where to put wall clock in the living room

Wall Clock in Living Room- Where to Hang on?

Missing an appointment is a common issue for people who don’t know how to manage time. It is even scary for them not to have a clock in their living room. Have you ever missed an appointment because of waking up late? If you have missed, then a wall clock is the must-have item for you even though there is a clock on your phone and computer or your wrist.

Managing time is one of the biggest factors in every successful people’s life. The wall clock is the device that helps you to keep track of your time. It is wise to keep at least a clock in a house, especially in the living room for the management of time.

But the question is where to put the wall-clock in living room. Not only you, but most of the people also fall in dilemma on this issue. And considering your hassle, we have come with this content. Let’s see.

Should you have a clock in the living room?

A clock is a versatile home décor item and so dynamic. With the advent of time, the clock has entered into our living room from outside. A wall clock is not only used for managing time but also it has become a part and parcel for decoration of our interior house. People are now spending a good amount of time and money in choosing the right clock. A clock really looks great when it is displayed on empty walls and there are a lot of designs that are awesome at making the look of the room complete.

living room wall clock
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Best place to put a wall clock in the living room

A clock can be of various types, for example, Antique clock, vintage clock, DIY wall clock, digital, analog, etc.

This variety of clocks also depends upon the size of the clock. Different cock is used in different places according to the size of the clock.

You should not expect to have a Big Ben in your house as it has a loud alarm system which may ruin the serenity of your house. Its giantess may not fit into your interior room too. Most of the clock user wants non-ticking clock as it works silently and smoothly. Again, non-ticking clock works more accurately than the ticking clock most of the time.

You would expect to place a wall clock in the dining room or the living room but not so much in the bedroom or bathroom. Most of the people may never have considered the placement of a clock.

But statistics show that most of the people prefer the placement of a clock in the living room. A clock should never be placed in your bedroom as it will always remind you about the passage of your life and passage of time. You can also place a clock on the cabinet door or a sidewall of the kitchen.

But according to some astrologists’ view, it shows that way of placement of clocks in the house may determine your prosperity and luck. When placing a clock in your living room don’t place it behind you or right in front of you. You should place your clock right to you or left to you. The best place for placing wall clock is in the north or east because it will bring prosperity for you.

Which direction is good for the clock?

North, northeast, and east- all the directions are considered as the ideal for place clocks on the wall. It is considered that putting a wall clock on the north zone will bring wealth for the residents. But the clock must not be placed hanging above the door. Because hanging the clock on the door may bring bad luck. In this way, you can decide where to put your walk clock in the living room.

Moreover, a wall clock should be placed in such a direction so that you can notice it easily. Your wall clock should be kept in an easily noticeable angel.

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How high should a wall clock be put?

A large wall clock is a wonderful decoration item for the living room. It can be placed anywhere if there’s available free space. But you must not place a clock above your height as more height of the placement of a wall clock may hamper your focus on the clock. So it is wise to fix the height of the clock according to the natural height of your sight.


Time and tide wait for none. It is impossible to come back to the past or to go to the future. A wall clock does not help us to go to the future or past. But the clock is the tool that tells us what is present, past or future. We must keep at least a clock in our living room so that we don’t fall behind.

Hopefully, the content was helpful to let you know where to put wall clock in living room. So, from now, hang your wall clock in your living room considering all these facts.