6 Best Tailgate Assist to use for pickup truck

Are you experiencing challenges with the tailgate of your vehicle? Tailgate assist is the best solution for you. It absorbs shock and is

attached directly to the bed and the tailgate. Accordingly, the assist is useful in slowing the downward locomotion of a tailgate. The fact that A freely falling tailgate may not be helpful since it decreases the lifespan of mounting hardware. Therefore, going through our research is essential to find the best tailgate assist for you. We have reviewed the 6 best tools that are suitable for different vehicles. From this, Gorilla-Lift 2-sided Tailgate assist is our

top choice since many consumers have broadly accepted it. The machine is heavy to minimize the opening rate and prevent a sudden drop while the vehicle is moving.

Top 6 Best Tailgate Assist

There are numerous tools available on the market that make it difficult for customers to make the right decision. For that reason, we have spent a lot of hours researching the best device that is not only easily affordable for many customers. Besides the lower price, our reviews focused on things like service delivery and durability as the common factors when buying any tool on the market. Are you still having a problem with making the correct decision? Don’t worry as our guide can direct you. Accordingly, the FAQs can help to solve your dilemma by ensuring that you have picked the right device with fewer regrets. To reduce our customers’ hassle, we have reviewed the

best selections for Tailgate Assist

. 1. Gorilla-Lift 2-Sided Tailgate Lift Assist Features
Product weight: 300lbs
Dimensions: 37.8’’ x 9.4’’ x 2.4’’
Other features: utility trailers, lifting system, and two-sided lift. The Gorilla-Lift 2-sided Tailgate assist is our best choice in the list. It comes with a two-sided lift assist that contains springs for dampening and attachment of a plastic plug, ensuring steady and slow release. Accordingly, the device has a

cable made of robust steel containing powder finished coat that can withstand various weights.
It doesn’t matter whether the side rails are square, round, or angle iron tube, the installation of the machines is secure and can increase the lifespan of the trailer gate assist. Accordingly, the lift is adjustable according to various sizes and weights, thus neutralizing the entire influence of its heavy tailgate and ramps.
The housing of Gorilla- lift provides packaged bolts for simple attachment of the setup. Its process requires drilling the rail that you can use in attaching the housing. Besides, packaged bolts come with sufficient length to connect with either angle irons or tube rails. Moreover, cables for tailgate assist serve as a replacement for common ones that are suitable for vehicles without factory tailgate cables.

• Simple and fast installation
• Very attractive with lifting system enclosed inside a casing.
• Has steady release due to durable steel
• Simple lifting and opening with a single hand.
• Has smooth operation with light and heavy tailgates.

• The rails end lacks plastic caps.
• Only available in selected colors 2. Dee Zee Dz43301 Truck Tailgate AssistFeaturesProduct weight: 1 pound
Dimensions: 22’’ x 5’’ x 5’’
Actual weight: F- 150
Other features: Factory cables, gas shock, and lightweight
The Dee Zee DZ43301 Tailgate Assist is a simple tool that does not require attachment and operation of the whole truck rail. It operates in conjunction with the pickup or truck factory cable without even attaching it on both sides of your vehicle. According to Dee Zee’s recommendations, you are required to fix the device to the driver’s side, which enhances its efficient operation.
Setting up of this machine is very simple since it does not require any drilling. Accordingly, mounting of the device requires simple hand tools since all its hardware comes with the package. Ordering the right tool for your vehicle is necessary as the machine constitutes custom designs for various brands and models.
The operating system is straightforward as the tool utilizes a dampened single gas shock in collaboration with the cable made in the factory. Accordingly, the extended part of released by the gas shock ensures that the gate opens in a regulated drop rate. The installation guide provided by the company contains pictures, detailed information, and tips for easy maintenance and installation of the device.
• Has a gas shock dampener that controls drop rate safely.
• Designed for different Rebel and Ram models.
• Only one assist is useful for each vehicle.
• Has detailed information for installation.
• The installation of the blind nut is complicated 3. Buyers Products EZ Gate Tailgate AssistFeaturesProduct weight: 180pounds
Dimensions: 44’’ x 6.5’’ x 2.82’’
Other features: patent design, mounting hardware, and ant-rattle spring. The 5201000 EZ Tailgate Lift assist is among the best tools from buyers’ products featuring a patent design that helps in minimizing physical strain that occurs due to lifting and lowering trailer gate assist. It also reduces weight pressure to 90% but can operate efficiently with 180lbs of the tailgate. The package of this machine comes with mounting hardware to connect with round tubing or a square easily.
The inclusion of an anti-rattle spring during the manufacturing process of EZ Gate helps to provide quiet operation. Besides, the tool can be useful to many standard open trailers with both round and square tubing due to its high compatibility. Setting up the machine is very simple, given that it does not require drilling for the installation process.
Its simplicity in operation is essential for preventing your truck bed from slamming down. Accordingly, one of the trailer sides of the EZ Gate is left open for equipping racks, and other trailed-mounted accessories. Besides, its construction contains heavy-duty steel covered with black powder for protection against corrosion and wear.

