Common Types of Window Tinting and Benefits

For your home, car or business center, different types of window tints are available in the market. Price and benefits will vary depending on the quality and ingredients used to male them. If you have already decided to use window tint at your home, car or business center, you might be aware of the benefits of using window tint as well.

But before making a decision, you should have a piece of depth knowledge on types of window tinting which will help you to take an appropriate decision.

Colored or Dyed Window Tinting: It is a dye-based window tint. This type of window tint remains stable in color for a long period. They do not get lighten or lose their color even if they get bleached by the sun for a full day. 

Polyethylene Terephthalate is the raw material of these films. These raw materials are melted down by heavy heat and overextended into a polyester sheet. Then UV protected raw materials like acrylic, fluoroplastics are added with this.

Colored or dyed window film works initially through high absorption. As it is a dye-based product, it can easily captivate the sunlight and energy and decrease nonstop transmission of heat generated by sunlight. Also, darker color helps these films to absorb more heat. Thus, it can block 30% – 40% heat depending on the darkness of the window film.

Metalized Window Tint: Made of metal like aluminum, copper, and nickel raw materials and thicker than other window tints. It is also known as “sputtered” film. You should use this window tint for your business center especially. So many benefits are available with this kind of window tint as it has several layers.

It has a treated layer that blocks sunlight, a metallic layer that blocks UV rays and makes the glass dark. Thus, the interior of your car will remain safe. From the outside, your car looks shinier and the window becomes more strong and durable.

A top coating is also available which protects the glass from getting scratched. 

Hybrid Window Tint: This window tint has 2 layers. 1st layer is an adhesive layer which adheres to the glass easily. 2nd layer is a dyed and metalized part layer combines with the film along with a shielding coat which prevents scratches. With the help of laminating adhesive, both films join together. Comparing with the other window film, it is the most effective film.

It has a few exceptional benefits which make it popular nowadays. It blocks glares, sunlight and UV rays but the inside vehicle remains lighter. It increases the durability of the car glass and interiors of car or home remain safe. It is less expensive than metalized window tint.

Carbon Window Tint: Want to give a matte-finish look to your car or home window? Carbon window tint is the best one for this. A microlayer of polymer and carbon is used to create this window film. 

Carbon and polyester block sunlight, UV and infrared rays. Also, if you are having seats made of leather, carbon film prevents it from getting fade. It does not get fade, durability is high and lasts longer.

You do not need to use the air conditioner during summer as the temperature of the inside vehicle will remain comfortable. The film won’t restrict your GPS, mobile network or other parts of your vehicle. 

Crystalline Window Tint: This is a crystal clear window tint and keeps your window vehicle clear. The inside car will remain shiny but the temperature will remain cool. Even, don’t worry about UV rays and infrared rays. These rays also will be protected. 

Ceramic Window Tint: Hence, this window tint came at last position but this is the best one among all window tint. It is made of ceramic particles. Cutting-edge technology is used to create this. This window film is quite expensive but you will not regret if you invest in this. This high-quality window tint has lots of benefits.

  • It can block 50% of the sunlight.
  • Reduces glares inside the vehicle or home.
  • Effectively blocks UV and infrared rays and protects from harmful effects.
  • Ceramic is a nonconductive particle; thus GPS signals or electrical signals do not get interrupted inside the vehicle or home.
  • Saves consumption of energy as the interior of the vehicle or home remain comfortable.
  • Privacy and security are 100% protected.
  • It does not get fade.

Keep an eye on your budget as well before taking the final decision. Tinting your vehicle or home will be beneficial for you