Best Tailgate Nets for Trucks and Pickups

No matter if you are carrying your flat-screen TV or heavy load on the bed of your truck or pickup, you need to get the best tailgate net to ensure it is tied down suitably and not encountering any harm. These tailgate nets, made of sturdy fabric, are durable, elastic, provide strength, and ensure the stuff you are carrying does not meet any unwanted shaking, sliding, or vibration. They are also necessary while transporting those valuable appliances without causing any damage. They are easy to use and efficient, and thus the manufacturing and use of the tailgate nets have been increased exponentially over the last few years. 

Best Tailgate Nets for Trucks and Pickups

You have to be precise while buying a quality tailgate net, especially when the market is packed with so many products. To help you make the best buying decision, we have come up with a thorough and well-researched list. 

1. Grizzly Gear Extra Large Bungee Cargo Net

No matter how heavy a load you have to transport on your truck’s bed, Grizzly Gear Extra Large Bungee Cargo Net is there to offer you a better and sturdy grip over the stuff to avoid damage and sliding. Its 28 Nylon Hooks are sturdy enough to provide superior tensile strength. This extra-large bungee cargo net is weather-proof, gets fit on any trailer or truck, and does not cause any scratch. 

 Grizzly Gear Extra Large Bungee Cargo Net is strong, made of highly durable material, and can be your ultimate companion while transporting heavy and sensitive stuff. 

Highlighted Benefits

  • Made of heavy-duty PVC, Polyester, and Nylon to withstand heavy loads
  • Easy to install, stretchable for large vehicles, and gets fit on small or moderate-sized transports.
  • Nylon-made rubber bungee mesh provides flexibility and makes it weather-proof
  • Easy to roll-up and hook it for convenient storage
  • Stainless-steel made mounting gears are corrosion-free and ensure endurance


  • Some customers have complained over the thin fabric
  • The holes can make the small items to slide off. 

Bottom Line

Due to the heavy-duty fabric and hooking gears, Grizzly Gear Extra Large Bungee Cargo Net is the top-pick product on our list. It is enduring, high-quality, and offers you excellent features and safety of the products you are transporting without breaking your bank!

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2. Heininger HitchMate NetWerks Cargo Bag Full Size

If you are looking for a truck net for commercial or causal needs, Heininger HitchMate NetWerks Cargo Bag can be your pick. No matter if you need to carry groceries, small equipment, or sports gear on the bed of your truck, this cargo bag can transport them very conveniently. Thus, now you do need those large cargo boxes to carry your stuff while traveling. 

Heininger HitchMate NetWerks Cargo Bag is durable, water-proof, and your day-to-day life companion for easy transportation. 

Highlighted Benefits

  • Made of heavy-duty Nylon that is durable and lasts for long
  • It comes with innovative and handy fasteners to safeguard the cargo
  • Features ‘End Truckbed Clutter’ for easy and prompt security of the load
  • The Nylon fabric is weather-proof, does not contract, and convenient to use in any weather condition
  • Easy to fix and store below the seat
  • It fits most of the cargo bars out there


  • Some customers have complained that the size is not sufficient to carry an expected amount of stuff
  • Some customers have complained over the design of the bag

Bottom Line

Heininger HitchMate NetWerks Cargo Bag is another leading pick on our list because of its usability and excellent features. Though it may sit on the floor of the truck’s bed when you put a lot of stuff in it, Heininger HitchMate NetWerks Cargo Bag is handy, comes at an affordable rate, and a perfect pick for your daily use, irrespective of the size of the vehicle.

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3. Zento Deals Black Mesh Storage Net 

Zento Deals Black Mesh Storage Net is another handy and convenient pickup net to use for daily traveling. It features a mesh three-pocket organizer characteristic to carry your everyday stuff. This storage net secures them and ensures the back is well-organized and jumble-free with its three-pocket design. 

Do not worry about thinking about whether it will fit your vehicle or not. Though the fabric is not a ‘wow factor,’ Zento Deals Black Mesh Storage Net is stretchable from 44″ to 55″ and adjustable in length and width to make it a perfect fit for any vehicle. 

Highlighted Benefits

  • Secures the stuff and keeps them well-organized with the three-pocket feature
  • Great for securing the trunk and carrying the groceries, sports equipment, etc.
  • It is highly adjustable to fit any vehicle
  • It comes with corrosion-proof mounting gears 
  • The heavy-duty material is durable and can serve for long


  • It is not made of high-quality fabric

Bottom Line

Zento Deals Black Mesh Storage Net is sturdy and keeps the trunk of your vehicle clutter-free. If carrying the stuff in a well-organized manner is your top-most priority, we recommend this tailgate net for its flexibility, affordability, and most significantly, the three-pocket feature. 

4. Covercraft – PN003 ProNet

If you want a premium quality net specially designed for your mini truck, Covercraft – PN003 ProNet can be your ultimate preference. Covercraft has been one of the leading companies selling quality tailgate nets for many years and has gained trust among the customers. Like the other Covercraft products, PN003 is made of high-quality and heavy-duty materials to ensure it lasts longer and can withhold the heavy load you need to transport. It is an industry-grade product that will surely enhance your travel and stuff-carrying experience. It comes in three different colors. So you get the choice to pick the best one suitable for your cherished mini truck. 

