Best Multimeter for Electricians

Are you a technician dealing with electronic devices daily? A high-quality Multimeter is your best solution. Multimeters are tools that help in measuring temperature, inductance, capacitance, circuit continuity, and conductance during the operation. In most cases, it is not possible to carry separate tools for individual measurements. Therefore, professional technicians consider looking for a Multimeter with various features that suits their needs conveniently.

With this tool, electricians can keep their eye on electronic devices to ensure perfect operation at the optimum levels. However, this can only be possible if you get the best Multimeter for electronics technicians. The Etekcity MSR-C600 Digital Multimeter is the best choice in our research due to its ability to use AC in measuring resistance and the diode tests.

Top 7 Multimeter For Electronics Technician Reviews

Our comprehensive research took a lot of time looking and reviewing the best electronic tools for our customers. Besides the high output rate, the analysis focused on your pocket, and that is why some of the products are cheap, while others are quite expensive. For a new electronic hobbyist, we recommend a Multimeter for you according to your budget line.

If you are still experiencing difficulties in making the appropriate selection, our buying guide can help you. We have outlined the advantages and disadvantages of every product to identify the best model for your operation efficiently. Besides, our FAQs can reduce your burden of calling the manufacturers and builds the confidence of our products. The following are reviews of our best Multimeter for Electronics Technicians.

1. Fluke 287 True-RMS Multimeter


Product weight: 2 pounds

Dimensions: 10.2’’ x 7.8’’ x 3.5’’

Voltage ac/dc: 1000V

Current ac/dc: 10A

Resistance: 500

Capacitance: 50,000

Temperature: 1350 degrees

Other features: test leads, holster, info packet, AA batteries, and alligator clips.

The Fluke 287 is the best fluke Multimeter for electronics technician designed for more convenience and accuracy. Its outstanding features help in solving complex challenges in electronics, distribution of power, and plant automation as well as electro-mechanical equipment. Accordingly, the Multimeter tool is perfect in documenting, designing performance, and displays the activities graphically hence minimizing downtime.

The Multimeter comes with a thermometer that is important in taking temperature measurements, thus minimizing the number of tools required to take on-site. Its large backlit screen and numerous test points allow users to read anything they need. Accordingly, the machine comes with an adjustable auto-ranging mechanism for easy switching when users need to operate it manually.


  • Easily hooked to computers
  • Accurate
  • Easy replacement due to lifetime warranty
  • Has a built-in thermometer
  • It is easy to use and maintain.
  • Highly portable due to its lightweight construction


  • It is relatively expensive hence not easily affordable

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2.Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter


Product weight: 1.21 pounds

Dimensions: 6.57’’ x1.82’’ x 3.32’’

Voltage AC/DC: 600V

Current AC/DC: 10A

Resistance: 40

Capacitance: 10,000

Warranty: 3 years

Material included: plastic

Other features: LED backlight, True-RMS, and lightweight.

The Fluke 115 Digital Multimeter is the next product with the perfect feature for compact design, simple operation, and easy usability. It has an ergonomic design and can quickly hook to utility belts through a magnetic point of contact. Notably, the device displays True RMS voltage and the latest readings capacitance and continuity making it excellent for field service and verifications.

The machine is useful in troubleshooting electrical maintenance when a person is eliminating ghost voltages or performing essential wiring connections and continuity checks. Individuals can also use devices when troubleshooting different parameters of measurements, including capacitance and frequency.


  • Useful for electronic and electrical testing
  • Has quick field and verification service
  • High accurate measurements due to True RMS.
  • Its lightweight construction ensures high portability.
  • It has a compact, ergonomic design enabling a one-hand operation.


  • It is less affordable due to high costs

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3. INNOVA 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter


Product weight: 8 pounds

Dimensions: 12.5’’ x 4.5’’ x 6.5’’

Other features: 2 AA batteries, auto-shutoff, auto-ranging, test lead holders, rubber guards, and temperature reading.

The Innova 3340 Multimeter is a digital device and a choice for many electricians due to its high-quality services. It comes with a temperature probe that is useful in measuring the operation temperatures both in Fahrenheit and Celsius. The rugged corner guards and retrieved data hold buttons offer drop protection when using this tool for testing alternative diodes, breaker points, duty cycle, and switches.

It is important to note that users apply this device when calculating voltage, current, and resistance in any workplace. It includes accessories such as inductive RPM clamp, carrying case, automatic ranging, overload protection, and automatic shutoff for performance improvement. Additionally, the machine is lightweight hence easily moved from one working place to another during the operation. Besides, its hands-free digital design helps to accurately and safely troubleshoot household and automotive electrical problems.


  • Has an auto-ranging component for accurate measurements
  • Its auto-shutdown is useful for power saving
  • Has a handy temperature probe for Fahrenheit and Celsius readings
  • Easy measurements due to large-screen display.
  • Highly portable due to the convenient carrying case.


