Foxwell NT624 Elite Review

In this guide post, we are going to discuss the car tester Foxwell NT624 Elite review automotive obd2 professional scanner, full system card-reader, diagnosis scan tool with oil light resetting EPB service functions. It comes with a very big screen to monitor your car and it has the oil change rest means you can do oil change by yourself and update your car. This tool diagnoses multiple vehicles including the latest 2018/2019 models. It identifies the car quickly and easily with a single input read key, retrieving information in the form of ECU. 

Product Overview – Foxwell NT624 Elite OBD2 Scanner

 Its oil service reset coverage includes 48 brands, electronic park brake coverage includes 42 brands. Codes are read and clear from all electronic modules. This machine supports several languages like Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, French, Hungarian, Swedish, Thai, English, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, German, and Russian. It shows the date of the live sensor and provides a graph with the date, shows the date of the freezing frame and combines PID graphics for easy and intuitive diagnosis. This device is as easy as 1-2-3 with a large TFT color display and menu-driven operations. You can upgrade this machine via USB capable, and it provides free lifetime online upgrade and technical support service. The first step to get the scanner is to read the trouble codes and click auto start. If the scan will complete quickly and you can see that there are no trouble codes. 

Tips: If the trouble code is diagnosed you can try to clear it first then turn on the engine, restart and diagnose again. If they still have trouble codes the car may have no malfunction because sometimes there are false trouble codes. It is important to note if any other warning lights are on where if the engine is making unusual noises running poorly steaming, smoking, or otherwise showing obvious signs of trouble. 

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Features of Foxwell NT624 Elite Scanner

  • Nt624 supports all obd2 modes and we can see a lot of very useful information through live data like the engine coolant temperature than coolant sensor resistance changes as the temperature increases. These data help us analyze the problem of the car very well. You can use the graph and then observe and compare sensor waveforms in this device. This can help you detect abnormal signal problems.


  • The code reader of this device is highly versatile. You can easily check every component of the car like air operation, lights, heating electric seat operation, brake lights, signals, horns, engine, and much more. This tool is cost-effective and will cost you thousands of dollars in diagnosis and repair. This machine also clears the codes after you have replaced or fixed the car parts that have an issue. 


  • If you click on graph’s F1 and F3 to view and combine graphics then you will see there are many test functions, freeze frames, O2 sensors Test, On-board Monitor Test, and component Test. In the component test, you can detect different components and test their operability. If you don’t know the ECU name and car information, don’t worry we will tell you. DTC lookup, you can use this to query the basic meaning of code but here we recommend the great website OBD codes. This website has collected many common trouble codes. Most of the codes can be found, just give it a try. P0306, this is a misfire code, you can see some explanations, common symptoms there. The best is there will be repair suggestions and some technical expert videos. 


  • In addition to the important engine system, the NT624 can also read the data of three systems, ABS, SRS, and Transmission. You just have to click to read code, clear code, and check the live data.


  • Its full system vehicle scanner works both on OBD 1 and OBD 2 vehicles including the 2019 year models. 
  • It can automatically scan the system you have to choose the car brand and then you can choose smart VI or enter the VI n code manually. 
  • If you don’t know your VI number it can automatically get your card information including the release year model and engine type.
  • Its greatest feature of this excellent scanner is that it is capable of reading and clearing trouble codes of all major systems such as engine air back SRS transmission, ABS, SAS, air conditioning, AC C audio, headlight, center luck ESP.
  •  It can also temporarily start and control your vehicle system for active testing. 
  • You can read the life sensor data and it has all 10 obd ii test modes. Live data will let you know what is going on in the vehicle which allows you to accurately diagnose the error of your car. You can also merge charts to look at the data. 


  • Using this device’s disadvantage is that it does not have programming. This device is not for you if in the future you want to program your car and it also has no support for some coding functions. 

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Final Thoughts

Hope this post guide of Foxwell nt624 elite review will solve all your queries. More than 80% of the car can be diagnosed with this scanner. It is an ideal device that helps to find available solutions to solve car problems accurately and quickly, whether for car owners or professional mechanics. This machine has a better user experience. This device with quality problems can be repaired or replaced free of charge. This product can be upgraded free of charge to add more features.

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