Cuisinart DLC 10 Plus Food Processor Review

Cuisinart DLC 10 Plus Classic Food Processor chops, dices, mixes, kneads dough, slices, shreds and grates everything from hard cheeses to the juiciest fruits and vegetables.

Uses of Cuisinart DLC 10 Plus

There aren't too many food-prep tasks that can't be done with this machine. You can slice, shred, grate and julienne; knead bread dough; and mix and chop with just the press of a lever. Granted, to do some of that, you'll have to buy accessories separately (such as a disc for fine grating), but there are two stainless-steel discs and two blades (one metal, one plastic) included, and that may be all you need.

Features of Cuisinart DLC 10 Plus

Cuisinart DLC 10 Plus

This Cuisinart has a rectangular base and firm footing. Inside, there's a 600-watt motor, on the high end of the power range for this price. Oster makes a comparably priced processor with a 10-cup capacity, but a 500-watt motor (Model 3212). The body is uncomplicated, with just one large rocker switch: Press it down to pulse, press up for constant power. The center position is "off." Though it seems overly simple, "pulse" and "on" are the only controls you'll need, whether you're using the feed tube or just processing food in the seven-cup work bowl. The bowl itself doesn't really hold seven cups; its true capacity is closer to two or three, but the labeling is standard across the industry, so you really are comparing apples to apples in terms of size. The Lexan bowl stands up to heat and cold and less-than-careful handling, and it cleans up easily in the dishwasher.

Cuisinart includes a stainless-steel medium (4 mm) slicing disc, a stainless-steel shredding disc, a chopping/mixing blade and a plastic blade for bread dough. The slicing disc is perfect for stir-fry vegetables, cheese, potatoes, cucumbers and other salad ingredients; the shredding disc handles potatoes for hash browns, carrots for salads, cabbage for coleslaw and cheese for just about anything.

The stainless-steel S-shaped chopping/mixing blade takes over the tedious task of dicing like a pro; toss a couple of tomatoes, half an onion, a squeeze of lime juice and a sprig or two of cilantro in the work bowl, pulse just a couple of times and enjoy salsa. It's that easy. The dough blade operates the same way, but with constant power instead of the pulsing, and it takes the work out of kneading.

There's also a contoured spatula that's great for scraping the bowl sides, a user guide, recipes and a 30-minute videotape that explains how to use and care for the food processor.

If those accessories aren't enough, you can buy more, including discs for julienne cuts, fine grating and thick slices. Cuisinart also makes a storage case that holds the chopping and dough blades, the detachable disc stem and three more cutting discs.


Paired with its powerful motor is the neat capability of this processor to handle whole fruits and vegetables as well as one or two carrots at a time. The large feed tube is 4.5 inches by nearly 3 inches, big enough for whole potatoes or a dozen carrots at once. But even better is the flexibility to slip the inner feed tube into place, enabling you to easily prepare just a few stalks of celery. Cuisinart's warranty is great, too: five years on the motor, three years on the entire unit.


If there is a down side to this machine, it's the weight and size. If cabinet space is tight, you might be in a bind for storing it. But if you use it frequently, perhaps it will stay on a square foot of counter space.

All the parts are dishwasher safe except the base, of course, and the white plastic does need a good wiping to stay pretty, especially if you drip just-made cranberry sauce on it. The faster you tend to the spill, the less likely your machine will stain.

There's a learning curve, albeit a short one, involved in using this machine, but the video makes everything clear. The trickiest part may be getting used to the plastic mechanism on the food pusher that has to lock in before the motor will start.

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