how to clean humidifier filter

How to clean humidifier filter?

Humidifier is a great appliance that increases the moisture in our rooms and prevents nose bleeds, throat dryness, sinus, and other skin problems. During winter, we tend to use it much more due to the decrease in the humidity level.

As a result, several bacteria, germs, and molds start to grow on the internal parts of the humidifier, especially the filter if not cleaned from time to time. This can pollute the air even more and increase the number of diseases.

So, it is important to keep the filter clean to get fresh and germ-free moisture. To maximize its efficiency, you should know how to clean humidifier filter. So, we have come up with detailed and easy steps on how to clean it.

Remember: The cleaning process also depends on the material of the filter. Paper filters should not be cleaned in this process as they may become damaged. If the paper filter becomes too contaminated, then you should throw them and purchase new ones.

Only plastic filters and other thick water-resistant filters can be cleaned in this process to remove the bacteria and molds. Make sure to read the humidifier’s user manual before cleaning a filter.

Process of How to Clean a Humidifier Filter

If the filter is lightly contaminated, then it is recommended to only rinse it. These are the steps to follow:

Disconnect the Humidifier: Before taking out the filter, make sure your humidifier is turned off and is unplugged. Since you are going to touch some wet parts, it is better to unplug it to prevent any accident.

Empty the tank: Now disassemble the tank from the humidifier and drain the water inside it in a nearby sink.

Remove the filter: After emptying the tank, take out the filter from inside the humidifier carefully. Check whether the filter is excessively contaminated or has some mild dust. In case it is less contaminated, then go to the next step.

Rinse with water: Now take the filter to the sink and place it under the running water. The water should be clean and cool. Then take a soft brush and gently scrub the filter to remove the debris. Don’t put much pressure on it while scrubbing.

Allow to dry: After rinsing the filter, place it on a clean absorbent towel and let it dry for 1-2 hours. Do not use a hairdryer for drying it, as it may damage the filter. Always air dry the filter.

Steps on How to Clean Humidifier Filter with Vinegar

When the filter is filled with excess dirt or mold and bacteria build-up, then it is recommended to deep-clean it with vinegarFollow these steps to clean the filter with vinegar.

1. Fill the bucket with hot water: Fill the bucket with enough water to fully submerge the filter. Make sure to use hot or warm water to clean the filter.

2. Add vinegar: For two parts of water, add one part of vinegar to it. Mix them properly with your hand. This solution is quite excellent for sanitizing and removing unwanted debris from the filter effectively.

3. Put the filter in the vinegar mixture: Now fully immerse the filter in the vinegar solution and allow it to soak for 30 minutes or an hour. The vinegar will help in removing the stuck-on contaminants slowly from the filter.

4. Take out the filter and rinse it: Take the filter out from the solution after 30-40 minutes and rinse it with clean water thoroughly. Make sure to rinse every portion of the filter. After rinsing it, check whether it is completely cleaned or not, if there is any dirt remaining, then rinse it again.

Let it dry: After properly rinsing the filter, shake it a little, and keep it aside for drying. Don’t squeeze it.

Steps on How to Clean Humidifier Filter without Vinegar

If you don’t want to use vinegar, then you can clean the filter with bleach. Read the following steps on how to clean the humidifier filter with bleach.

1. Fill the bucket with lukewarm water: First, take a high concentration of lukewarm water in a bucket or container. While using bleach for cleaning, the concentration of water should be higher since bleach is quite powerful. Do not use warm or hot water while using bleach.

2. Add bleach: Now create the bleach and water solution. Add one part of bleach to six parts of water and mix it properly. Make sure to wear gloves and avoid touching the bleach solution with bare skin.

3. Submerge the filter in the solution: Next, take the dirty filter and completely soak it in the bleach solution for about 8-10 minutes. You don’t need to scrub the filter with a brush since bleach contains effective and strong cleaning properties. The tank of the humidifier can be cleaned with bleach too.

4. Rinse it with water: Lastly, take out the filter from the solution and carefully rinse it with clean and warm water. Make sure to clean every part of the filter with warm water so that no debris or bleach remains. Then keep it aside for air drying and place it in the humidifier when it completely dries off.

Suggestions on Cleaning Humidifier Filter

  • It is best to check the cleaning tips contained in the user manual for more effective cleaning of the filter.
  • Use a reuseable filter rather than a disposable one, as they can be easily cleaned and helps in saving your money.
  • Make sure to clean the filter, tank, and the base of the humidifier frequently, at least twice in a month to prevent any bacteria build-up.
  • The outer parts of the humidifier can be cleaned with baking soda and water mixture.

Wrapping It Up

If you regularly use a humidifier, then you should know how to clean the filter for better performance. When the humidifier is clean, it only disperses germ-free and fresh air, which improves our breathing and makes the environment comfortable.

I hope this detailed guide has helped you immensely in learning how to clean humidifier filter in the proper way.