  • The device may flash false readings when not connected to any system.

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4. Etekcity Digital Multimeter


Product weight: 13.6 pounds

Dimensions: 8.19’’ x 2.99’’ x 1.18’’

Dc voltage: 60mv

Ac voltage: 600V

Resistance: 60 M

Capacitance: 600nF

Range selection: Manual

Other features: max reading, large LCD, handy carrying pouch, and automatic ranging.

The Etekcity is a Digital Multimeter that combines simple to use innovation, making it one of the best tools for any electrical tasks. It features max value and holds outcome buttons for its more comfortable and quicker use in the operation field. Besides, the machine comes with the auto-ranging function that helps users to find precise measurements each time.

Etekcity Digital Multimeter comes with a clamp for measuring AC quickly without stripping any wires. A jaw clamp on this machine enables easy measurement of alternating current in a conductor without interrupting the circuit. Accordingly, the plastic gripping and insulated test probes enhances safer operation during troubleshooting and taking measures. Similarly, the auto-sleep mode included by manufacturers inactivates the machine after 15 minutes, thus enhancing power battery conservation.


  • It comes with an auto-sleep system foe power saving.
  • Has a large LCD for easy reading.
  • Has a handy carrying case.
  • Can measure both AC and DC parameters accurately.


  • Its jaw clamps cannot measure the voltages.

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5. Amprobe 33XR Multimeter


Product weight: 0.6 pounds


Capacitance: 4000

Temperature: 1832 F

Frequency: 40MHz

DC: 1000V

AC: 750V

Other features: Analog bar graph, auto-power key, large screen, temperature adapter, spare fuse, and a manual for users.

Amprobe 33XR Multimeter is among the best tools with outstanding features that users can customize for HVAC applications, electrical, and plant maintenance. It constitutes a Magne-Grip Holster containing a hanging strap for easy gripping the meter while taking measurements. Accordingly, the machine has a large screen for simple reading in any working environment.

Accordingly, the device is highly durable and ergonomic for secure attachment on the built through a magnetic point of connection. Its non-contact voltage testing enables users to read easily up to 600 AC. Reliability, simplicity, and sturdiness of the machine make it the perfect choice for beginners who are starting the electronic activities. The art technology of this device takes care of the safety factor of testing every technical tool rigorously.


  • Fused with full safety
  • Effortless gripping due to magnetic grip holster
  • High reliable
  • Ensures rigorous testing due to art technology.
  • Has a large screen for easy reading in any working environment.
  • Highly affordable due to low price


  • Its amperage rate is low.
  • Has a low continuity function

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6. Klein Tools MM700 Multimeter


Product weight: 10.6 pounds

Dimensions: 9.9’’ 5.7’’ 2.7.’’

Other features: 2 AAA battery, test leads, thermocouple, and carrying pouch.

The Klein Tools MM700 is one of the most affordable choices that will be best for many technicians. It constitutes a rubber holster used in preventing the device from slipping out of the hands of users.  Accordingly, the manufacturers design this machine for electrician activities in the dirty job and dusty sites as well as meeting the discerning home situations.

The construction of the device is highly durable for beginners to perform their daily tear and wear. Accordingly, the model utilizes the advanced technology of real root mean square for automatic ranging usability. Besides, this device has a low impedance mode used in eliminating and identifying stray voltages. The battery compartment included on the tool has easy accessibility and use low battery indicator in controlled environments such as business, light industrial, and residential locations.


  • Easy to use and maintain
  • It is highly durable
  • Constitute excellent accessories.
  • Easily affordable due to low cost


  • It has a complicated interface

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7. Tekpower Mastech MS8268 Digital


Product weight: 14.1 pounds

Dimensions: 7.68’’ x 1.73’’x 3.62.’’

Power source: Battery powered

AC: 1000V

DC: 10A

Warranty: 1 year,

Other features: Backlit LCD and manual ranging

The Tekpower Mastech MS8268 Digital Multimeter is the last device on our list that is sufficiently durable for job performance. It comes with manual ranging and auto capabilities having relative measurements for different ranges except for frequency. Besides, the machine has a durable construction that is perfect for handling industrial functions. Notably, it is available on the market at a low cost and works excellently for DIY enthusiasts and casual users.

It is among the most rated products with positive feedback and deserves all recommendations since they give accurate and precise results. Accordingly, Mastech MS8268 has a prominent and large display with simple readability numbers and an auto power-off system for battery life conservation. Besides, the tool constitutes a sound warning key activated when using incorrect jacks for the selected test.


