How to Handle Garden Fence Repairs

Your garden fence is vulnerable to rotting, particularly with the winter weather. Wind, rain and snow – all contribute at its best to destory your fence. Posts that are not properly treated can rot away at ground level. The bottom rails and the base of screens can suffer, too. When you examine your fence carefully you may find the need to repair or replace!

If a rail has pulled loose from a post you may be able to save it. If you are unable to mend any breaks it will be worth replacing the whole rail. Before you start on your repairs you should wet the damaged areas completely with a wood preservative. This will keep the rot from spreading any further. If you do have to replace the entire rail then you will need to dismantle that part of the fence and rebuild it. And garden fence repairs must take some sincere and tricky efforts.

Fence screening can be replaced quite simply if it is rotten. Remove the broken pieces by hammering them and prying them away from the rails. Pull out any nails. Set the new board against the rails and nail it firmly into place. Paint any new pieces to match the rest of the fence.

If the fence post is rotted or broken you may be able to repair it with splints. If you have to replace the entire post then you should set a new concrete base to stake the post. Use pressure-treated wood and bolt everything together with galvanized bolts.  To make the staking permanent you should dig out around the post and stir in pre-mixed concrete. At the top of the hole mould the concrete around the base to allow water to run off.

If your gate won’t close properly you should check the hinges. If they are bent they need replacing with a heavier type. Use galvanized steel bolts and nails for extra durability. With a slightly sagging gate, you may be able to straighten it up by adding a thin wedge of wood under the bottom hinge. Your gate may sag because the weight has pulled it out of alignment with the fence. Driving screws into the upper corner of the hinge side and the lower corner of the gate side may cure this.

If you decide that your fence is beyond repair you may want to consider the choice of replacement. Options include chain-link fencing which is an economical way to enclose the area. It comes in rolls up to six feet high with prefabricated gates. Welded wire fencing is strong and durable and is available with a vinyl coating. Hex netting is a lighter inexpensive option. It is made with galvanized wire which makes it easy to handle and is also weather resistant.

If you cannot find the time or the inclination to mend your fences than you should call in a handyman professional who will have the time, knowledge and the skills to complete the tasks for you.

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