How to cut firewood fast?

Cutting firewood is a seasonal task that’s why this job may not seem familiar to all. However, if you are here to know how to cut firewood fast, then you are in the right place.

A better way to cut firewood will lessen your effort and time both. Don’t hire anyone to make your firewood. Read the article and have it in your ways.

Firewood cutting is not a tough skill that requires any degree from any university. You can chop up the vast wood into firewood just following some easy steps.

I have enlisted the easiest ways of how to cut firewood with a chainsaw in this article.

Don’t miss any single line to make it faster.

Firewood cutting tips that are to follow

Choose dry wood

Don’t try to cut wet wood for firewood. It will ruin your entire preparation. You will find wet wood stronger than dry wood.

First, put the wood in the sun to dry up for several days. The wood may take longer to dry up completely.

Keep water

Don’t panic watching the wintry weather. You may experience dehydration at any time.

You must drink water in between cutting the wood. Water will charm you and boost your energy.

Take safety measures

Here, safety measures mean wearing hand gloves, goggles, chaps, boots, and so on. You must have these staff before going to start the machine.

If you don’t wear goggles, your eyes will experience a bundle of tiny objects in just a minute. Save your legs from the big objects thrown from the wood.  

Know the cutting staff

You may choose different staff for making your firewood such as an axe, chainsaw, Jigsaw, and so on.

You should be familiar with the staff before using them in the field. Check out the sharpness of each staff by testing them.

In this case, you are going to use a good chainsaw to cut the firewood. You must know the right tension of the chain, controlling procedure, and maintenance of the motor.  

Know the perfect length of the firewood

Knowing the perfect length of the firewood is very much essential.

You cannot join the sticks of the wood once you have cut them into pieces. The smaller the wood you cut the stronger effort you need.

Select the right measurement first and go ahead.

How to cut firewood fast

Part 1: Preparing to cut firewood fast

Step 1: Take safety measures

You must ensure that you have all the safety staff included below. Without the materials below, you must touch the chainsaw.

  • Hand gloves
  • Goggles
  • Chap
  • Boots
  • Water
  • Anti-bacterial liquid

Hand gloves will protect your hand skin and fingers from getting damaged due to the pressure on the machine. Goggles are must-have staff to protect your eyes from the dust.

Chap and boots will save you legs and feet from the cutting logs. On the other hand, water and anti-bacterial liquid will help you to charm and clean up injured areas.

Step 2: Select proper firewood

Before cutting a tree or vast wooden piece, check out the wood whether it is perfect for you or not.

The wood should be dry enough to make fire. Rounded timbers will produce more firewood than slim woods. Don’t let your hard work go in vain.

Step 3: Select the cutting staff

The need for your effort depends on the staff you are choosing now. Perfect staff can lessen your effort by up to 40%.

You simply choose two different staff chainsaws or axes. In between the two, you should go with the chainsaw.

Chainsaw runs automatically. You don’t need to use your effort to cut the logs.  

Step 4: Choose a perfect time

Try to choose the time in between the morning or before sunset. In this period, the weather may go with your effort.

In the case of the season, you should arrange the time before winter. Try to make the firewood in the last month of the summer.

Step 5: Select a proper place

You can choose your garden or yard to cut firewood. The place should have a shelter that can save you from sunburn.

Remember, the place will become full of wood powder. You may not clean up the place like before.  

Part 2: Cutting firewood with a chainsaw

Step 1: Adjust the chain saw

Adjust the chainsaw with the correction tension. The exact tension of the chainsaw will help you to cut firewood faster.  

Read the user manual of the chainsaw and adjust the chain tension properly. Make sure the engine is fit to cut the woods.

Step 2 Divide the wood into logs

Cut the vast tree into small logs. Here, you have to use a measurement tape. 16-inch is the best length for cutting the firewood.

Place the vast wood flat in the ground and mark every 16-inch with a marker. Hold the chainsaw on the marked area and start cutting.

Divide the whole wood into 16-inch logs.

Step 3 Cut the firewood in half

If you have a previously firewood cutting frame, then you can make it faster. If you don’t have the frame, don’t worry.

Place the logs in an upper place one by one. Dive the logs into half. The logs will become double in number.

Make sure you are dividing the logs in the right size.

Step 4 Make the half logs into quarter

Now, hold the half logs to make them quarter with the chainsaw. A half piece of wood will become two pieces.

Following this way, cut the rest of the logs. If the logs are weighty and wider, then you may have to cut the firewood into more pieces.

Step 5 Finishing up

After cutting the firewood, arrange the woods in a shelter so that the pieces may not wet in the rain.

Loosen the chainsaw tension and clean up the engine and bar. Keep it in a safe place.

Don’t forget to clean up the ground. Air pressure is an efficient staff to flow the wood powder away from the ground.

Final Words

Reading the easiest instructions on how to cut firewood fast, you may forget about the safety measures.

You may have to make some changes regarding the condition of the wood.

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