• Has mounting hardware for standard installation
• Operates silently due to anti-rattle spring
• It is free from physical strain due to its

patented design.
• Simple mounting

• Is has challenges with the supplied bolts

4. Rack ‘Em Double Barrel Lift Assist (RA27C)Features

Product weight: 200lbs
Dimensions: 55’’ x 5.8’’ x 3.2’’
Other features: Double spring and a lifetime warranty.

The Double Barrel RA27C is our high quality patented Lift Assist from Rack’em manufactures. Its double design constitutes a chain that is useful in completing the process efficiently. Notably, the most amazing thing about this machine is that operators can use a single finger only to move it upwards and downwards.Accordingly, the double spring design provides additional power to the lift that helps in dealing with massive gates efficiently. It is capable of moving heavy tailgates with less effort due to its stable construction. The tool is capable of reducing the pressure to 200 to 5 lbs but can manage trucks and pickups weighing above 200 pounds. Therefore, our esteemed can choose this product. It is efficient and offers high-quality services.

• It uses a chain to assist in lifting
• Smooth operation since it requires a single finger
• Quality performance due to its patented design
• Suitable for almost all operations due to its efficient design.

• It has insufficient installation instructions

5. Dee Zee DZ43200 Truck Tailgate Assist

FeaturesProduct weight: f-150
Dimensions: 5’’x 22’’ x 5.’’
Other features: single lift assist, factory cables, and gas shock dampener. The Dee Zee DZ43200 is another best device used that fits the famous Ford F150 04-14 vehicles. It is a cheaper tool but deals with the top-quality solution at hand. Accordingly, the f150 tailgate assist comes with a shock absorber enhancing simple operation with the existing factory cable. Users don’t require extra drill holes as they can utilize the holes attached to the factory cable.
The gas shock dampener mechanism uses a single hand to lower the tailgate slowly during opening and closing. The accessory takes off the weight of the tailgate, thus making the gate maneuver with one hand only. Besides, the Dee Zee DZ43200 lift comes with an extended period warranty for top-quality services in

operations. Its installation procedures are straightforward, making the whole process easy both for beginners and experts.

• It is high in quality and useful for tough tasks
• Economical due to the presence of factory drilling holes
• Has a gas shock dampener system for its smooth movement.
• Each vehicle requires only one tailgate lift assist.

• It has durability issues for an extended period of operation.

6. Genuine Ford FL3Z-99406A10


Product weight: F-150
Dimensions: 9.5’’ x 5.5’’ x 3.3’’
Other features: tailgate assembly, strong steel, and lightweight

Are you looking for a tailgate assist in making your most recently bought truck useful? Genuine Ford FL3Z-99406A10 is your best solution. It is highly reliable and offers top-quality services. Accordingly, this machine is among the very few devices that can protect the investments of buyers. Besides, the tool can fit your vehicle perfectly as designed by the original equipment manufacturer. Our research indicates that FL3Z-99406A10 from Genuine Ford is one of the least repaired and returned tailgate shock assembly. Its installation is straightforward and

involves detaching the tailgate and replacing the factory latch with steel given during the transaction process. It also requires the use of the same T-50 bolts and another person to assist in removing the latch. Since the Ford f150 machine comes from the original company, it eliminates worries of fitting and adjustment.

