5 Best Tailgate Ladders & Steps for Trucks & Pickups

If you own a truck then you would know and understand the importance of a tailgate ladder. It helps you and makes the whole trucking experience different for you. If you’re someone who carries cargo from one place to another regularly, then you definitely need the best tailgate ladder for your truck.

Tailgate ladders make the whole cargo-carrying process easier when your hands are full with your precious cargo.

However, you should keep in mind, not every tailgate ladder will align properly to your truck’s tailgate. You may need to see which is one if the better fit for your truck so that you could conveniently use it for your work.

5 Best Tailgate Ladders & Steps

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Top Tailgate Ladders & Steps Reviews

We’ve prepared a list of best 5 tailgate ladder that’s available in the market. You’ll find all the necessary information that you need to buy your tailgate ladder from this review.

We’ve also researched about what you might need to check before buying a tailgate ladder at the end of the review. This will help you to choose one depending on the features that you might need.

1. Bestop 75302-15 Rear Mount Trekstep

Now, if you’re looking for a different style of a ladder which provides an easy, stair-step access to your truck, then have a look at the 75302-15 Rear Mount Trekstep from Bestop. It is one of the best tailgate ladders for trucks out in the market.

It can hold up to 300 lbs without any problem. It is placed under the rear bumper and has a spring-loaded mechanism. This is to help you to get up or down your truck without using your hands.

It is placed at about 6 inches down from the rear bumper making it convenient for people to climb up or down. Also, it does not require that much of maintenance because it is built from aluminum and stainless steel.

You could have it installed without any problems in just 10 and expect to get great support from it when you’ll be using it.


  • Drops 6” from the rear bumper to allow easy climbing and dropping access.
  • Has a spring-loaded mechanism to provide a convenient and hands-free drop from the vehicle.
  • Does not require much maintenance due to aluminum and stainless steel built.
  • Does not require any drill installation for support.


  • Extremely easy and quick to install.
  • Provides easy climb up/down access to trucks.
  • Provides superior durability and functionality.
  • Does not require maintenance due to excellent build quality.


  • Does not provide any clear installation guidelines.
  • The spring might cause a bit of a problem and need careful handling.

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2. Westin 10-3000 Truck-Pal Tailgate Ladder

The 10-300 Truck-pal tailgate ladder from Westin provides you with a  lightweight and durable build ladder that won’t run out of commission in years.

It is manufactured from the durable 6005A-T6 aluminum that allows the ladder to last for a long time. It has also got an aluminum finishing on it.

You could quickly and easily fold up the ladder into your truck when you’re not using it. When unfolded, they go up to 2 extensions which leads the ladder feet to the ground.

It has a pretty easy installation process and makes getting up or out of your truck look like a piece of cake.


  • 6005A-T6 aluminum built for longer durability.
  • Measures 13 inches in length when it is in folded condition and 38 inches in length when it is unfolded.
  • Has universal application.
  • Could be folded up into a truck bed easily.


  • Has a lightweight and durable build.
  • Could folded or unfolded quickly and easily.
  • Has an easy installation procedure.
  • Able to fit perfectly along the truck bed.


  • Does not provide a handle.

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3. Great Day TNB3000MB Truck N’ Buddy

A convenient and very useful step platform, the TNB3000MB Truck N’ Buddy from Great Day also has a seat that will cover the full width of your truck’s tailgate.

It will be like as you’re just walking up some steps. Plus, it has an 18” handle to hold on each side which you won’t find with most other tailgate ladders. So, you could just pick up any cargo without any complications or accidents easily with this versatile step platform

It’s a very useful tool for truck drivers who makes an earning with their truck. It provides them the ease of loading and unloading cargo, boxes, and accessing the tools from their truck pretty easily.

It doesn’t cause any interferences with the things that you keep on the truck’s bed nor does it use up any additional space from it.

It’s made from aircraft aluminum measuring 34.5 x 35.5 x 58 inches and the weight is only 35 lbs.


  • Combines a step platform and seat together in one design.
  • Has an 18” handle on both sides to make climbing up/down the step easier.
  • Is made from aircraft aluminum to ensure longer durability.


  • 2-in-1 step platform and seat advantage.
  • Has handle on each side for better access to the truck.
  • Exceptional quality build.
  • Provides good assistance for pets to get up on trucks.