  • Has broad and prominent features at reasonable prices.
  • Its exterior construction is very sturdy.
  • It is a precise and accurate model.
  • Has a warning system for utilizing the wrong jack.
  • Comes with a warranty limited to one year of top-quality performance
  • Highly portable due to lightweight construction
  • Very cheap hence easily affordable.


  • It has a backlit limited to 5 seconds

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Types Of Multimeter

There are different types of electronics instruments used by each engineer and electronic technician for measuring current, voltage, and resistance. They can also be useful in testing continuity between electrical circuit points. In this section, we are introducing the necessary information and applications of two types of Multimeters.

1. Digital Multimeter

The digital Multimeter constitutes a technological display of Liquid Crystal Display. LCD indicates the measured quantity values in numerical digits that operate on the principle of the seven-segment manifestation. Accordingly, the digital Multimeter negative and positive probes showed red and black color. The positive jack comes with a mark of voltage, current, and resistance connected to the red probe.

The rotatory switch is useful for selecting range and unit of test and measurement as well as an on/off Multimeter switch. Accordingly, a point of continuity test on the digital device helps in testing the continuity between two electrical terminal and electronic circuits.

2. Analog Multimeter

The Analog Multimeter is an electronic device working on the permanent Magnet Moving coil principle. The principle constitutes a deflecting pointer indicating the quantity measured value on a printed scale. Its dual permanent magnets help in producing a stable magnetic field between the permanent magnets. Notably, you can enjoy connecting the pointer mechanically with the moving core, thus initiating the movement of the core as the pointer is also moving.

When taking value measurements of resistance, technicians should use zero-Ohm knob adjustment in setting the Multimeter at zero points. Seemingly, there are two types of probes used in measuring any quantity, including the black probe for the negative voltage and red probe for positive energy. Besides, users apply the printed scale behind the pointer for easy readings of values on the display of a Multimeter. It is important to note that the scale shows a range of resistance as well as voltage.

Features Of Top Multimeters

Multimeters are among the best options for troubleshooting problems of PC power. However, a wide range of prices and features can be confusing when purchasing the appropriate tool available in the market. Therefore, customers must look at the essential features before wasting money and time.

Voltage Tests

Voltage tests are one of the most common features that technicians should consider when purchasing a Multimeter since a number of them have this capability. Accordingly, the voltage test starts at the highest, moving down to a much ideal voltage range for any device intended to take measurements.

There is a need for technicians to use the test leads when measuring voltages at various locations with the circuit to identify and read voltage differences appropriately. It is also imperative to always measure the energy first to find out if your circuit is AC or DC, given that the two modes are not compatible.

Data Logging

Data logging is the next excellent feature to consider when choosing a Multimeter for your technical operations. It enables technicians to monitor and record data for an extended period showing a general trend within the period and utilizes the data collected for further analysis. Besides, the data logging feature is useful for various activities, including repair and systems installations like ventilation and air conditioning mechanisms.

Measuring Ohms

The ability to measure ohms is another crucial feature of the top Multimeter. Measuring ohm is useful when checking for current consistency on a circuit or appliance. Making use of this feature also enables technicians to detect the fault of a broken wire or the open switch. Our research recommends the use of a device with the ability to read ohms since by measuring ohms; you can test SCSI and network terminators.

Low Pass Filter

A low pass filter is another essential feature used in troubleshooting motor drives. The low pass is the best aspect of preventing unwanted voltages when taking higher voltage measurements than 1 kHz of AC voltage or frequency. Accordingly, it heightens the accuracy level when measuring current and voltages on appliances such as frequency motor drives and inverters.


1. How many lowest and highest measured readings can a Multimeter operate?

It depends on the memory capacity of your Multimeter. For high-quality models, you can expect a massive capacity of readings compared to low-quality devices, which give less reading capacity.

2. How many sessions will I save when using a Multimeter?

You can save up to 500 recordings in some models. After which you will require to download or delete them to create space for more savings.

3. What is the use of the peak function on a Multimeter?

The peak function is useful in measuring signals for both positive and negative peaks. For instance, the max peak in 120 AC voltage will be +1609V. Notably, the peak key operates with peaks of more than 250 microseconds.

4. What is the meaning of count in Multimeter high accuracy specification?

The count is the smallest significant number on the model for any range. In case you need to measure a 120 AC volt using a 6000 count Multimeter, the device should go into the 6000 fields to make the accurate measurement.

Wrapping Up

We are so glad that, at this point, you are aware of the appropriate product you can choose. Checking and making comparisons of different models is a critical step in getting a device that suits your requirements and budget. Notably, users should be cautious when choosing the best Multimeter for electronics hobbyists since their specification commonly bases on the sensitivity range.  Overall, Fluke 287 digital Multimeter is our best choice for experts in the field of the industry due to its top-performance capabilities. Its design figures out very complicated issues, including electronics, power distribution plant automation, and electromechanical equipment.

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