• It has high compatibility with Ford 150 newer models.
• Easy to install due to simple guidelines
• It has a top-class quality since it comes from genuine manufacturers.
• Has a sturdy steel construction for its steadiness
• Its satisfaction rate is high.
• It is durable and lightweight.

• It requires another workforce during installation

Buying Guide For Best Tailgate Assist Purchasing the best tailgate assist lift requires strict consideration of certain factors. Remember, the wrong choice may not only consume your time but can also waste your effort and money. Therefore, it is vital to spend a little moment looking at various factors to help you come up with the right decision. Factors to consider when buying the best tailgate assist. Purpose The product may be different depending on the purpose of utilizing tailgate assist. It is vital to purchase a tailgate assist that operates both as a tailgate and a dampener if your vehicle has no pre-installed cable in your car. In this situation, you require a two-sided tailgate lift to assist in providing the right service.
Our research considers Gorilla-lift 40101042GS as the best tool since its double-sided tailgate lift minimizes the chances of incurring installation expenses. Vehicle models The model of a vehicle is one of the best factors to consider when choosing a tailgate lift assist. You need to ensure that the tailgate assist you are purchasing for the pickup or truck is compatible with the model of your vehicle. Accordingly, you must confirm whether both the model and year are matching to reduce the return burden.
Therefore, DZ43200 and DZ43301Tailgate Assists from Dee Zee are our best selections since the company provides legitimate information on the model each product can fit. OEM Purchasing tailgate assistance from Original equipment manufacturers has more advantages since you don’t need to worry about compatibility and quality issues. Besides preventing you from altering any structure, OEM can replace the product happily in case you experience any challenges. Therefore, Genuine Ford FL3Z-99406A10 is our best product from Genuine OEM since it secures your investment and frees you from the burden of repairing, adjusting and returning the product.

Working principle

The principle of operation defines the amount of work to do the installation of the tailgate assist. There are many types of tailgate assist, depending on your working principle. They include two-sided cable, single gas shock, and single spring shock. Therefore, choosing a device with a double-sided cable such as Double Barrel RA27C is essential since it simplifies the downward and upward movement.


Anti-dust is the next factor to consider when purchasing a tailgate assist. The cover of anti-acid on the assists helps to improve their durability and the duration of service. Therefore the use of aluminium or extreme rod finish is critical in keeping the tools safe from rusting and corrosion. Generally, we selected Buyers Products EZ Gate Tailgate Assist as our best choice since its finishing contains heavy-duty steel coated with a black powder that prevents corrosion.

Frequently asked questions

1. Do I require to buy mounting accessories separately?
It depends on the company since most tools come with mounting accessories. Nevertheless, in case you are uncomfortable working with the devices provided by manufacturers, you can purchase them separately.

2. How can I install top tailgate Assist?
There are many ways of installing a tailgate assist depending on their appliance and types. Do not forget that almost all tools come with manual instruction for installation. For example, if you are installing Gorilla Lift, you need to drill through the top rails, and the tailgate assists cover. Then, use the bolts to attach them securely.

3. Do all tailgate assists come with a ramp?
Not all. The tools with a ramp constitute only those selected from a few manufactures. Otherwise, they can operate without a ramp.

Final word.

Having an excellent tailgating assist is vital to save you from the consistent worry of slamming down the truck bed while maneuvering it. The best tailgate assists protect you from too many hurts and damages of your device. Are you looking for the latest lifting version? Genuine Ford FL3Z-99406A10 is the best option for you. It is a tool from genuine OEM and certified to ensure top quality services. Besides, we urge our esteemed customers to read and understand the above guide for them to make the right decision.