Sani Sticks Review

Are you getting worried about the ever-increasing clog in your sink? You better be. Because these are known to be a perfect harvesting place for grim dirt and bacteria. These are the culprit which cause the nasty odors in the sink. But when it comes to the cleaning of this clog, they go for just an equally bad option. They will often pick the chemical cleaner you will find in any supermarket rows. These chemicals It is a pity that most people never really try out the organic drain cleaners like the Sani Sticks. Sani sticks Sani stick is an excellent sanitation kit to keep your sink, basins, and bathtubs odor-free. Want to know more about this unique enzyme based sink cleaner? Hop in with our Sani sticks review, which will let you know precisely why you need to buy it right now!

What are Sani sticks?

Sani stick is a 100% organic drain cleaner, which comes in the form of scented sticks. It dissolves any hideous clogs you might have it there in your kitchen sink. Also, it does not only help you with the declogging, but it also helps to mask the nasty smell too. It eliminates and prevents the kitchen sink from forming of new bacteria and grease. Are you irritated by odors, grease, and stinky sink and basins in your household? So to getting embarrassed before people frequently, the Sani sticks should be your first choice. It is a great and very useful solution to prevent clogging. It prevents the building up of greases and also dissolves other stuck pieces like food and vegetable waste you leave during the cooking. It is also reported to dissolve hairs as well.

How do The Sani sticks works?

To understand How does Sani sticks works, you need to know how does enzyme based cleaners like Sani stick works and underlying principles behind it. So what are the Enzymes, and why they are so special? Well, enzymes are known to be microorganisms in a cell or a particular place. They help to aid the breaking down of the process of food and other stuff that happens inside the body. But we are not cleaning inside our body here, are we? The point here is as the enzymes are so good a speeding up any biological process that involves breaking down and dissolving, the enzyme-based cleaner is used for their effectiveness against the bacteria that forms in the kitchen sink. Not all of the enzymes can do this, though, and this is why only some particular enzyme derived from specific molecular culture fits for it. These enzymes are used in the Sani sticks, as well. It is why it is so good at dissolving the nasty odor that hangs around the sink.

Sani sticks features

It uses very safe enzymes to break down the bacteria.

As we have already discussed, not all enzymes are cut for doing cleaning and fight the bacteria that are in your kitchen sink. But there is more to that. Some of the enzymes are downright toxic and not safe to be used anywhere in the human household. But luckily for us, the Sani stick manufacturers use a 100% safe variant of enzymes. The origin of their enzymes is highly classified but very useful to use nonetheless.

It is economical than calling a plumber

The most common thing anyone would do in the entire plumbing system in your house has gone into being quite difficult to clean? You will call out a plumber, which will cost a great deal of money. Your entire plumbing system may need a few days total lockdown of the house as the plumber’s work will require that. But why waste money where you can do the same and even get a better result? Just get a whole pack of Sani stick, and it will do the rest for you

It is eco-friendly.

The Sani stick is made of entirely organic material. Unlike so many artificial cleaners, you might find out there. These will do the work for you, but if you are environment conscious, you know much adverse effect they have on nature. So if you are using the Sani stick, you are not only making an excellent decision for your kitchen, you are also contributing to the mother earth well-being by selecting an eco-friendly sink cleaner

Comes into different colors and scent

The best thing about using the Sani sticks? The varieties of the different scent it comes with, which include lavender, lemon, and also the unscented one as well. You can choose any of them to keep a fresh and homely kitchen which does not give out any bad experience to your family member or the guest either.

How to use Sani sticks?

As you know by now, the Sani sticks are an organic stick that will dissolve itself over time once you leave it into the drain or the sink. Using the method of san stick is very simple. Get a single stick or a few if you need to unclog multiple sinks, push it on the sink or tub, and leave it there to let it do its work. To watch how it is working or will be giving any effective results at all, you have to wait for an hour or more. The waiting length can be extended to even a day. It will be depending on how much dirt is clogging down there in your sink. But if it’s decently clogged and has a moderate amount of trash, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours to see its effect.

How long will the Sani sticks last?

One-piece Sani stick will last for a month. So if you get a complete packet of Sani stick, it is enough to handle your cleaning business up for quite a few months to come.

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Final Words

We have covered the reason in this Sani sticks review, and we think Sani sticks might be the best sink cleaner out there. It is likely to last quite a few months. Also, it will cost you only 14 bucks, which makes it very economical for the helpful cleaning and excellent fresh odor it provides for the kitchen.

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