Cuisinart Ceramic Cookware Reviews: 59-10R Elements 10-Piece Set

In the modern era, people have switched to non-stick ceramic cookware for healthy and oil free cooking. With more and more environmental concerns, technology has molded itself and has come up with innovative techniques of producing these nonstick pans that does not impact the environment and humans. Many companies have come up with such cookware to deal with the towering demand of health conscious customers.

Cuisinart is one such revolutionary brand recognized for its innovation and sustainable solutions for its target audience. Cuisinart has been acknowledged for bringing food processor as a comprehensive kitchen item that dates back to 1970’s in the United States. Later it expanded its product offerings providing stylish and efficient cookware, blenders and mixers, bakeware, glassware, beverage makers amongst other categories.

With its diverse set of cookware, it brings a collection of all the required cookware pieces in a single package in “Elements Cookware 10-Piece Set”. Let’s have a look at a few of this Cuisinart ceramic cookware reviews.

Cuisinart Ceramic Cookware Reviews: 59-10R

This Cuisinart Ceramic Cookware 10 Piece Set Includes:

3 Qt. Sauté Pan with aided handle and lid, 1½ Qt. Sauce pan with lid, 2½ Qt. Saucepan with lid, 8 Qt. Stockpot with lid, 3 Qt. Sauté Pan with aided handle and lid, 8″ Skillet, and a 10″ Skillet.

Key Features:

  • PTFE/PFOA free and petroleum-free
  • Equipped with Silicone handle for easy grip
  • Can be operated till 350 degrees in microwaves and ovens
  • Tempered Glass Cover
  • Safe even for dishwashers.

Pros of This Cuisinart Cookware Set

Fulfills multiple needs

It caters to all the cooking needs with the entire Cuisinart cookware set 10 piece set and enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen. Due to its enhanced aesthetics it can be used for serving too, like dinner serving bowls in a dinner set. Along with it, its excellent thermal conductivity to heat and thus high temperatures, makes it usable for prolonged cooking on gas, microwaves and ovens as it is resistant till 350 degrees of operation.


Due to its smooth coatings, Cuisinart ceramic cookware set is very easy to wash and gets cleaned instantly. Its light weight and rust resistance, makes it easy to manage and maintain the cookware and use it whenever and wherever you want. Due to its silicon handle it can be held comfortably for a longer time with an easy grip.

Healthy coatings

This cookware is free from PTFE/PFOA and petroleum coatings that were earlier used on nonstick cookware and had been detected to be the cause behind cancer development.

High strength

Its cover of tempered glass increases the strength of the complete vessel and protects it against heat and pressure as compared to normal glass. It can also be conveniently used in dishwashers without any scratch or crack on it.

Cons Of This Cuisinart Cookware Set

Used with restricted types of item

Such nonstick items come with protective coatings that inhibit sticking of food. But to keep it free from scratches on its surface, it should be used only with plastics or wooden materials.

Excess usage leads to reduction in longevity

Unlike steel utensils and cookware that long for ages, protective coatings ofnonstick cookware like this chip out gradually and then they start releasing harmful chemicals when used for cooking due to heat.

Final Words

This combined set of complete cookware gives you a convenient way of fulfilling your kitchen utilities, instead of buying them individually. With its multipurpose utility, ease and handy properties, it has been purchased and re-purchased by majority of its customers. Along with easy utility it also offers trouble free cleaning and maintenance that simplifies customer’s life to a great extent.

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