How long does a dehumidifier last?

The dehumidifier is undoubtedly a beneficial device, especially when the air in your home is problematic. Moisture problems in the air cause different air-borne diseases and dehumidifiers can save you from catching any air-borne diseases caused by humidity. Any best dehumidifier can solve all the moisture problems by controlling and reducing the humidity level in your household.

Due to high humidity in some places, using a dehumidifier is so necessary that it has to run continuously. But dehumidifier is usually not so cheap that it can be replaced every time it breaks down. So, people often wonder how long does a dehumidifier last? Let’s find out.

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How Long Does a Dehumidifier Last?

The longevity of a dehumidifier depends entirely on how often you use it or how much you take care of it. For instance, if you use it continuously throughout the year, your dehumidifier is more likely to face problems than that of someone who uses it seasonally.

In some homes, dehumidifiers run uninterruptedly like refrigerators. But unlike refrigerators, dehumidifiers don’t last that long. A refrigerator usually lasts for years, even decades but a dehumidifier lasts 5 year tops before it ceases to work.

Why Don’t Dehumidifiers Last?

Many people have the question on their minds that – why don’t dehumidifiers last longer? This question may have struck you as well. Well, there are a few factors involved that affect the lifespan of dehumidifiers. Let’s figure out those factors.

Brand: The brand plays a key role when it comes to the longevity of your dehumidifier. Cheap dehumidifiers from some no-name brand usually cease to function within a year or two.

But that wouldn’t be the case if you get a dehumidifier from a well-recognized brand because dehumidifiers from popular brands will last much longer than the cheap ones with no brand name.

Build: Build quality is another major thing that determines the durability of your dehumidifier. Some dehumidifiers are made of cheap plastics. Even the components inside those dehumidifiers are of poor quality.

Those dehumidifiers will give up on you in no time. So, make sure your dehumidifier has a high-quality build.

Size: When it comes to the lifespan of dehumidifiers, size does matter. Smaller dehumidifiers, if placed in a larger room, will become overworked and the internal components will break down faster than usual resulting in early death.

That’s why it’s essential to find the appropriate size of the dehumidifier suitable for your home.

Usage: Usage does hold some significance in terms of longevity of dehumidifiers. If you don’t use it in the right way, it will not function very well. It needs to be appropriately maintained. If you use it ceaselessly without proper maintenance, the odds of it dying a premature death are incredibly high.

External Factors: In addition to the internal factors, there might be some external factors that could affect the longevity of your dehumidifier. Make sure your dehumidifier is neither too hot nor too cold.

If it’s too cold, the condenser coils of your dehumidifier could be freezing. You may still be able to defrost it but if your dehumidifier doesn’t have an automatic defrost function, it may lead to permanent damage.

Tips on How to Make Dehumidifiers Last Longer

As previously stated, a dehumidifier usually doesn’t last much longer. However, with the help of some maintenance tips, you may be able to increase its lifespan.

Install it correctly: The first thing you have to do to make your dehumidifier last longer is to install it correctly. Make sure it’s placed on the right corner of your house. It’s highly recommended not to put it on an uneven ground.

Make sure it’s not placed against a wall as it should be placed at least 6 inches away from the wall. It might not function properly. Also, you have to connect it directly to a socket.

Keep it clean: To increase its longevity, you need to keep the dehumidifier as clean as possible. Throw out the accumulated water from the water reservoir, once it’s full. Also, you have to wash the water tank every now and then and dry it with a paper towel before putting it back.

Some dehumidifiers come with air filters. The air filter puts a stop to all kinds of airborne contaminants like dust and debris in the surrounding air. You have to clean the filter on a regular basis and replace the filter when the time is right.

Give it a rest: In order to make the dehumidifier last longer, you have to give it a rest once in a while. Do not overwork your dehumidifier. Overburdening the dehumidifier may cause some severe harm to your device.

You can alleviate its pressure by reducing the speed. Also, you need to get a dehumidifier of the right size that fits your room.

Use an anti-surge device: If a dehumidifier runs uninterruptedly, the internal circuits could be damaged due to power surge. That’s why it’s mandatory to use an anti-surge device that will protect the dehumidifier from a potential power surge.

Check the warranty: Technically, it’s not a tip to increase a dehumidifier’s lifespan but still a noteworthy point that you always need to keep in mind.

Dehumidifiers like most other appliances come with warranty, especially the ones that are from a well-recognized brand. So, before buying a dehumidifier, make sure it comes with some warranty.

Even if you follow the aforementioned steps to make your dehumidifier last longer, there might still be chances of your dehumidifier breaking down. So, it’s essential to check the warranty before buying a dehumidifier.

Wrap Up

When you have moisture problems in your home, a dehumidifier is the best possible solution to your problems. But when such a question arises like how long does a dehumidifier last? The answer you’ll get seems to be a bit negative as it doesn’t last much longer compared to other home appliances.

However, if you follow the tips stated above, the lifespan of your dehumidifier will significantly increase. Also, be sure to purchase one from a well-recognized brand.

Dehumidifiers from recognized brands have a warranty that you probably wouldn’t get from a dehumidifier with no brand name. Not to mention, those dehumidifiers have much higher quality build than the ones from an unrecognized brand.

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