  • Pain might peel off after using it for a while.

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4. Beech Lane Pickup Truck Tailgate Ladder

This pickup truck tailgate ladder from Beech Lane is a universal ladder. If you constantly need to pick up and unload cargo from your truck that requires you to get in and out of it frequently, then this is the one for you.

It will allow you to get in and out of your truck bed easily. Plus, you step up or down the ladder with confidence with the aluminum step grip plates. These plates are placed for increased traction so that you don’t slip while placing your feet on the ladder.

It has also got rubber at its feet to hold it firmly on the ground. And you could pull it up for storage with the powerful, big strap and heavy-duty buckle when you will not be using the ladder.


  • Universal fitting ladder makes it easy to get in and out of the truck bed.
  • Has aluminum step grip plates to ensure more traction during stepping up or down the ladder.
  • Has rubber feet for ensuring firm hold on the ground.
  • Reinforced, large strap and heavy-duty buckle for holding up the ladder when not using it.


  • Provides an easy installation process.
  • Does not cause any slips while stepping up or down the ladder.
  • Has a good quality build
  • Provides good functionality.


  • The strap holding the ladder to tailgate might remain tight at times.
  • Might cause rust if not handled with care under rainy weather or wet conditions.

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5. Traxion 5-100 Tailgate Ladder

And for the final one on our list, we have the 5-100 Tailgate Ladder from Traxion. This pick-up truck ladder is super easy to install and could be hooked to your truck within seconds.

It has a heavy-duty base plate that can carry up to a weight of 300 lbs. You won’t feel any strain on your body muscles while using this ladder to get up on your truck.

It fits nicely against the tailgate of your truck as well and does not cause any interferences with your cargo. When you unfold it into the ground, it stays firmly on the ground giving you a secure footing while you get up onto the truck.

So, you could imagine it being a pretty user-friendly. However, it is not compatible with Dodge Ram Box, Chevrolet Avalanche, or Cadillac Escalade trucks.


  • Has a weight holding capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Quick installation & deployment process
  • Reduces strain on the body while getting on the truck.
  • Fits perfectly against the tailgate with neat folding ability.


  • Provides ease during climbing up or down from the truck.
  • Good quality steel build for a long-term duration.
  • Does not interfere with cargo on the truck bed.
  • Provides stability.


  • Might cause issues with ladder footing if the ground is not flat.

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What To Check In A Vehicle Ladder?

There are some pointers that you need to check out before buying your tailgate ladder. We’ve come up with some below that could help you make a determination about your perfect tailgate ladder.

Installation Process

This is one of the many factors that you need to check before getting your ladder. If a tailgate ladder installation process takes more than enough time to set it up, then you probably should not go for that one.

So, buying one which has a simple, straightforward, and easy installation process is always recommended.

Ease of Use

The ladder that you’re buying should be one that is easy to use. You wouldn’t want your legs getting strained after carrying all those cargos even after having a ladder.

You should choose one that helps you get in and out of your truck easily without any hassle.


You should also check whether the ladder is compatible with your truck. If it fits perfectly against your tailgate and checks your every other need, then you’re good to go.


Now, the ladder should be made out of good material if you want it to provide service to you for a long time. Plus, you should check whether it is resistant to all those outdoor components such as dust, water, and other things.

The tailgate ladder made from aluminum proves to be a pretty good one in terms of durability. But there are also different grades of aluminum from which ladders are made. There are aircraft aluminum, high-strength aluminum, and so on.

You need to get the highest quality within your affordable range to ensure the highest durability.


Finally, you have to ensure whether your ladder is safe to use. Because, if you try to get up on a hurry while being on a job carrying something precious and then slip and fall, you might get hurt. Not to mention there might some damages made to your cargo.

You also have to ensure that it doesn’t break down while you carry something and climb upon it. So, getting a ladder that has a significant load holding capacity such as 400 lbs. would be convenient and perfect for you.

Final Words

On the final note, before you go on to buy your best tailgate ladder, you should ask yourself why you need it in the first place. Getting the answer to that question will direct you towards the right one.

Plus, you should ensure its compatibility, durability, and safety as well. Good luck with your shopping!

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