Kamenstein Salt and Pepper Grinder Reviews

This dual grinder would not restack after the last fill and must be used separately - not a good user experience. It also still is harder on the hand to operate. Rating has been downgraded.

Where most salt and pepper grinders are single purpose units, the Kamenstein design is rather unique and has a place for both of these food enhancers. The result is a dual-function grinder that takes less room on the table or to store.

It also looks very nice on the table and comes preloaded with salt crystals and peppercorns.

Kamenstein Salt and Pepper Grinder Reviews

Product Description:

KamensteinĀ® Salt & Pepper Dual Function Grinder Model 8015

  • One-handed operation
  • Dual function grinder
  • Adjustable corrosion-free grinders
  • Two grind options: Coarse and fine
  • Refillable, has a rubber plug closure
  • Contents of coarse peppercorns and sea salt included
  • Twist both sides to disconnect and open
  • Retails for less than $20

How it Performed:

While I love the concept, contemporary look and size of this dual-function grinder, it does have its downfall. The unit comes fully loaded with peppercorns and gourmet (pink) sea salt - so it's ready to use and it can be refilled though the access is small.

To use this grinder, you simply flip it over to your preferred end - salt or pepper, since it's designed somewhat like an hourglass. To grind, you need to grasp and squeeze the black lever, but it requires a strong hand for this grinding operation.

For this reason, it might not be suitable for those with problem hands.

On the other hand, some may not be concerned about this at all. I've used several grinders over the years and this one has a much stiffer or harder grinding action than most.

As for looks, it's pretty stylish and can certainly be a conversation booster at the dinner table and everyone will be anxious to try it out. It also looks and feels quality-made with corrosion-free grinders - a must in a humid climate.

I thought it would be ideal for tabletop use when dinning in the porch, but note that though this is a closed design, humidity still does transfer to the salt within this grinder. I'm not sorry to have purchased this item and do enjoy using it, but I'm not sure if I would buy another, simply because I find it hard to operate.

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