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Best Drill Bits for Stainless Steel & Hardened Steel

Best Drill Bits for Stainless Steel

Hardened steel and Stainless steels are harder for drilling into. So, general drill bits, even those do great with normal materials, can’t make it right with hardened metals. And, here comes the need of best drill bits for stainless steel or hardened steel.

Now the quest is – what are the drill bits for this type of hardened steel? Drill down the full article, and you will get the answer. Unless you will buy ordinary drill bits to ruin your work.

What are hardened steel and Stainless Steel?

So, let's see what actually are the Hardened steel and Stainless Steels.

  • Hardened Steel

Hardened steels are medium or high carbon steels produced from heat treatment in high temperature, quenching and tempering process. Hardened steels are durable and can be wear resistant, corrosion resistant and abrasion resistant. And most of the steel materials that we see in use mechanical engineering, energy generation, transportation or in home use are basically hardened steel.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steels are steel alloys that consist of at least 10.5% of chromium contents by mass and can be of different grades. Because of rust and stain resistance, good luster and low maintenance, it has many commercial uses including as cookware, cutlery, home appliances, constructions, furnishing, and surgical instruments.

However, what differences are there in between the outer look or chemical composition, both hardened steel and stainless steel are quite harder for drilling into and you can do it only compatible drill bits.

Drill Bit Types and Materials

There can be three basic types of drill bits based on the materials used -

  • High Speed Steel (HSS) Drill Bits

Drill bits that are made from HSS materials are economical solution for most of the general maintenance drilling applications. This drill are most popular and works well for drilling into wood, plastics and soft steel sheets. So, these drills are definitely are definitely not fit for hardened or stainless steels.

  • Cobalt (HSCO) Drill Bits

This type is upgraded version than high speed steel type and contains 5-8% Cobalt into the base materials.

"Cobalt drill bits are most suitable and best drill bits for drilling into stainless steel and hardened steel."
  • Carbide (Carb) Drill Bits

Drill– Carbide is the most hardest and brittle materials that a drill bit made of, and used only on serious production environment to drill into hardest materials. This type isn’t suitable for hand drills that we’re looking for.

Another compound type drill bits can be used for harder materials like stainless steel –

  • Titanium Drill Bits

Titanium drill bits are made of coating on heavy duty HSS materials with titanium. This drill bits are durable and can work fairly well for drilling into hard metals.

Best Drill bits for Stainless Steel / Hardended Steel

Now, we know best drill bits for drilling into harder materials like stainless steel or hardened steels should be either Cobalt drill bits or Titanium Drill bits. We will present list of the both categories.

Best Cobalt Drill bits for Stainless Steel

Here is the best two cobalt drill bits for metal -

DEWALT DWA1240 Pilot Point Industrial Cobalt Drill Bit Set (14 Piece)

TTP HARD drills Bits 6.8mm 10 X Metric Drill Bits Cobalt For Drilling Harder Metals Stainless Chrome Aluminum Cast Iron

Best Titanium Drill bits for Stainless Steel

Here is the best two titanium drill bits for metal -

DEWALT DW1361 Titanium Pilot Point Drill Bit Set, 21-Piece

Goplus 115pc Titanium Drill Bit Set HSS High Speed Steel Hardness Bit Set, Drills Through Concrete, Tile, Brick, Plastic, Wood, Metal etc w/Convenient Carry Case

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