Covercraft – PN003 ProNet is a sturdy tailgate that features excellent functionality and comes within your budget. Do not forget to examine if it fits your truck as some have complained it to be bigger than their mini trucks. 

Highlighted Benefits

  • It is carefully crafted and manufactured to boost the mileage for your mini truck
  • Its four-hole design ensures the installation is flat and not saggy
  • The stainless steel-made mounting gears are rust-proof and weather-resistant
  • It is made of 22-ounce heavy-duty material that is water-proof and durable
  • The quick-release fasteners ensure you can install it easily


  • There is no feature for wind reduction
  • The installation may seem harder for non-mechanical people

Bottom Line

Covercraft PN003 ProNet is a quality product and a suitable pick if you have a mini truck and need to transport heavy loads. Its sophisticated features, sag-free, flat, and convenient installation process have made us recommend it for your mini-vehicle. 

5. Covercraft PN322 ProNet

Covercraft PN322 ProNet is another high-quality tailgate net for your truck or pickup. It is a superior-quality tailgate net that comes in three different designs to be compatible with your mini, full or mid-sized truck. The heavy-duty, sturdy fabric and stainless steel-made mounting gears ensure it can easily withhold the weight you are putting on it. Like other Covercraft products, Covercraft PN322 ProNet also features multiple color options to suit your preference. 

Highlighted Benefits

  • This tailgate net features a premium quality design specified for improving the mileage for the mini-vehicle
  • It provides a non-saggy and even installation with its uniform tensioning pattern
  • It is easy-to-install and gets access to the truck’s bed promptly because of the release snaps.
  • Sturdy fabric and stainless steel-made mounting bolts ensure withholding the heavy pressure. 


  • Some customers have complained that it does not fit full-size trucks
  • some have complained over its durability

Bottom Line

Covercraft PN322 ProNet is, no doubt, a quality product that comes with excellent features and durability to offer you a seamless experience. While buying, ensure it matches the size of your truck.

Things to Consider Before Buying Tailgate Nets

Do not forget to keep some significant factors in mind while roaming around the market for purchasing a quality tailgate net. To make your buying process seamless and hassle-free, we are offering here some points to consider:


You would never want to spend your hard-earned money on a low-grade product. The sturdier the material is, the longer the tailgate net can last. A tailgate net made of heavy-duty fabric is durable and can withstand heavy load. You can also go with PVC, polyester, or nylon nets for extended service life. 

The materials of the hooks are another significant factor to consider. Buying a tailgate net that comes with stainless steel mounting hooks is a wise choice. 


Buying a tailgate net that meets your preference is another top priority. You can buy one that gets installed on the top or back of the bed of your pickup, SUV, or truck. Some nets offer top-covering and ensure the products are not drifting away. 

Weather Protection

If you are concerned about the weather while traveling, you can go with a tailgate net that features a built-in tarp. Again, make sure you buy a weather-proof one, meaning that it will dry up promptly if it gets wet, offers wind reduction, etc. 


Make sure the tailgate net you are buying comes with the mounting gears. It is again a very significant point to examine as a mounted net gets fastened rigidly. 

Expansion Features

Do you need to transport a lot of loads on the bed of your truck? You need a tailgate net that features flexibility. It is a smart feature that makes the net fit various sized trucks, SUVs, or pickups. So, always go with a tailgate net that is expandable in both depth and height. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To offer you in-depth knowledge about tailgate nets, we are gathering here the frequently asked questions. 

Q: Can a tailgate net minimize fuel cost?

A: Yes, using a tailgate net can significantly reduce your fuel cost. It allows the air circulation and thus does not let the air to create a drag when you are driving. As a result, you will need less fuel and save on the fuel cost. 

Q: Are tailgate nets easy to install?

A: Tailgate nets are pretty easy and straightforward to set up. They come with the essential mounting gears and do not require an expert to set them up. 

Q: Do tailgate nets get affected by heavy rain? 

A: Most of the tailgate nets feature heavy-duty materials like PVC, polyester, fabric that has no impact of heavy rain on them. They get dry up within no time, are high-quality products, and the stainless steel-made mounting bolts are rust-proof. So they can last for longer without getting damaged. 

Q: How to hold heavy loads on a truck or pickup?

A: While carrying heavy loads on the back of your truck or pickup, you must use a sturdy tailgate net to keep them secure and offer strength. Besides it, if you have a too heavy load, make sure you tie them well with strong straps to ensure they get fastened securely and will not slide off. 

Q: Do tailgate nets come with a warranty? 

Yes, some renowned brands offer a warranty with their tailgate nets. Most of the products we have suggested in our list are durable, exhibit excellent endurance, and offer a warranty. 

Final Words

Buying the best tailgate net is a wise pick if you want to make your vehicle more functional and cost-effective by minimizing the fuel-cost and increasing the mileage. The suggestions we have presented on the above list are well-researched and will be a milestone in picking the best product. 

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