Can you use purified water in a humidifier?

We use a humidifier for adding moisture to the air that helps us in breathing properly. Humidifiers make our life healthier by getting rid of a stuffy nose, dry skin and make it easier in breathing when we have a cold or fever. They are quite cheap, compact, and useful.

It is always recommended to use clean water in a humidifier so that you can get germ-free and fresh moisture. Moreover, fewer minerals will build-up in the machine if you use clean water.

But the question is can you use purified water in a humidifier? Yes, you can use purified water but you will need to consider a few things. Read the whole guide and know the details.

What Type of Water Should Be Used in Humidifier?

Normally, it is recommended to use distilled water in the humidifier as the water doesn’t contain any chemicals or minerals. The water is boiled to remove the minerals. So, as a result, the humidifier will disperse only fresh and clean moisture when you use distilled water.

Another benefit of using distilled water is there will be less mineral build-up in the humidifier, so you won’t have to clean the humidifier daily.

The other type of water that can be used is purified water. The water is processed to remove chemicals or other impurities. You can use this water in the humidifier, but purified water is less safe than distilled water.

Even though there are no chemicals in purified water, but there are minerals like salts, a few traces of chlorine, lead, calcium, and other minerals in it. These minerals will disperse with the moisture in the air, which might not be healthy for you. Plus, the minerals will be accumulated in the machine that might cause bacterial-growth.

But not all purified water comes with minerals in it. The number of minerals might be less in some purified water, so you have to check and decide. Filter water is another type of water, but it is less safe than both distilled and purified water.

Is Filtered Water and Purified Water Same?

No, filtered water and purified water are not the same. Both the water are filtered, but the steps of filtering are quite different.

Filtered water, also known as bottled water, is filtered by running the water through carbon filters to alleviate chlorine. After filtering water, it is ozonated and then bottled for shipping to markets.

On the other hand, purified water goes through many filtering processes, more than filtered water.  The water goes through the reverse osmosis and deionization filtering process, which makes the water purer than filtered water.

The filtering process of filtered water is quite minimal compare to the filtering process of pure water. So, they are not the same and among these two types of water, pure water will be a safe choice to use in a humidifier.

Can I Substitute Distilled Water with Purified Water?

The water which is boiled to collect the steam and condense it back to water is called distilled water. This process leaves the distilled water with no minerals or chemicals. Whereas, the filtration process of purified water is quite different. So, it might contain few amounts of minerals.

The minerals might cause allergy or other skin problems when dispersed in the air. Moreover, these minerals may accumulate in the humidifier, which can cause bacterial or mold build-up.

But if you don’t face any issue while using pure water or don’t have a problem cleaning the humidifier frequently, then you can use purified water instead of distilled water.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I clean the humidifier?

It will depend on how clean the humidifier is. If the humidifier becomes contaminated with minerals quite often, then clean it once every week, otherwise, you can clean it twice a month.

2. Can I use vinegar in the humidifier?

You can add ¼ cup of vinegar with clean water in the water tank and run the humidifier for an hour. This will prevent bacterial growth or mineral deposit in the humidifier and will keep it clean. Try to do this twice a week.

3. Which water is best to use in a humidifier?

Distilled water is best for use in the humidifier as it does not contain any minerals like salt, chlorine, and also is chemical-free. It is 100% pure, which is why distilled water is the best for use in a humidifier.

So, Can You Use Purified Water in A Humidifier?

Humidifiers are quite beneficial as they improve our breath and make the environment healthy for us by alleviating dryness. To get the best results from a humidifier, you need to use clean water. Even though distilled water is best to use in a humidifier, you can also use purified water in it.

After distilled water, purified water is the safest water. If you don’t have any issue cleaning the humidifier frequently, then you can use purified water in a humidifier. I hope this guide has answered your question about whether can you use purified water in a humidifier.

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