How to choose the Best Bath Towels

When you choose a good bath towel, choose one that’s soft to the touch. It’s a good start because more often than not soft towels also tend to be better in quality. Price is a factor when you want a decent towel. The balancing of price and quality is not easy. That’s where we try to help our readers. Now, let’s prove some tips that are experts-approved to assure you can choose the right kind of bath towel for you.

Picking up any towel from a convenience store might work for some people, but people who care about the little things and want to have a better experience need quality products. Some like to nitpick things and for some, it’s not about being nitpicky as some people are more conscious in their personality. The little inconveniences affect them negatively. The best bath towel will have good durability, good fluffiness and drying ability. The process might sometimes prove to be tiring but with the help of the information, we are about to provide, you should be able to get your perfect bath towel much easier.

Check the fiber content of the towel

The ones with 100% cotton are very absorbent and you do not have to focus much on the premium kinds like Supima and Egyptian. Usually, they are considered to be the top of the line, but when it comes to softness or durability in the towel tests done by us, they were more or less in the same ballpark. Be sure to check production highlights as they give you an insight on the product quality. Combed cotton is brushed to remove small fibers and makes the fabric comparably soft and durable. Another quality highlight comprises ring-spun cotton which is long and small fibers that are tightly twisted together making the towel smooth and strong. See if twists are in the highlight as they measure the product’s loop’s yarn twists. A towel with a high twist is much more durable, having a low or no twist might increase surface area and make the towel more absorbent and plusher. Brand names like hydrocarbon, Aero cotton, and micro cotton brand names are there to imply the process of the manufacture.

Consider the weight of the towel

Towel weights are measured in GSM (grams per square meter). Usually, higher weight implies a denser towel and extra absorbency and plush. Anywhere from 300 to 400 GSM is lightweight and from 400-600 is known to be medium weight and ranging from 600-900 is considered the heaviest. The best towels are usually in the range of 500-700GSM.

Inspect the Towel Visually

Observe how the edges are folded. You do not have to feel the softness upon inspection rather, see how the finishing is done. If the edges are stitched and closed securely, then it’s a sign of good craftsmanship and towels with good craft more often than not prove to do better in out tests for overall quality.

Have a preference in mind

Since a lot of the factors when choosing a bath towel to come down to personal taste and choice, it is a crucial mindset to know what you want. Some people are allergic to different fabrics and they are somewhat limited in their choices. There are a lot of options to choose from so they rarely feel restricted but for people who do not have any skin problems or allergies, the option might seem overwhelming that’s where a predefined preference comes into play. If you already know what you are looking for then filtering out the products, you do not need to become much easier and you don’t have to waste as much time as you would think.

Do not get caught up in prices

Some luxury towels can by themselves cost more than 100$ and you do not have to spend that amount of sum to end up with a good bath towel. Options that will fulfill almost all your requirements will range from 20-30$ at most. You need to know the key difference. The main difference between a good quality towel and a cheap towel is the material and the feel of it. Now, not leaning towards overpriced towels has already been addressed, but leaning towards cheap, harsh towels just because it costs a little less is a fool’s errand. Know where the price difference does matter and at ranges where they become a null-factor. Using a bad towel can also be damaging to your skin. People will sensitive skins often complain about how harsh some bath towels are. Having a soft bath towel for them is a necessity and this article hopes to help them, especially, along with the general people of course. The Micro Cotton team is well known for its service since 1932 and people seem to have high expectations from them and as per my experience, I would say they deserve all the credit put towards them.

Many people have reported how polyester can cause skin rashes and sometimes damage the outer layer of the skin due to long-time use. If you have a high preference for polyester, I would ask you to reconsider your choice and move towards the cotton-based towels and the microfiber based ones which are much better in terms of quality and performance. Leave polyester to the cheap hotels and motels.

Finally, to make your search a little bit easier, we would suggest you look into some of our suggested bath towels.

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