust in the cooler if not maintained well.

Things to consider:

Replacement time: These pads also need to be replaced each year.

Synthetic pads don’t cool the air well as wood cooler pads.

3. Rigid Media Cooler Pads

Rigid Media Cooling pads are made from plastic materials and contain single air inlet. These type of cooler pads are by far the most effective pads to be used.

Positive Sides:

  • Rugged & stable anodized aluminum legs;
  • Durable than other options.
  • Last long and performs well if the cooling pads are maintained properly. Maintenance is easier too.
  • Cools air much effectively than other cooler pads.
  • Wood cooler pad perform great with its good cooling capacity.


  • Much expensive than other type of cooling pads.
  • Spreads electrical smell when first installed.
  • Hard water may reduce cooling.

Things to consider:

Replacement time: Doesn’t required to be replaced every year. Generally last 3-5 years.

These cooling pads are versatile to be sized for any cooler.

Rigid cooler pads absorb water well.

These pads don’t deteriorate.

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