Farberware Air Fryer Reviews – Healthy, Oil-less frying

Nowadays everyone is worried about health. Dieting for some day, cutting down on fried foods for someday, only to start eating those delicious foods again. We don’t blame you. It’s not easy to stop eating fried food altogether, because we have been addicted to it from a very early age. In this post- Farberware Air Fryer Reviews, we will feature a great air fryer which will make your frying job easier and healthier.

There is a way, and that is using an Airfryer. Airfryer is a relatively new concept in the field of cooking and kitchen appliances. But they are extremely beneficial for health. There are plenty of Airfryer in the market and Farberware Airfryer is one of the superior items in the market. But even the best products have their cons, so in this article, we are going to write about this product in detail, both its pros and cons.

Farberware Multi-Functional Air Fryer reviews

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Features of Farberware Multi-Functional Air Fryer

Farberware is one of the most trusted brands for kitchen appliances for some reason. They do not compromise in their quality and keep on researching for the new invention. When it comes to Airfryer, they built one of the most budget-friendly and reliable products on the market. You can use their multifunctional Airfryer not just for frying but for baking, grilling and roasting too. This versatility is what inspired us to review this product.

Time-saving cooking

It is also super easy to use and takes less time to cook foods than most Airfryer. The timer makes sure your food is in good shape.

Oder less

Another powerful invention they made is making it completely odorless while cooking, so you surely won’t have to be embarrassed in front of your guest.

Compact Design

Because of its small size of this Airfryer does not take that much space in your kitchen, and leaves room for other appliances. You can move it around very easily thanks to its average size.

Healthy, Oil free cooking

Then comes the basic principle behind Airfryer, use less oil. And, unlike many in the market, Farberware Airfryer does not trade the real taste of fried food. You can also cook meats, roasted potatoes, vegetables and much more! Even without soaking your food in the oil altogether, you will get almost the same taste in your food, plus an extra aroma that will make you crave more.

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Why users like Farberware Multi-Functional Air Fryer


The sheer range of foods that this Airfryer can cook, made it more than just a fryer. It is almost a full-fledged oven. Frying, roasting, grilling or reheating foods, their Airfryer can do it all. So you will depend on this more than you might think.

Ease of Use

Just add your foods into the fryer, set timer and do your chores. It will remind you of a ding when the cooking is done. It’s as simple as that. Fast and soundless. Farberware Multi-functional Airfryer will impress you for sure.

Easy to Clean

You can also clean this easily. Just take out the food basket, and left it in the soaking in soapy water. And after it is clean, putting it back is even easier!

No Mess, No Odor

This is one of the most advanced Airfryer on the market, and it will do just what it promises to do. It creates no mess after one or two cooks. So don’t get surprised, if you don’t find any mess and grease as new even after making your daily dose of French fries. Another thing that will make you happy, is its odor free technology. This thing ticks all the boxes of what a perfect Airfryer should be.

What users like about Farberware Multi-Functional Air Fryer

Basket isn't great

Warranty for the basket is less than the fryer itself, and it was one of the reasons for disappointment for us because the Basket’s coating gets away really quick. You may have to spend some extra bucks to replace that sooner than you would have expected.

Basket isn't great

There are very few negatives to tell about this Fryer. At this price, you hardly get to complain! But like everything else, this too has its downsides. The Fryer has a mechanical timer which occasionally stops and that results in cooking for a longer period of time than your entered time. Use of Digital Timer would solve the issue for sure. But as per its price, we found it okay.

Wrapping Up

Farberware is no new name. The reason for the sheer trust it gets from its customers is that it keeps its promises. Farberware’s Airfyer too was up to the mark. While the features and build quality is above-par, they did well to keep the price down to one of the lowest. If you buying your first Airfryer, this might be the best one to start with.

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