Easy ways to Improve Bathroom Ventilation

A bathroom is a place in every building which is regularly used. There is a need to maintain its clean look which we cannot achieve without proper ventilation. It is the best option to design appropriate ventilation at the time of construction. However, if the bathroom is already in use, and there are issues of ventilation, we can still use different ways to fix such problems. Poor ventilation affects the walls, floors, and other materials in the bathroom. It may also affect human health if poor ventilation issue persists for a long time.

Fortunately, there are several ways to improve bathroom ventilation. Some ideas are low in cost, while some of them demand resources and higher prices. Bathroom exhaust fans are also used on a large scale because of their efficiency and easy to install setup. In this article, we will cover all useful ways to improve the overall look of your bathroom and the provision of fresh air to it. Let’s have a look at all of these methods below.

Ways to improve Bathroom Ventilation

1. Adding more insulation

Insulating the floor is always a good idea. You can insulate the exterior walls of the bathroom. You may also consider insulating the ceiling of the bathroom while installing bathroom exhaust fans with light and heater at the appropriate side. This will give you all the benefits of excellent ventilation in the bathroom.

2. Bathroom window can do the trick

If your bathroom has windows on it, it is excellent. Otherwise, you can install a new window in it if that possible. The vast space around the toilet is needed to install a window in the bathroom. If you find the vast space around your bathroom, you must take care of some crucial points. For example, you must measure your bathroom and choose the right installation area.

3. Use a fan

Using a fan to improve ventilation in the bath is an excellent decision. There are different types of fans that you can use in the bathroom. Through-the-wall fans or bathroom exhaust fans with light and heater can be considered as a great choice. The fan can help to exchange the air and add fresh air to the bathroom, which is healthy for bathroom paint, wood, and other things in the bathroom. Its other advantages over other ventilation methods are that fan is easy to install, reliable, cost-effective, and available with different features. You can use a fan with light, without light, moisture sensing switch, flush mount decorative light fixture, and heater. You can choose any bathroom fan with varying features according to your specific needs.

Different tips for installing bathroom fan

No doubt, the installation of a bathroom fan is the best and affordable option when you want to exchange fresh air. If you have made your decision to install a bathroom fan, you must be interested in useful tips. These tips can be helpful to get fully operational bathroom ventilation using the fan.

  • It is good to install a fan near the area where you see more moisture in the bathroom. Those places can be near the shower, toilet area, or over the sink. On the other hand, you can just center the fan in the bathroom. However, it depends on the size of the bath, surrounding areas of the bathroom, and other factors. If the bathroom is bigger in size, you may consider installing two bathroom exhaust fans with light and heater at two different positions.bathroom ventilation
  • You must pay attention to the operation of exterior vent louver. It must be completely closed when the fan is not in use. Otherwise, there can be the issues of seeping back the cold air into the house.
  • Keep in mind that fans for bathroom vary in colors, styles, brand, sizes, and other characteristics. You can choose according to the brand and colors you like or depending on the material in the bathroom.
  • There should be proper insulation starting from the fan to the outdoor louvered cap. It is necessary when you want to reduce the loss of the indoor heat to the outdoor units.
  • There is a necessity for a proper space between the floor and the beneath the bathroom door. It is vital for the full operation of the fan, and also it has its own benefits. This space beneath the bathroom door is used to replace or exchange the air exhausted by the fan.
  • When you choose a vent fan for the bathroom, you first check the height of the bathroom ceilings. If the height of ceilings is above 10 feet, there may need for a high capacity vent fan with light or without light.
  • Exhaust fans in the bathroom require attention, and there is a need to clean them after definite intervals of time. They do an excellent job for us, and you can make a schedule to check the installed fan in the bathroom. It is necessary because it increases the life of the exhaust fan, and it will be productive for a long time.
  • Try to open the bathroom window during showers and toilet use. It can provide significant benefits for the proper exchange of fresh air, whether the exhaust fan is in operation or not.
  • It is also included that choose the right spot for the installation of the clean fan in the bathroom. If you fail to select the right spot, you cannot get proper ventilation in the bathroom. Also, you can run the fan for a long duration rather than switching on them for short passages of time. You can choose a fan with a humidity sensor that automatically switches on when the level of humidity goes above to a certain degree.


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