Top 12 Essential Electrical Tools and Gears

Essential Electrical Tools

Introduction: An apprentice who just started doing an electrical project, or a pro electrician doing his everyday job, both needs some basic electrical tools that they need to have in their toolbox. Most of these tools are so common that you can find them in your nearby supermarkets or hardware stores easily. But not all of them are good quality product. So you need to be careful when buying them. As a quality product will not just break down on your hand while doing a simple task, unlike the bad ones.

So if you are just starting your journey to be a future expert electrician or you just wish to solve your basic electrical issues at home, below are some excellent electrician tools list for your toolbox that you must have.

Plier: Pliers come in different types and sizes, depending on their application. But all of them need to have some common quality that you should watch out for. The most important of them is the teeth. They need to be sharp and should meet perfectly. Another thing that you should look closely is whether they are opening and closing smoothly. Beside these, a well-made pliers should have insulated handles and the grip should be comfortable to hold.

Screwdriver: Like pliers, screwdrivers too, have some different types. Choosing a well-insulated screwdriver is a key. And, the shaft should be chrome plated and heat-treated. Screwdrivers and nut drivers will always be in your hand while doing any electrical project, as you can’t imagine doing anything without them. So make sure to you buy well-built products.

Wire Stripper: Used to strip insulation from wires, a wire-stripper is a handy tool for any electrician. Available with different holes for different wire size, you can easily peel off insulation from any type of wire by using a standard wire stripper. In order to trim wire ends, they also feature cutting teeth. You are good to go, if your wire stripper is not jamming up, opening and closing flawlessly and have a comfortable grip.

Tape Measure: Whether you need to measure height for a switch or outlet placement, centering lighting fixture boxes, cutting wire in a specific size, you will require one common tool, a tape measure or measuring tape. They are extremely useful for any electrical venture. We don’t know why they get vanished now and then, and that’s why we always buy tape measures with colorful boxes.

Multimeter: With a Multimeter, you can find out the cause of a power fluctuation or verify if a circuit is working or not. But these are just some mere example, a Multimeter is actually an all in one tool that lets you read voltage, current and resistance of a device or circuit. Every electrician has one of these, and you should buy one too!

Fish Tape: Fish Tape, also known as draw tape is used to pull wires through electrical, PVC conduit, metal and walls. They are a necessity when it comes to route your wire through a tiny space where your hands can’t get to.

Non-Contact Voltage Tester: When it comes to doing an electrical project, safety is a big issue. In order to be safe while working on any electrical device or circuit, you have to check if there is any current present or not. So, make sure to use a non-contact voltage tester to ensure there is no live current while working. It is also useful to ensure that power has successfully restored, after your work is done.

Flashlights: Working in the dark is just another day in the office for an electrician. You might have to work after keeping the whole house in blackout to ensure the safety, or a panel where there is no light. That’s why all the pro electricians carry a flashlight in their pocket while working.

Power Drill: A power drill is another essential electrical tolls for any electrician. Electricians often need to drill through surface for various reasons. Pulling wire through wall, installing light fixture, applying drill bits or disassembling any device, a handheld power drill can come in handy in many ways. There are many types of drill bits available, and you can buy more than one for varied works.

Insulated Gloves: This one is more of a safety tool than an electrical tool. But we think being safe is always important. They can seem like an exaggeration to you, but they are not. Expert electrical always put on their gloves in the site for a reason. A good pair of insulated gloves can save you from severe electrocution any day. Choose one that is both comfortable in the hand and sweat proof, so that you don’t feel awkward wearing it.

Work Boots: An electrician is often surrounded by danger. Electrical accident too are very common in worksite. That is why you need to keep yourself safe in the midst of all the hazards.
That is why a pair of work boot is very important for any electrician. They are not just another boot. They will keep you safe guarded in the hazardous times, and will give you the comfort. During our review we found the Lineman Boots to be the best in this category. They produces some great work boots, especially for an electrician. Their unique safety feature and insulation, quality outsoles will make sure your boots will save you from trouble and last for a long time.

Electrical Tool Belt: A professional electrician has an array of tools that they need to carry around. But finding the one that you need while working can be a big problem. Also, you don’t want to climb down every time you need a tool. These are problems that amateur electricians has to face, not the pro, as they trust a good electrical tool belt for the job. There are many types available. They can be made of either leather or synthetic material. They can be big or small. Choose according to your need, and choose it wisely. As you will have to wear this belt always, so make sure it’s not very tight, and uncomfortable to wear.

Conclusion: To be a good electrician, just your skills are not enough. A good set of electrical tools can save your work greatly and make your life easier. Our article was directed at the same purpose. You may need many more tools as you progress on being a professional electrician. But even then you will need to have these tools in your toolbox.

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