Why You Should Choose Japanese Kitchen Knives Over Other Knives?

The right tools in the kitchen can make your work much easier and better than if you have to scrounge around for something that might make do or if you have dull tools to work with such as your knives. Many chefs love to buy Japanese kitchen knives for their work in order to have the best tools in the business to get the job done just right. When you choose to work with the best Japanese kitchen knives you are making the decision to have the tools you deem to be appropriate for your kitchen use.

Why are Japanese kitchen knives considered to be the best?

These knives are typically made of harder steel than the German or French knives. Hardness is important in keeping a blade and having it is sharp for continued use. Japanese knives are also sharpened in a different way than the European style knives. These knives are typically sharpened more on one side of the blade than the others to provide a more precise cut. The handle of the Japanese knives also gives you more control than others to make some smaller cuts easier to accomplish in a way that is perfect for your overall kitchen enjoyment.

Different kinds of knives you might consider when you buy Japanese kitchen knives:

  1. Santoku – This knife is a great knife and is considered to be the Japanese equivalent to the chef knife. This knife is known for its comfort and versatility with a name that translates to mean three virtues. This knife is great for mincing, slicing and dicing food to be one of the most versatile in the kitchen that you can find. 
  2. Gyuto – This knife is also considered to be an equivalent to the chef knife and is a bit larger than the Santoku. This is the knife you want for slicing through meat, fish and larger vegetables. This is the perfect knife for the rough cutting you need to do during kitchen prep. This is also one of the only knives to have a double grind edge for universal use.
  3. Gishiki – This is a specialty knife that is great for filleting fish. This knife is great to make sure your hands don’t have to actually come in contact with the fish during the process of cutting and preparing. As a longer knife, this knife has been in use for over 1000 years but is not in most consumer kitchens because it takes and expert hand to manipulate it properly.
  4. Kurimuki – This is very efficient knife that is great for peeling fruits and vegetables. This knife is perfect for all different shape and the name means chestnut skin peeling knife which the knife could be used to do as well.

Where can you purchase some of the best Japanese knives for your kitchen? 

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